Nexus_alexander (Level 3)

leader of Kazi
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this is what happened before i was leader of Kazi at the end of last vid haseo shows up in the white robe 
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name: Nexus alexander 
nikename: sky of the night light      
hight: 6' 2" 
weight: N/A 
age: 40,300 
eye's: blue 
hair: blue 
species: Jugernought/ collecter 
group: Kazi (leader) 


  3000 years ago Nexus was a collecter of rare and valuble things, like cryistles, weapons, ect... he is known as a king or ruler of lands, but he is not from Earth arigenaly! he cam to Earth to seek a new life around 4000 years ago and has since bean on Earth. he has bean waiting in the shadows looking for a new and a more exiting battle, he destroyed a Nazi lab to get some exsparemental equitment from them in 1943 and watched WW 1 and  2 from the shadows, every war in Earths history he has watched and studded, in 2000, he met up with Haseo Yashimora, the two were swarm enamies, but haseo made him an offer, he would lead a group called Kazi and take on 2 strong enemy factions on Earth, he agread to become leader, but haseo has to give him what ever he wants, when haseo told Nexus about another Jugernought being on Earth(cfatalis) he became angry and started toshift shap, when haseo comed him down he told him he can kill him if he wants, he agread. latter Nexus went to go see a chairman that will secretly pay for any fundding for Kazi, but when he got there Gekido soligers started to attack the building and kill everyone(video shown under powers in bio) after the battle Nexus reteard to his thrown at Kazi HQ and begain thinking of a plan to take out Gekido and Teku.  


Abilities and Equipment     
Noctis displays unearthly skills in battle, wielding a variety of weapons including swords, spears, axes, and firearms, among others, though his primary weapon appears to be a falchion fashioned with an engine at the hilt. He can conjure the weapons into the air around him and wield them by hand or telekinesis. This allows him to form a wall of weapons which can either act as a shield, or be used for offensive means.

Noctis has also displayed the ability to teleport, seemingly to the locations of his weapons, allowing him to throw one of his weapons a great distance and reappear where it lands seconds later, with the weapon in hand. In battle, the color of his eyes and hair change depending on which weapons and abilities he uses, though the reason for this has not yet been revealed.    

update when i have all members 

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