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  • Name: Niko O. R. Bellic
  • Aliases: Nik, "Awakened", Chef, Lavi, Pleasure, Assassinja, Rex
  • Date of Birth: November 22, 2102
  • Age: 23 years old
  • Eye Color: Light Blue (Changes in his different forms)
  • Hair Color: Black and Brown (Changes in different forms)
  • Nationality: American of Chinese and Japanese decent.
  • Skin Color: Caucasian
  • Voice: American, and Slightly Japanese (Kinda sounds like Wang- Tang from Power Stone)
  • Residence: Black Canyon City, Arizona
  • Job: Martial Arts Teacher, Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and A Five Star Cook
  • Hobbies: Skateboarding, Inline Skating, Training to prefect skills.
  • Relatives: Mother- Deceased, Father- Unknown, Sister- Alive, Adopted Sister- Alive
  • Likes: Training, Training With His Master, Teaching Others, Cooking, White Jasmine Tea, Soba Noodles, Sobe Drinks, Making His Sister Happy, Skateboarding, Broken Bones
  • Dislikes: Rude People, Being Sick, Losing Family, His Master Becoming Sick.

The Story
Early Years

NIko 13 Years Old
NIko 13 Years Old

Niko Bellic was born an only child to a caring mother and what seemed to be the same with his father. They lived in Black Canyon City, Arizona, it was sometimes named BlackWater City since it began to rain a lot more often then usual. They lived in a nice house perched on top of a hill. Everybody in town new them, and everybody was friendly with them. His mother owned her own cafe and his father ran a pool company. The cafe was a popular spot in town, travelers would stop their to refresh themselves.The town began to change
into a small city, but wasn't like a city. It became more futuristic like other cities, but it wasn't as densely populated. The town fixed the issue with the heavy rainfall destroying crops, mudslides, and floods. Niko enjoyed his life, but wished for a sibling since his parents where gone for most of the time.

The Crescent Moon
The Crescent Moon
On his thirteenth birthday, his parents had two gifts for him. In a white box, that was riddled with tiny holes, was a female Maltese Tiger (Blue Tiger) in it. He named her Yukina. She had a beautiful blue, white, and gray coat, and pearl green eyes. She had a black crescent moon-like design on her forehead. She wagged her tail and liked Niko's face, he knew they were going to be together for a long time. His second present was that he was going to have a baby sister in a couple of months. His mother was pregnant, Niko thought something was different about his mother. Niko also noticed a change in his father's personality, it was like he didn't want another child, but happy at the same time.

The months went by peacefully, nothing out of the ordinary. But during the last month somebody was trying to kill his mother. One day some set fire to her cafe, but she wasn't there. Another day was when somebody, set a bomb in her office, luckily she forgot something in her car hat was parked a good distance away, and nobody was injured too badly. But the someone did hurt his mother. A couple of weeks before his mother was due, someone poisoned her drink with arsenic, causing her to go into labor early. Thankfully when his sister was born healthy, and his mother made a full recovery. The mysterious attacks stopped once his sister was born and didn't start again for five years.

Five Years Later
Things were looking good for he Bellic's, their son was about to complete high school, they had a beautiful young daughter named Dawn, and their cafe was was rebuilt. Niko's blue tiger, Yukina had grown to a large, but beautiful young adult, and surprisingly she didn't eat that much. But the good time was about to end for the Niko and Dawn. It was night when Niko and his sister came back from a school play, their mom was at home, and heir dad was supposed to be at work. It was a bit stormy weather also.

Niko- "Mom, where home."

Niko thought it was weird he didn't her his mother reply. He and sister went up stairs and then they heard gun shots, it came from their parents' room. The door was slightly cracked and Niko opened it a bit wider to see. He was shocked by what he saw, his mother was dead, she was hanging off the bed with a bullet through her head. He opened the door and saw a tall man in a black coat, wearing at hat. It looked like his father and it was.A flash of lightning revealed the man to be their father and Niko and sister broke down into tears.

Niko-" How could you do this to our mother!?!?"

He continued to cry only to look up and noticed that his father was pointing the gun at both he and his sister. Niko grabbed his sister and protected her as a human shield, for he didn't want to lose anymore of his family. His father fired the gun, but something deflected the bullet and knocked the gun out of his hand. Niko noticed another person's shadow on the wall. Not knowing what happened he made his escape by jumping out the window and disappeared into the night. Niko turned around to see he and his sister were still alive, and their father had gotten away. Niko ran to the phone and called the police, and some of his neighbors heard the commotion and had come over.

The Funeral and a New Beginning
Everybody was saddened by the death of Ms. Bellic. Everybody also thought it was a bit odd hat Mr. Bellic was off on a "Business" trip and wouldn't be able to make it. It was a gloomy day for Niko and Dawn, they lost heir mother and it seemed like their father didn't even care, they were happy they still had their tiger, Yukina. They had nowhere to go, they feared to go back home just in case if their father came back to kill them, the town wanted to help, but they also feared for their lives. After the funeral they sat on a bench, they wondered where they would go from there. Dawn was crying, for she sad and scared and Niko and Yukina tried to comfort her. A mysterious man in a sandy brown cloak, with orange and blue prayer beads, appeared, he also had a staff in his hand. He stood in front of them. They wondered who this could be a friend or foe. The man extended his hand, it was like a hand of a humanoid rat or wolf, there was a jade ring on his middle finger. When he opened his hand it reveled candy, and Dawn toke one, it cheered her up some.

Raznus- "My name is Raznus. If with me, you want a home, come."

He turned and began to walk away, with out second talk Niko, Yukina and Dawn followed him. They had a new home with a man name Raznus. The death of their mother seemed to be the end, but it turned out to be a new beginning.Niko carried his sister on his back as they followed him.

Raznus- "Leave this town, we must. For the safety of you two's well being."

Niko wondered what he meant by that, but didn't question him. Niko felt like they were being watched, but blew the feeling away. The three left three left town and headed into the desert. It began to become hotter, so Niko toke of his shirt, he used it as a hood to protect his head from the sun, he did the same thing with his jacket, but gave it to his sister to protect her. The journey was long and tiring, luckily Niko had water on him so he, his sis, and their tiger wouldn't dehydrate. It seemed like to him that Raznus was unfazed by the heat.

Niko- "How much farther until we get home Raznus?"

Raznus -"One step closer than the last time you asked."

Raznus stopped near an edge of a cliff. Raznus stood in a stance, his legs far apart from each other. He took a deep breath and moved his hands behind him, then thrust them forward while exhaling.Immediately the sand on the cliff blew off, revealing a hatch. Niko stood in awe.

Niko- "Wow..."

Raznus opened the hatch and waited for Niko, his sister, and their tiger to go inside.

Raznus- "Our home it is here."

Niko, his sister, and their tiger went inside, Raznus followed behind them closing the hatch. The inside of the home was nice, they had all the essentials which surprised Niko, since Raznus didn't look like somebody who could afford all of this. Niko and Dawn sat on a couch, resting themselves, as Raznus went to get them some food. Yukina began to look around in amazement as she wagged her tail. Raznus came back a couple of minutes later with some water and fruits.

Raznus- "Here, eat this."

Niko and his toke the water and fruits and began to eat, satisfying their hunger.

Niko and Dawn- "Thank you."

Raznus nodded his head, and placed a bowl of water down for Niko's tiger. Yukina walked over to it, and began to drink from it. Raznus sat down in a rocking chair and placed his staff on the table. He removed his hood revealing his face, his face looked like a mixture of an old humanoid rat and wolf. Niko wasn't surprised by what he looked like their were many "mutants" in the world. Niko's sister thought he looked funny and called him rat man. Raznus grabbed an apple and began to eat it.

Raznus- "How are you two?" he asked.

Niko- He looked at his sister to see her fast asleep, "We're fine, why did you help us?"

Raznus- "In danger, I help those who are.." His staff rolled of the table showing there was a bullet buried deep within. Niko noticed it, and was shocked.

Niko- "You're the one who saved us." he said in astonishment.

Raznus shock his head yes. Raznus then pointed his finger to a room. "That is you, your sister, and your tiger's room." Niko shock his head yes, then got to put his sister in bed. Raznus fell asleep in his chair, while meditating. Niko sat on his bed thinking of what's gonna happen to him and his family.

Raznus, The Teacher
The sun arose waking up all sleeping creatures in the desert. As usual Raznus was outside taking in the sun, meditating on a rock perched halfway off of a cliff.
Back In Town
Kidnapped Sister



Martial Arts, Muay Thai,and Kung Fu
 Niko is a master Martial Arts.

He is also a master of Kung Fu. He has study and mastered almost all the forms. He likes to use The Monkey and Snake Kung Fu.

Air Bending
After being(first transformation) "Awakened" and changing back to normal self, he could now bend water at his will.
Water Bending

After unlocking his third "Awakened" form and changing back to normal self, he could now bend air at his will.

Awakened Forms
When Niko was on a long journey searching for his sister he began to gain different forms. He unlocked his first awakened form when he saved a monk from some robotic samurais in a temple. The monk told him after he came back from his transformation he was one of the "Awakened". He has eight "Awakened" forms. In some of the awakened forms, NIko is able to control the elements. He can only can control water and air when he is not in his awakened forms.

Awakened Form One

Form One
Form One
In this form Niko looks like a humanoid lizard, but without legs. The color of his scales are red and blue, with a green underside. He has the head of a King Cobra and the bite of one too. His black talons are dangerously sharp, and can help him scale walls.He has to venomous tongues also. He can stick to walls like a lizard and can swim like a fish. Also he can bend water at his will.

Awakened Form Two
 Form Two
 Form Two
In this from Niko looks like a humanoid lizard, but is quite different from his first form. The color of his scales are brown, and he has armor on his shoulders, knees, and hands. He has sharp claws, venomous teeth, and can turn invisible.

Awakened Form Three

Awakened Form Four

Awakened Form Five
In this form Niko, looks kinda humanoid with blue skin. He has a crazy personality and attitude and speaks really fast. He moves fast also. This form is when he first learned how to control air. He likes to get around from place to place by surfing on air.
 Form Five
 Form Five

Awakened Form Six
 First Form
 First Form
In this form Niko looks like a humanoid imp. He has two different forms and can control fire . Both forms look the same, but the first form is the younger version of the second form, and the second form is
 Second Form
 Second Form

more powerful, agile, etc. than the first. His skin and hair are different shades of red. The fire he controls has many different colors, but mostly it is red. He is able to control Hellfire, but only when he is in his second form, but only can control it for a limited amount of time.
This is one of the Awakened forms Niko can stay in for an ultimate amount of time. Niko is also able to grow both defensive and offensive spikes on his body. He has very sharp canines also.
Awakened Form Seven
 Form Seven
 Form Seven
In this form Niko looks like a human, but with extremely pale, white skin. He is mute and can only talk through telepathy. He has various red tattoos on his body which can come off and become creatures that will attack his opponents at will. Niko seems very unemotional in this form for he doesn't smile, or frown, but his face is just plain. This awakened form also allows him to control lightning and allows him to raise the dead bringing them back to life.

Awakened Form Eight


Healing Factor

Niko wounds,bones, and organs heal at lot faster than a normal person. Say if he breaks his arm it won't take a couple of weeks to heal, but three or four days to heal.

Wall Run
Niko can run horizontal and vertical on walls and some other surfaces for up to 80 feet. He needs a short rest in order to do it again.

Wall Climb
Niko can climb/scale buildings with ease.

Super Speed
Through years of training, Niko can run way faster than any normal human, even an Olympic runner.

Super Hearing

Through years of training Niko can hear many different sounds from a distance away or very close. He can also pick out the sounds, say he can pick out a person's voice from a crowd of roaring people.

Super Sight

Niko has eye's like an eagle, he can see things from very far away.


Nico's agility is almost inhuman he can dodge attacks like they were in slow motion. With the help of his enhanced hearing, Nico can dodge a bullet.

InHuman Thinking
Niko is a smart kid, but the way he solves problem is incredible. When facing a situation his mind kicks into high gear and the world seems like it stops around him. He pictures the several different solutions in his mind, and most of the time all of them a 100% affective. His thinking has come in handy for when he's fighting a powerful opponent. After dodging a few attacks and taking some he can figure out his foes weakness. 
Age Acceleration
 After entering his seventh awakened form Niko is able to control his age and how he looks as well as others. He can/make a person or himself very young or very old.
Accent Change
Niko is able to change his accent easily, and well making it seem like he is from a different country and of that nationality.

  • Severe Injuries
  • Too Much Blood Lose- He passes out
  • Telepathy
  • Dark Magic
  • Timed Transformations
  • Repetitive Beating.
Smoke Bombs
Hidden Blades
Throwing Knives
Tamahal & Radohalian

 Two swords Niko picked up on his journeys. They are actual one sword able to split in two. The swords are made of an indestructible element and can cut through most objects.
Ninja Suit 
The ninja suit is made out of zeptotech. It is like a symbiote, hiding under one's skin and coming out when the user wants it. The metal of the suit is quite durable and can take a lot of damage before it has to shut down and repair itself.


Martial Arts and Kung Fu Teachers
Niko works at a martial arts and kung fu studio. He teaches both kids and adults the different forms of martial arts and kung fu.

Owner of "The White Jasmine Cafe"
After earning enough money and getting the last bit he needed from a bounty, Niko opened up "The White Jasmine Cafe" in honor of his mom who died. He named it that because his mother loved the White Jasmine flower, but she also loved the others.

Niko had incredible cooking skills which earned his restaurant five stars. His food is whole sum and doesn't cost that much to eat. His restaurant has a mixture of Japanese and Chinese culture in the atmosphere, but also has some modern day in it to please people.

Niko's thing for skate boarding comes in handy for making speedy deliveries.
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