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Battles » Super Saiyan 3 Goku vs Ultimate/Mystic Gohan

Akira nerfed everybody expect Goku (again). Goku has the Power of Plot to protect him in times of need. The show made it clear that while Goku SSJ3 was stronger than Fat Buu he's not tiers above him. Fat Buu's punches did little to harm Goku SSJ3 the same way Perfect Cell's punched did little against Teen Gohan SSJ2 who was roughly 100 times stronger than Cell was. So Goku at SSJ3 was probably 50-100 times stronger than Fat Buu, judging how the fight went on. Goku did however said that a figther stronger than him would appear to fight him, now Goku could have exaggerated about that just to get Fat Buu's blood flowing. Still Gotenks SSJ would have been enough to take Fat Buu on witch makes Gotenks SSJ in the SSJ3 tier, more or less. However if you add SSJ2 and eventually SSJ3 Gotenks to the mix than Goku quickly gets overshadowed by the fused warrior because adding the multipiers off SSJ2 and SSJ3, would make Gotenks SSJ3 500 times stronger than he was before, more than enough to overpower both Fat Buu and Goku SSJ3 at the same time.

A couple of new enemies appear like, Super Buu, Buutenks and Mystic Buu. If you compare those fighters with Goku then Goku should just sit on the bench because he's up against opponents who are hundred times stronger that himself..... and the fans won't have that. Goku is the main star of DBZ and you can't have the main star of the show to sit on the side lines for 50+ episodes can you, so Goku ivokes the Power of Plot and manages to tank hits from Buutenks and later in his SSJ2 form no less, takes hits from Mythic Buu. The...F! yeah Mythic Buu was pretty pissed when Vegeta SSJ2 rushed him and he really showd that he wasn't playing around and gave Vegeta some HARD hits, same for Goku SSJ2... but both Vegeta and Goku stood up from that and where ready to fight some more...... now.... this is ridicilous. Mythic Buu... is really really strong, he's easily a couple of 100 times stronger than Goku SSJ3.... but.... Goku/Vegeta where in there SSJ2 form to begin with.... yeah. Remember when Gohan nearly comatosed Cell with just 2 punches? yeah a pissed off Mythic Buu who's miles ahead of a bunch of SSJ2's would punch there heads off with his pinky.

Goku got a Zenkai boost from Akira when nobody was watching so that Goku isn't the Raditz of the group. I know that the movies aren't canon but the movies show what Akira thinks of the rest of his characters. Its always Goku who saves the day. Freaking Hirudegarn was so damn strong that he was able to ONESHOT Gotenks SSJ3 and beat the ever living crap out of Mysthic Gohan, both of them are stronger than Goku was. Yes here comes Goku taking DIRECT hits from the Godzilla monster like a boss and out of nowhere activated a hax attack and finishes a monster off who moments ago solo'd the Z Figthers like nothing.

In the beginning we got a strong sense that Gotenks SSJ would have supassed Goku SSJ3 nevermind Gotenks at SSJ3, but Akira doesn't care for consistencies like most writers do and buffs Goku up to the likes of Mythic Gohan. Screw that.

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Battles » Archetype earth vs Arceus

I just lost a couple of Age of Mythology and DotA 2 matches so i was feeling depressed but this just made my day :) ''Power of a planet, had to fight planet buster'' LOL!!

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Battles » Arceus vs. Living Tribunal

Arceus orcourse he created teh universe!

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Battles » Stronest Character that A Single Theory Goat can defeat

@eddz99 said:

He beats goku for sure

That would make him happy :)

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Battles » Piccolo and Pikkon run a small gauntlet.

@supernova7005 said:

@niBBit said:

Gohan when he fought Dabura was SSJ2, and he did not call Piccolo trash. His only comment was towards Babidi and that was ''Three of these fighters possess enormous amounts of energy'' he was refering to Goku/Gohan/Vegeta who where hiding behing the rocks in there base form.

Chapter: 447 (DBZ 253), P11.4

Context: talking about how Yamu and Spopovitch were followed by Goku and co.

Babidi: “Get rid of the trash besides those 3 [Goku, Gohan, Vegeta], then return to the spaceship right away. That way, I think those 3 will fly into a rage and follow you inside for sure.”

.....So piccolo was included in the trash. which proves Cell >> Buu saga gohan >>> EoS piccolo

That doesn't prove Cell>>Gohan>>Piccolo. Piccolo before he went in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber was already stronger than Android 17. When he came out Trunks commented on how strong he became, Piccolo at this point is probably not as strong as Super Vegeta perhaps more in the range of Semi-Perfect Cell. 7 Years have passed (Buu Saga) and Piccolo at this point should definitly be stronger than Super Vegeta (before Cell Games), i'm not saying Piccolo was training as intensly as he always does seeing as those 7 years where peace times but he should definitly be alot stronger than before. EoS should be a little stronger, only little because to me its seems like Piccolo has become soft somehow, he's not the warrior he used to be. Adding all this up he should definitly be stronger than Adult Gohan SSJ seeing as how Gohan is weaker than he was when he faced Cell.

This is all a rough estimate because for all we know Piccolo kept his game up during those 7 years and EoS. Perhaps when he first came out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber he was already on Vegeta's lvl, Piccolo is pretty beastly when it comes down to training. Babidi's statement is also wack because he says that 3 of them possess lots of energy and the rest is trash, he doesn't seem to be worried about there power and neither is Dabura.... its pretty clear that he's not sensing there true power otherwise Babidi and Dabura would have shit themselfs when he would have senses Goku's SSJ3 power. Even in his fight with Gohan, Dabura and Babidi did not expect that Gohan would be this powerfull, even after the battle Dabura said ''I must admit they are stronger than i thought'' If Piccolo was close or already on Super Vegeta's lvl than after 7 years + EoS he should definitly be in Goku FPSSJ/Perfect Cell league.

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Battles » Piccolo and Pikkon run a small gauntlet.

@supernova7005 said:

@Masterofdeath said:

@supernova7005: I don't think Gohan could one shot a EOS Piccolo who had been training since the cells games and is even stronger then cell.

piccolo is nowhere close to cell. dabura calls him trash while he considers ssj gohan (who is weaker than kid ssj gohan) to be a worthy opponent

Gohan when he fought Dabura was SSJ2, and he did not call Piccolo trash. His only comment was towards Babidi and that was ''Three of these fighters possess enormous amounts of energy'' he was refering to Goku/Gohan/Vegeta who where hiding behing the rocks in there base form.

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Battles » Piccolo and Pikkon run a small gauntlet.

Piccolo (EoS)

Pikkon (Cell Saga)

- All Bloodlusted.

- No Prep.

- Cell Games Tournament Arena.


Round 1: Olibu, East Supreme Kai, Super Vegeta (Cell Games)

Round 2: Teen Gohan FPSSJ (Bojack Movie), Goku FPSSJ (Cell Games), West Supreme Kai.

Round 3: Perfect Cell (100%), Bojack (100%).

Bonus Round: Adult Gohan SSJ2.

How far does team green go?

EDIT: Changed Pikkon (Buu Saga) to Cell Saga (first appearance). I might change Piccolo from EoS to Buu Saga but i will see how this goes first.

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Battles » Future Gohan vs Goten and Trunks

@DBZ_universe said:

Pre ROSAT Torankusu and Goten might lose.


Trunks/Goten only spend 30 minutes give or take in the RoSaT witch is just a couple of days or weeks in the real world (iirc), hardly enough time to increase there power to the point that they ''lolstomp'' Gohan + they spend some time inventing new skills and tricks rather than train full stop. IMO the boys Pre or Post are still in the Androids/Imperfect Cell league not leaps and bounds above that and Future Gohan is in the same catagory.

As for this battle, i'm not sure who wins need some time to make up my mind.

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Battles » LGSJ Broly Vs. SSJ3 Goku

@DBZ_universe said:

@xlab3000: Show me that Goku has destroyed a Galaxy or close.

also in the anime it took years for Kid Buu to destroy a galaxy. Broly did it in seconds while having his power restrained.

Goku will never have feats of destroying a galaxy because he's not a villian who goes and blow everything up. He's the hero of the show he's not gonna nuke an enitre gaalxy full of people. You can't only go by feats because if we only go by feats than Frieza would kill most other villians who appeared on the show because based on feats he's one of the villains who actually blew up a planet something Android 18/19/16/Dabura and many more have not shown but we all now that anyone that i just listed would oneshot Frieza.

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Battles » Broly vs Bills

@othus12 said:

@DBZ_universe: lol we are gonna have this again?

so goku ssj1>>>>goku ssj3? i call the whole galaxy bust plot an abuse of cinematics here i can prove why broly is below ssj3 based on actual combat feats and powerscailing (as someone said even if you can break bricks...bricks dont hit back)

this is gohan after a punch from buu:

the punch:

the result: gohan down and on the verge of death lol.

this is gohan on broly's first attack

first blow:

second blow

result: gohan responds with a friggin kick

note that this broly is even stronger than before since he almost got killed on the previous movie by ssj1 goku

next proof, goku can fight with buu and even claimed that he could have defeated him if he wanted to:

even tough buu can trash about 10 gohans at ssj2 with ease he got his butt handed to goku at ssj3 now guess who defeated broly?

yup a ssj1 and two ssj2 (buu can defeat this trio at their current power level without breaking a sweat)

now please tell me how all this evidence is wrong? and why only one cinematic+2 statements>>>>the whole movie 1 and 2 and the entire fight scene

Exactly. For all the hype Broly got he could't even one shot Gohan in the second movie. Fat Buu just for teh lulz one shotted Dabura with a simple kick and the pic above the same happend to Gohan. Gohan also managed to overpower Broly when Broly had a knee in Gohan's back and then dropped a knee in Broly's face witch hurted him. In the first movie Piccolo surived 2 shots from Broly, the first one is when Piccolo stunned himself by flying down at Broly in witch Broly kicked him away, then Broly runs up at him and kicks him up in the air and then blasts him all the way to where Vegeta was trembling in fear.... and he still got up no problem and then carried Vegeta with him to fight Broly.

Bills is considered the strongest character to ever appear on DBZ right? so that means Bills is stronger than SSJ Vegito right? alright lets say Bills and Broly are in the same league..... are people telling me that somebody with that kind of power will get beaten by a bunch of SSJ's or SSJ2's! HAHAHAHAHA! give me a break sombody who's stronger than SSJ Vegito would kill an army of SSJ2 without breaking a sweat. Goku was doing it all wrong did he :) he should't spend time trying to fuse with Vegeta in order to beat Mystic Buu a Vegito lvl opponent, no no no no because Broly showed us that sombody like that can get beaten by an SSJ :) Goku and Vegeta simply needed to go SSJ2 and attack together and BAM! no more Mystic Buu right?

Just to make it extra clear: In DBZ you only need a small diference in power in order to dominate somebody. If Broly is stronger/just as strong as Bills (who shits on Goku SSJ3) then keep this in mind:

Goku SSJ would be 100 times more powerfull if he where to go SSJ2... 100 times.... wait there is more, at SSJ3 he would be 400 times more powerfull than he was before....Bills if way stronger than that but lets put this at 500 times for now. So Goku was up against an opponent who is litterly 500x stronger than himself...... and Goku.... survived.... hits.... from.... sombody.... like.... that! if Broly was only 10x stronger than Goku he would have crushed him but noooooo! 500 TIMES! Broly with that kind of gap would have sneezed! and killed everybody. People are so foccused on that Galaxy thing that they ignore everything else.

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Battles » Lightning Vs. Erza Scarlet

@othus12 said:

erza can fly and she's faster,not to mention her arsenal is wider imo she takes this.

and even if she loses...she still has the bigger boobs, so in a way she still wins.

Boobs>everything else

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Battles » Jellal vs Mr. Popo

Pecking order.


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Battles » Nappa vs moltres.articuno.zapdos, lugia

@Sonata said:

HAHAHAAHH! THIS MADE MY DAY! thx Sonata :) i was feeling depressed but this fixed it :)

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Battles » Ascended Saiyan Vegeta Vs Super Android 13 and Semi Perfect Cell

Yeah Vegeta takes this, probably easy to. Vegeta had enough power to oneshot Cell if he truly wanted to. Cell fired a Galic Gun towards Vegeta and Vegeta did not bother to deflect or dodge it, he just stood there and tanked it. Super 13 won't fair any better as he is probably in the same ball park as Cell in power. Even if Vegeta is in character he still takes this. Cell manged to suprise Vegeta and caught him offguard but it did little to alter the outcome of the battle.

Cell can win if he absorbs Android 13 :)

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Off-Topic » Which character would pull in the most girls in one day?

Zarbon will scare the girls into liking him.

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Battles » Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta vs Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga

I think people are to focused on the ''created a universe'' part. There are in fiction alot of characters who created a universe or dimensions or whatever. You hear that some are so strong that they can shatter entire dimensions with there punches. Sounds all impessive right? but the thing is this: Alot of these so called gods lack any sort of significant feats of speed/durability/strength/reaction etc. You have characters who have a magical sword witch are able to destoy a galaxy... Goku can't stand up to that right? well he can because that said character has a reaction time of a regular human, he would be dead the moment he tries anything. Just because a character created a universe doesn't mean that he auto wins against somebody who didn't acomplish that.

After watching the movie with Arceus he hasn't displayed any sort of speed feat that is worth mentioning, i mean Frieza and Goku where moving so fast that Gohan/Krillin/Piccolo could not keep up, and thats just one example. Arcues was taken down by meteors witch pale into comparison what Goku can dish out. Even the battle between Palkia and Dialga, they where moving at a speed that could be followed by Ash and friends, Krillin and Roshi where moving so fast that the crowd waching weren't able to tell what was going on.

Goku would be to fast for them and if Arceus is hurt by meteors then Goku can litterly one shot Arceus. Yes i said it. Come at me!

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Battles » Base Vegito VS Buuhan

@eddz99 said:

@niBBit: Yep that's why i think Buuhan = Kid buu, because kid buu had access to all his evil powers while buuhan can only use a part of it when he gets angry.

Anyway Base Vegito wins after a difficult fight.

Sorry but Kid Buu isn't beating Buuhan nor is his power in the same league. Kid Buu is more in the league of an SSJ3. Goku at SSJ3 managed to fight him equally and if it wasn't for Kid Buu's endless stamina and broken regen Goku would have won. Not easy of course as in there fight they where going back and forth at eachother and neither of them where going all out. Goku stated that he let the fight drag on so that Vegeta could have a shot and Kid Buu was also goofing around.

Goku however didn't want to fight Super Buu even when he had Vegeta to back him up. This was during the time Goku and Vegeta where inside of Buu and where freeing there friends. So that will give you an idea on how strong Super Buu is. In case you have forgotten, Goku SSJ3 fought Buutenks for a short while, it was when Goku recieved the Potaro earings from Old Kai. All Goku managed to to is land one good shot at Buutenks witch send him flying trough a couple of mountains and managed to do absolutly nothing + Goku only manged to hit him because Buutenks was distracted. Buutenks then fought Goku SSJ3 and he was moving so fast that Goku could't even follow him. Buutenks made Goku SSJ3 look like Raditz. Now imagine Buuhan.

If you think that Buuhan = Kid Buu than Kid Buu would have one shotted Goku SSJ3, witch he didn't and before you say that Kid Buu was merely toying witch is true, there where moments where Kid Buu really wanted to hurt and stop Goku but he could't. Buutenks displayed that if he wanted Goku out of the way he could have done so with the utmost of ease, nevermind Buuhan. Kid Buu is strong for sure, i might even say that he could be stronger than Goku SSJ3 but thats nowhere near the power of Buuhan.

Akira like always jerks Goku's ****s to hard. Its pretty much confirmed that Gohan is the strongest unfused character on the show but its always Goku who saves the day. Out of the blue a new incarnation comes forth of a villian (Kid Buu) and we have references that he is the strongest and then, dispite logic...its Goku who fight him and ofcourse wins. Look at the Hirudegarn movie. That Godzilla monster was so damn strong that he could ONE SHOT GOTENKS SSJ3!, so strong that he took out Mystic Gohan but.....Goku tanks 3-4 blows from him no problem, and pulls a hax move and wins. It goes against logic because Akira himself stated that Gohan was the strongest unfused character... but here we see Gohan getting pummeld by Hirudegarn. Akira doesn't give a shit about consistency. Now matter who, now matter what, no matter when, its always Goku>everybody else.

You can see from the new trailer on the upcoming DBZ movie ''Battle of the Gods'' that Goku SSJ3 is going to do far better than everybody else, and we only see Gotenks going SSJ not SSJ3, downplaying characters again so that Goku may shine. If you put the pieces together you would see that Kid Buu would lose against Buuhan.

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Battles » Base Vegito VS Buuhan

People are forgetting that Buuhan powered up in the next episode and used more abilities. Buuhan wasn't exactly going allout in there first fight, and if you go watch there fight there was a moment where Vegito and Buuhan where fighting in the clouds and you can see Vegito putting in effort in the fight. Think about this, why did Vegito go SSJ in the first place? to close the gap in there power right? that means that Vegito at base had a chance at losing against Buuhan or was thinking that he needed more power to ensue a victory, otherwise he would have stayed in his base form if that was enough, also in the manga he went SSJ right away.

Either way i doubt this is going to be as easy as some of you think. Buuhan isn't a pushover.

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Battles » Vegito vs Hirudegarn

Hirudegarn is more in the league of Goku SSJ3. Vegito slaughters him.

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Battles » Meta Cooler vs Android 18

Pretty good matchup. Android 18 toyed with Vegeta and she has shown that she could have taken him with ease if she wanted to. Pretty sure that Android 18 can fight both Goku and Vegeta like Metal Cooler did and possible win. Powerwise i think Android 18 is stronger but Metal Cooler has impessive abilities mainly his regeneration and IT. I would say that Android 18 would win but its gonna be a battle.

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