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Battles » Rune King Thor, Cosmic Armor Superman Vs Zeus, Hades

Rune King Thor isn't such a powerhouse as some would believe. There are good posts on various battle forums that explain his power. He's stronger than Odin but thats as far as he goes. I've seen people putting RKT on Abstract lvl dispite the serious lack of feats that support him being on that lvl, most believe he could't even take on Galactus or some of the higher lvl Celestials like Exitar or Arishem and those are far away of being Abstract lvl. Cosmic Armor Superman/Thought Robot is in the top 10 list of strongest beings in the DC universe. It was used to stop Mandrakk from tearing the DC universe a new one. CAS and RKT are not in the same league.

At what lvl are Zeus and Hades? 1 of them needs to be at COIE Anti-Monitor lvl in order to stand a chance against CAS.

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Battles » Superman team vs Z fighter & viliian

Every time Broly gets mentiond in a tread there needs to be people posting images of him. As for this tread, Superman vs DBZ is not allowed and next time you create another battle try to put some more info. Look around the other battles to give you some ideas. Welcome to Animevice.

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Battles » Kaioken Goku vs Chilled

Ginyu Saga Goku would be better than Frieza Saga. Goku in the Ginyu Saga was around 180.000 i believe, when he powered up against Captain Ginyu. Frieza Saga Goku hold his own against Frieza in his final form who was using 1% of his power so that puts Goku PL in the millions. Chilled got his ass kicked by Bardock SSJ who would be in the 500-600.000 range so Chilled probably was around 300-400.000 range imo.

Ginyu Saga Goku would't go Kaio-Ken right away as the OP pointed out that they are in character and i'm curious how far Goku could push the Kaio-Ken. In the Saiyan Saga he pushed it to x3 witch had a negative impact on his body and used only x4 with the beam struggle (correct me if i'm wrong) and in the Turles movie (witch is non-canon) he used x10. All in all i think Goku got this but it could be a decent fight but Frieza Saga Goku woudld demolish Chilled easily.

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Battles » Broly vs Cooler

Come now...

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

Somthing else i just noticed by your top post you said ''A lot of people agree that Super Saiyan Vegetto and SSJ 4 Goku through power scaling are roughly the same so to me it means SSJG>Vegito>SSJ4 '' I don't know if you personally believe in that but i get the feeeling you do but if not correct me. In your other post you say that Baby Vegeta could't blow up earth in one go, so does that mean that Vegito can't bust a planet in one go? considering they are roughly the same. Ok lets put Goku SSJ4 and Vegito SSJ at planet busting lvl. Now if we compare the power difference between Frieza and Vegito than Vegito is hundereds or times stronger right possible more right? but still after being hundereds of times stronger still at planet busting lvl ok? You say that Bills(70%)>SSJG>Vegito SSJ right? so i'm thinking that Vegito SSJ2 would give Bills one helluva fight won't you think?

Now the difference between SSJ2 Vegito and Bills isn't the same difference as Vegito and Frieza correct? i mean Vegito SSJ2 should be stronger but not hundereds of times stronger than he is against Frieza right? so that means that there destructive power should still be at planet busting right? Suddenly you say Bills is a casual solar system buster and possibly galaxy buster..... where... what.... huh? what did i just miss here? Vegito being xxxxxx amount of stronger than Frieza and still only at planetbusting but Bills of is xx amount of stronger than Vegito is suddenly solar sytem or galaxy buster :S Did i misunderstand you with this? correct me if i'm wrong.

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

@GrayWolf2 said:

@eddz99 said:

@GrayWolf2 said:

@niBBit: Power scaling is fun and all but it doesn't really help here. A lot of people agree that Super Saiyan Vegetto and SSJ 4 Goku through power scaling are roughly the same. However Fusion between Goku and Vegeta during Battle of the Gods didn't happen despite being allowed a lot of time which indicates to me that it would have been useless. This to me means SSJ God Goku >SSJ Vegetto/SSJ4 Goku. Meanwhile Birusu is still able to take down SSJG Goku comfortably with power to spare so that would put Birusu>SSJG Goku>SSJ4 Goku. Through scaling he is around Yi Xing Long's level and through feats and statements of his power(FTL speeds,casual solar system buster possibly even Galaxy level) he takes it. Simple as that.

So many wrong statements e.e

1. SSJ Vegetto is not equal to shadow dragons saga SSJ 4 Goku, but ssj2 vegetto is ( by powerscaling )

2. There are no potara earrings anymore and Vegitto >> Gogeta

3. Birisu did not beat goku comfortably, he tried to bust the planet after the fight yet he only busted a rock.

1. No potara earrings doesn't mean squat. They could still fuse to become Gogeta and go to ssj2 or ssj3 and yet didn't. Also Vegetto is only at best slightly more powerful than Gogeta. There really isn't much evidence to suggest he's a lot stronger.

2. Birusu only used 70% of his power to beat SSJG Goku. While 30% doesn't sound like much it really is. Goku when he turned Super Saiyan was only 20% stronger than Freeza. This difference however was huge as Goku held back and still thrashed him. Then later on when Freeza fought a super saiyan who didn't hold back he was killed almost instantaneously. There's a reason why Birusu called Super Saiyan God overrated and it is that he most likely would have beaten him nearly immediately if he wasn't holding back. Goku getting him to use up his power was either dumb luck or the result of Birusu waking up early. Had he gone all out Goku would not have had a chance.

3. Even using power scaling for GT is difficult since it would take Golden Oozaru Baby multiple blasts to destroy the earth and the most power Yi Xing Long was stated to have even attempted in battle was maybe planet busting. Compared to a FTL casual solar system buster these guys are cupcakes. Power scaling works well when you at least have the feeling that the later characters can match what happend before but with GT I never got that feeling because every time they tried they failed miserably.

Baby Vegeta taking multiple hits to destry the earth? Baby Vegeta when facing Goku SSJ4 aimed his beam at Satan city where the remaining people where like Krillin and Android 18 to await transport to planet Tuffle. Baby was aiming at Goku's friends to anger him like when he blasted Chi Chi and Videl. Baby blasted Satan city to show Goku that he is willing to do anything to win and to let Goku know that he isn't afraid to blow up earth, when Baby charged his galic gun up again he said ''You can get out of the way but take a look what is behind you'' he wanted to Goku to know that he wasn't afraid to blow his own people so he knew Goku would take his blast headon, and your delusional if you think Baby is not capable of busting earth in one go, more on that later.

You said that ''Omega was attemting to bust the planet'' funny that you neglect the fact that Goku sacrificed himself to prevent earth blowing up '' Omega: ahh it looks like he prevented this scrapheap from exploding in exchange for his own measly life haha'' Once again Omega at planetbusting lvl?...

You seem to only judge characters by feats and while i can understand that it is not always right because if we go only by feats than that means that Frieza will kill the majority of DBZ characters like for example Dabura. Because unlike Dabura, Frieza has shown that he can blow up a planet so does that mean that Frieza>Dabura? no ofcourse not because we know that via POWERSCALING that Dabura will eat Frieza whole, we know that Dabura has a higher PL so therefore he beats Frieza, he doesn't need to have a feat of blowing up a planet to let us know that he can kill Frieza with his pinky. Do you think that Dabura can't blow up a planet even though he hasn't shown it? do you think Goku SSJ3 can't blow up a planet even though he hasn't shown it? i think i can speak for alot of people when i say yes, yes they can nuke a planet so if Goku SSJ3 can nuke a planet than why not an SSJ4 who takes a huge shit on SSJ3? Feats isn't everything.

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

@GrayWolf2 said:

@niBBit said:

@GrayWolf2 said:

@niBBit: Bisuru wins by being superior in every way to this failed alternate dragonball universe character.

How is he superior than Omega Shenron?

Speed, Durability,H2H combat ability, Destructive Capacity, Likeability, Far more swag, Actually being Canon the list is numerous.

Swag, likeability, canon. Sure i can agree with that the other however....

Powerscaling wise Bills got nothing on the top GT guys like Omega Shenron. Goku in his base form rivals his SSJ3 form from DBZ this is proven in his fight with Rildo. Now slap a couple of SSJ multipliers from SSJ1 to SSJ3 and Goku still got his ass handed to him by Baby Vegeta.... in freaking base form. Then Baby Vegeta collects the powers from Gohan/Trunks/Bula/Goten + all the people from Earth and transforms into Super Baby Vegeta. Somebody like Super Baby Vegeta would give Mystic Buu or Vegito a good fight, some people even say that he can beat them or rival them but thats something for later. When Goku turned Golden Oozaru his power grew so much that he was able to take on Super Baby Vegeta but Baby wasn't completly helpless just yet, he did managed to land some shots that hurt the giant ape. Things changed when Goku turned SSJ4 and actully LET Baby hit him with punches, kicks and ultimatly the Revenge Death Ball.... with did nothing to Goku, he smirked and was suprised by how strong he became. Thats some serious power. Super Baby Vegeta needed to go transform into Golden Oozaru himself to even stand a chance against SSJ4 and even then Goku put up a good fight. Just to show you how powerfull SSJ4 is.

Omega Shenron is in a different league all together. By the time Goku fights Omega Shenron he was stronger because of his fights with Baby/Super 17 and all the Shadow Dragons + he recieved an amp so big that Goku was afraid he could not handle it. He recieved the full powers of all the Z Fighters to help him in his fight against Omega Shenron. When the fight started and Goku landed some hits.... it did nothing, litterly nothing. Omega laughed it off and wtfpwnd Goku for almost a full epsiode, even when Goku sucker punched him with the HAX attack called the Dragon Fist Omega simply regend back up.

Omega Shenron even tanked Gogeta SSJ4's Big Bang Kamehameha attack and lived witch even Gogeta himself admitted that it was impessive. Later when Gogeta was no more and Omega was ready to fight Goku and Vegeta, Goku swallowed the 4 star dragon ball, stripping Omega from alot of power. Did it matter? nope because Omega spends 2 episodes beating the ever living crap out of 2 SSJ4's. He even let Goku and Vegeta launch there most powerfull attacks at him, Vegeta's Final Flash and Goku 10x Kamehameha.... at once....from both sides.... witch did nothing to Omega, he once again simply laughed it of and all that when Omega was depowered!. In the end it took another OP attack, The Universal Spirit Bomb to finish this guy of.

Now i'm wondering if Bills would even stand a chance against an SSJ4 considering what an SSJ4 did to Super Baby Vegeta, an opponent who is most likely in the same league or above as Mystic Buu/Vegito. Even when Baby himself went Golden Oozaru Goku was still able to hold his own witch is freaking impessive considering Goku at SSJ3 could't even harm Baby Vegeta in his damn base form, let alone Super Baby Vegeta. All those things about the SSJ4 and it doesn't even come remotely close to the powers of Omega Shernon who not only beat freaking 2 SSJ4 (1 was amped) in a brutal and devastating manner but most importantly Omega was depowered in that fight (lost the 4 star ball).

We also don't know for sure how much the Golden Oozau transformation gives nor the SSJ4. We know that regular Oozaru is x10 so the Golden Oozaru is at minimum x10. The SSJ4 is even higher than that considering Baby could do nothing against him while he did manage to hurt/fight Goku in Golden Oozaru form. So Goku GT from base form goes SSJ/SSJ2/SSJ3/Golden Oozaru/SSJ4, thats 5 transformations Goku did + later he gets an amp and it still wasn't enough to even stand a chance against a depowered Omega Shenron. I'm having a hard time believing that the SSJG surpasses 5 freaking fransformations and then some. IMO a battle with SSJ4/SSJG/Bills would be a close one but Omega is a different beast.

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

@GrayWolf2 said:

@niBBit: Bisuru wins by being superior in every way to this failed alternate dragonball universe character.

How is he superior than Omega Shenron?

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

@ChromeDisaster said:

@niBBit: nooooo, because it's a stomp

How does Bills stomp Omega Shenron.

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

So Bills wins because people hate GT?

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Battles » Bills vs. Yi Xing Long

Omega Shenron takes this.

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Battles » Toriko vs Vegeta

@nisemonokatara9 said:

@supernova7005: If ur seriously ignoring the link then ur ignorant..Ichigo isnt FTL if he can be seen as a blur and nothing in that pic is actually definite proof you ass.Surrounded by a crowd of people from all directions which means Piccolo and Goku could've been seen no matter how fast they were even hypersonic speeds unless the light particles were unable to produce an image rather than just going faster for human eyes to follow .If Kami was unable to see them and they weren't much faster,than goku and piccolo going FTL makes sense.He can't see them becuase an image can't be formed.In Saiyan Saga,DB characters get so fast they have to sense their ki to sense or even see them.EX:Yamcha vs. Saibamen.Going so fast they're Invisible to the human eye=FTL

Foolishly Foolish Fools who seek foolishly foolish dreams

Science on Speed and Invisibility:

In order to appear truly invisible the person because of distance and other perceptions must being going the Speed of Light because of the way light bends around them. Article Posted below link:

“How fast would an object have to move to be invisible to the naked eye?

Could Dash from “The Incredibles” really run so fast that we could not see him?

The short answer is yes, Dash could run fast enough to be invisible. Exactly how fast he would have to run depends on many factors. For an object to be visible, light particles (photons) must bounce off the object and into your eye. There must be enough light that specialized neurons in the eye—the rod and cone cells that form the photosensitive pixels of the retina—are activated to a level that triggers awareness. If Dash zipped through your field of view so quickly that too little light from him reached your retina, you would not see him. What is the minimum amount of light required? In a classic experiment, people in complete darkness were exposed to flashes of light. Only the rod photoreceptors were sensitive enough to detect the light intensities used in this experiment. At the minimum flash brightness required to trigger visual awareness, onlya handful of rods each absorbed just one photon. The implication is striking: single cells, capturing single particles of light, can trigger perception. However, at best, the rods can provide only a low-resolution image. To see and recognize Dash requires cone photoreceptors. Cones allow high-resolution color vision in brighter light. Unlike rods, individual cones must absorb many photons to generate a sizeable response.

And since each cone contributes a single pixel to the final image, many cones are required to “draw” Dash on the retina. If Dash were moving fast, photons bouncing off him would be scattered across many cones, and each of these cones might be insufficiently activated, so Dash would be invisible. If there were just a little more activation, he would appear as a blur. The less light there is, the more Dash can afford to take it easy. At noon when there is a surplus of photons, he has to be at his speediest to be invisible. Other factors are at play. One is eye movement. We never look steadily at a single point in space. We are not aware of it, but our eyes constantly dart from one location in the visual scene to another. They make small jumps that last about a fifth of a second. These jumps are called “saccades,” during which our visual system is suppressed. If Dash shot past during a saccade, you would not see him. If he ran past a crowd, chances are that at least some people would be in midsaccade and would miss him. The bottom line is, a complete answer to your question does not exist. How much light is required for a good cone signal, how activity across the array of cones is assembled into an image, how the visual system shuts down during a saccade, and other factors such as attention are active research areas. Answered by Michael Tri Do,_ an assistant professor at Children’s Hospital Boston,Harvard Medical School.”

In sum: photons move at light speed, it is photons bouncing of the object that allow us to see it, if the object were moving faster than light it would be moving faster than the photons can bounce off and therefore would be "invisble" to a human eye.

Fully agreed. Gohan needed to look for they energy in order to follow Yamcha and the Saibamen in there fight. In the Namek Saga, Burter moved so fast that even Vegeta/Krillin/Gohan could not follow him dispite using there ki to follow him. Goku showed up and proved to be even faster than Burter. Then came Frieza who fired energy beams at Krillin/Piccolo/Gohan that they could not follow, Vegeta then powers up and manages to save Gohan from one of Frieza attacks, then Frieza powers up and the table where turned once again.

DBZ characters where moving faster than the human eye could see as early as DB and DBZ Saiyan Saga let alone late DBZ with characters like Super Vegito. I'm stunned to see posts all over the internet of people screaming that DBZ characters are only at Super/Hypersonic lvls.

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Battles » Android 17 vs. Metal Cooler.

@xlab3000 said:

Metal Cooler wins according to the dbz timeline MC took place between "A New Guardian" and "The Games Begin"

Movie timelines are shit. Gohan's young appearance suggests that this Gohan hasn't even begun his training with Goku in the RoSaT, otherwise he could have gone SSJ and pick those Cyborgs or even Cooler himself off. The whole feeling of this movie suggest to me that this plays pretty early, Goku's SSJ transformation was dramatized like it was a big deal, witch it isn't and Vegeta overly cocky attitude, the same attidude he had when he first became an SSJ. Most people that i know put the movie timeline from this movie before or during the arrival of the Androids witch also doesn't make sense considering it was Dende who wanted Goku to go to Namek but Dende only becomes the Guardian of Earth during the Cell games.

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Battles » Android 13 vs Android 16

Android 13 loses

Super Android 13 wins

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Battles » Current Zebra (Toriko) VS Recoome

Next up: (insert Toriko character) vs SSJ Vegito.

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Battles » Android 18 vs Zangya

Zangya lacks the feats sure but in those small showings that she has i'm inclinded to think that she takes this. The small showings that i'm talking about is the one where she briefly stands up against SSJ Trunks. She actually dodges him and kicks him before Bido jump in behind him. SSJ Trunks at this point is alot stronger than the Androids, remember the Bojack movie is after the Cell games where Trunks got healed from his injuries +Trunks already solo'd the Androids in his timeline with the utmost of ease. There was also the moments where she and Bido fought SSJ Gohan, now its not really fair because it was 2vs1 but do you think that if Android 17 and 18 attacked SSJ Gohan together that they stand a chance? SSJ Trunks showed that he could solo both of them when he retured to the future, and that was Trunks and Gohan>Trunks.

Featwise Android 18 takes this. We know how she fights, what her attacks are etc. IMO Zangya takes this probably easy to.

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Majin Buu » Provin it Kid buu > Fat buu and possibly stronger than Super Buu

This doesn't belong in the battle forums.

To awnser your question, Kid Buu didn't fought Fat Buu, he fought Good Buu who is weaker than Fat Buu but i'd say that Kid Buu is still stronger than Fat Buu. Kid Buu is not beating Super Buu because he lacks the proper feats to do it regardless of the Kai's statements of him being the strongest Buu.

When Goku and Vegeta where inside of Super Buu and where planning to escape, Goku himself told Vegeta that they needed to fuse in order to beat him, that means that if both of them escaped and fought Super Buu as a SSJ2 and as a SSJ3 they will still lose. However when Kid Buu emerged Goku was more than happy to fight him 1vs1, something he didn't want to do against Super Buu, that pretty much shows that Super Buu is far more powerfull than Kid Buu.

Kid Buu might be stronger than he appears, during his fight with Goku he was having the time of his life and doesn't seem to be running out of energy, he just kept going but thats just speculation. He might had more power but how much? or maybe he didn't and was fighting Goku with all he had but because of his seemingly endless stamina and broken regeneration it appeared that he was holding back. Fact is Kid Buu doesn't have the proper feats to suggest he is the strongest Buu regardless what Kibito Kai said, he could be dead wrong on it to..... won't be the first time he was wrong.

To me it always is: Mystic Buu>Buutenks>Bulky Buu>Super Buu(Piccolo)>Super Buu>Kid Buu>Fat Buu>Evil Buu>Good Buu

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Battles » Bojack vs Cell Jr.

Cell Jr had trouble handeling Trunks and Vegeta while Bojack (base) mopped the floor with both of them. Bojack (100%) would stomp Cell Jr.

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Battles » Supreme Kai vs. Tapion

This is a spite in East Supreme Kai's favor. Tapion did litterly nothing in the movie. The only thing he did was play that fluit and created a barrier with it to protect himself from Hirudegarns flame attack... thats it. He did not fought with the rest of the Z Figthers, all he did was trying to play that fluit (witch failed) and then relying on Trunks to carry him away from the battlefield because he was tired and weak. I did not see him using any ki attack or... any attack for that matter. He's pretty much featless.

East Supreme Kai said that each Supreme Kai was a thousand times stronger than Frieza was, heck Kibito was stated to be a match against Adult Gohan (so long as Gohan didn't go SSJ). East Supreme Kai actually has combat feats, may not be the most impessive ones but at least he has them like: using IM, paralyzing attacks, fighting Fat Buu, protecting Gohan from getting killed by Fat Buu's attack, trapping Gohan SSJ2. He actually has feats.

East Supreme Kai wins. Spite.

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Off-Topic » The person below me has never...

False. Using OTK moves on Traditional Rules set. Using stuff like Exodia etc..

The person below me has never left his country.

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