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Hey guys its ME!!!!! "NERXUAL THE GREAT NOOB of ANIMEVICE!!!!"

The reason I'm shouting (I have got to stop doing that! D:<) is because I'M MAKING A RP!!!!!!!!!! (role-play I'M STILL DOING IT!!!!) The only thing getting in the way is..........
I don't have characters' ;.; but that's when YOU GUYS COME IN!!!!!! First few people who say "I WANT THE JOB!!!!!" gets to be in it!!!!! AND THEY CAN PICK A CHOICE OF NAMES I GIVE THEM!!!!!!!!


Darn it I did it again! O.o
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I know this maybe really mean but I had to blog it

 Lately I've heard ppl in my school talk about doing meth. AND THEY ACTUALLY DO IT!!!!!!.
So this message to all the ppl is ....... WTF!!!!! why do it in he first place anyway?! I mean it can't make you look cool ,or anything actually it makes ppl look like they've scarred themselves. It can't help them in school, or help hem in life. 

It just tears my heart about young teenagers dying from a terrible drug.
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I'm not sure how this works. I just type stuff?
 Oh well.....SINCE I have a secret identity my older sis would'nt mind

 Okay so at August 16, 2004 we where going to our "Family Summer Trip" to.......(DUN DA DA DUN!) The Arkansas River! :D .So yeah long trip from Stillwater,OK (I've moved to a different location) I got the kayak (spell THAT backwards!) as usual, and my sister's got the water raft. People got wet so when I wasn't looking Alyssa (my older sister and I'm NOT saying her last name for her reputation and she would murder me O.O; ) she accidently slipped and fell into the water and was screaming *clears throat and takes deep breath* "HELP HELP I'M DROWNING!!!!" and my mom with her motherly instinct said "MAMA'S COMING! ALYSSA!" so she jumped in and yelled "Alyssa stand up!" only to realize Alyssa was standing in 3 inch water >:D
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