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When would Luffy's teamates re-united again?
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Gintama is a comedy anime and comics, it is very funny, and it also stress on protecting good and fair (under samurai's soul)  and emotional connection with others (friendship, love, etc.), However, I think something still should be added to the anime: 
1. How  Gintoki Sakata    remain netural between Kotaro Katsura    and the Shinsengumi ?  
2. How Gintoki keep himself safe after so many fights and destructions against Amanto and his government ? 
3. Will Shinsengumi    do something to fight against government's corruption?  
4. What is Kagura's brother doing after killing his boss and replace his position among those space pirates? 
However, Gintama's Author seems never think about this, he just want to make comedies!
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