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Las leyendas nunca mueren, eso explica mi inmortalidad
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I think some users here already knew that I was considering leaving the Vice. Now why am I leaving? RPG'ing is all I do here now, and I no longer have the drive to continue RPG'ing. I'd love to get the drive back and remain but I just don't feel it anymore. Not only that but there are also more important things in real life I must deal with right now. So I'll be leaving the Vice from today. I can't say its a permanent leave because it is always possible that I will come back someday and maybe someday soon. But the moment I get my drive back to RP here again, I will come back, but for the moment I've got to leave. I have a lot going on right now in real life.  
So I'd like to say goodbye to all of the good people on this website, especially those who RP'ed with me. Sonata, Mekix etc. it was fun while it lasted. I hope to RP with you guys again if I ever come back. So it is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to the Vice, maybe forever. 
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You match well with...

Neji Hyuuga So what if you were born into servitude, you've made something of yourself. Though, that chip on your shoulder almost made you homicidal... almost
Itachi Uchiha Most people think they know you, but they don't. The only thing people actually understand about you is that you "are" awesome. Fact.
Jiraiya So what if you are an amazingly powerful ninja, doesn't stop you from pursuing your real goal... Writing dirty novels and spying on women...
Haku Classic, and yet still confusing. No one to this day knows exactly why you dress as a girl and flirt with little ninja boys, but you were cool. In before long series was long.
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For Hollywood to make a good anime or manga adaptation wouldn't really be a difficult task for them. They could do it with ease however it seems they are more concentrated in the money rather than the progression of the movies. They should also gather actual information from the manga or anime they would make a movie from to properly have the knowledge needed to write an interesting story instead of making things up that really only worsen the movie. Dragon Ball Evolution being an example, Goku goes to school, he actually curses, his personality is quite different etc. Piccolo wasn't even green, Master Roshi only had a brief moment for his perversion which was never again seen in the movie and was not bald nor did he wear his trademark sun glasses.  
Hollywood's problem is that they try to add far too much of their own ideas to whatever they are making an adaptation of and end up overshadowing the original concepts and making their ideas shine and this only worsens the movie, they should find a good balance between their ideas and the things actually in whatever they are adapting and not removing most of them to make room for their insane ideas.  
They have the potential but some seem determined enough to use it.
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I would definitely choose Healthy Girls over DFC's (Delicious Flat Chests). The reason for my choice is that Healthy Girls are just plain sexier than DFC's but one wouldn't want to get overboard because sometimes Healthy Girls appear simply disgusting and unattractive when they have abnormally large breasts and I mean extremely large that it seems as though their backs should be broken. But overall Healthy Girls are my choice.
      How can this lose to DFC's?
      How can this lose to DFC's?
There really is no way (in my opinion at least) Healthy Girls could lose to DFC's.
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I have read a good degree of fanfiction in the past. I have read fanfictions of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Naruto Shippuden etc. and some of them are quite interesting and can keep you moderately entertained depending if you like the manga they are writing fiction about. 
Some of the fanfictions I have read are quite good and have a good degree of humor however it isn't always that I find myself interested in reading a fanfiction and I would only read them to break the boredom at times.
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