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CV Bio - [ Alt Reality]
 My favorite hero in all Mythology



 Death by Nerx

"Top of the food chain"

Randomly uses his powers depending on the situation

Born outside from earth
  •  Choujin ( Chōjin , lit. "superman")    Nerx in a nutshell

  •  Kaijin ( referring to roughly humanoid monsters) 

note:  he is a hybrid between the two and he transcended into the one below
  • Majin ( literally means "demon man" but refers to "demon god" )
  • Elemental Vampirism [Loups Garou{Vampire, Werewolf & Warlock}] - converted by Lady_Nightmare  
Chronologically he is very young  and mostly stays in a human body with the eating

Within his body runs the blood of the Mazoku [demon/magic race] and his father was in fact the current Ma-oh [demon/magic king]
   Pretty weird

  Theme Song: Tenacious D - Wonderboy    

Name: Kiryu "Kira" Kiriyama
Gender: Male
Classification: Anomaly 
 After eating leviathan

Aliases: Nerx, The Anomaly

Identity: Secret
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Occupation: Gekido's Black Ops Division
Citizenship: Global

Place of Birth: Unknown
Group Affiliations: Gekido 
Education: Trained since birth
Age: Early twenties
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Hair: Black/Brown 
Eyes: Black  

Powers and Abilities: All eater, Answer-Talker, MEoDP
 His Avatar state

Weaknesses: Lactose Intolerance [little effect] with the exception of Soma [Seikon no Qwaser]
Destructive Capacity: Whatever he can eat [pretty much everything]
Speed: Attacks - High Hypersonic [w/o Quantum]
Durability:  Toon level
Strength: Adaptive [ affected by his hunger]
Standard Equipment: Eating Utensils
Intelligence: Growing [he eats a genius then he is one]


  1. he uses explosives whenever he feels bored as he loves to set things ablaze and he makes bombs to avert his chaotic tendencies, and recently he has adopted guns into his arsenal to keep his impulses at bay.
  2. His variety of powers is acquired by ingesting several things [e.g. multiverses]
  3. he is the all eater because he can eat ANYTHING, which may include deities and metaphysical concepts [exception of dairy products <w/o soma>]
  4. The Shade is named Heino
  5. he is self existent


   Born to end life

"I love killing"

  Die is actually his first word as a baby. Kiryu was a name that they chose due to his parent's background ,they discarded him into the streets leaving him to die, one day somebody picked him up and decided to raise the boy. Not as a son but as an apprentice, the mas was not your average person either it was 'Koroshi' the killer of killers . Within his first few years he has been taught various killing methods from the most common to the most obscure. Kiryu has a twisted psyche brought form his childhood, where the conditions for happiness are null. Murder.Torture.Rape.Mutilate. A mind cannot grow to be subtle , especially when you grew up around a Death Camp. The only music available is suffering and the media is despair.Food wasn't a problem for little Kiryu at least for a reason. He has an over abundance of sustenance, provided in corpses and soon-to-be-dead 'subjects'.If he were ever hungry then he could just simply choose.Then he gets accustomed to human flesh, to evade boredom he began learning various cooking disciplines from the area. Each day he stood strong, knowing that one day he will be the one to end it all. As time passes by he sharpens his skills with every passing moment.Becoming an instrument of Destruction.A Glutton of Death. To claim as the Predator for humanity and to reign supreme at the top of the food chain. He sums up he to be a deranged psychopath who loves the sight of blood, gore, and death, and is very sadistic.He suffers little loss in humanity, which he does not give much concern for. Kiryu is quite predictable, as he aims to perfect his cooking skills while at the same time gather victims. He is currently aiming towards creating a human harvesting sites. Trial and error ensues when dealing with pesky sapiens. He dreams of cooking up a Deity and consuming one as a testament to his skills, this journey still goes on. All the spare time is focused around this adventure, to kill and cook a God.Anger is never a problem for Kiryu as his remedy is in food. Food which can translate to masses of human bodies or piles of objects.Simply one as being dragged upon impulses and primal urges, but mostly the urge to eat. Strangely enough he often seems to be polite' although this can be deceiving.He WILL beat you up without question.Apparently he does not discriminate his beatings to only men. Women, children , elders, objects and animals will also be beaten. Kiryu smiles at the face of death, at the visage of despair, at the breach of destruction and at the carnival of violence. A man who cannot be scared or intimidated.

   Mask used during meetings to prevent cannibalism



 His heritage

 Unlike most people...

 A baby made in unusual circumstances when a Kaijin [tokusatsu humanoid monster <giant tyoe>] and a Choujin [tokusatsu superhuman <giant type>] decided to make children, this is one of the reasons that i have the impulse to destroy objectsw and wreak havoc. Plus the enormous strength of my lineage permits me to do so, but upon their banishment i got a bit of unknown residues from an alt realm and that melded me in a unique direction [majin - demon humanoid] so that is the base of my abilities. The enormous appetite of the monster, the myriad of abilities used by the choujin and the tenacity for destruction harbored by the majin... a hybrid of huge proportions    

 A baby born

Reads a book about how his ancestors ravaged through the lands until they were banished away by the so called 'heroes' 

 Parents [Choujin-left, Kaijin-right]

Mission: to destroy the 'heroes' that banished them to the far reaches of creation

 He went berserk after they disappeared

 note: he tortured the mayor by summoning the Tanzanian Popobawa [check at your own risk]



 Casual Gear

  •  he can grow fang-filled jaws and extend of numerous thorny, vine-like tentacles from his suit allowing him to rip apart entire armies by himself. He has also demonstrated the ability to fly, teleport, and summon an immense demon bird from his cape.
   His disguise among street levelers


Kapitan Drake

 he uses disguise in order to fool normal heroes to fight him , pretending to be an incompetent villain in order to lure wannabe heroes. This is one of his most like able method of 'hunting' because it is fun and that the risks are close to non existent. Kapitan Drake could sometimes be his familiar with a random superpower to carry out his petty errands such as toppling small gangs and grocery shopping. In this disguise he is limited to strength only but is heavily equipped with military knowledge while in CQC.

   His disguise among shounen protagonists



this disguise is specialized for so called  teenage warriors because it is very arrogant and vicious. This form is limited to rudimentary elemental manipulation manifested by residue secretion, the type that name its moves while screaming it at the heavens. Unlike other disguises this one can use a bit more than the street  levelers.

+Openly Humanitarian

 The things that you can expect to find in his fridge

A devout cannibal since birth he is.
Kiryu has been cooking human flesh since he could remember, he loved it to the fullest. It tasted like venison to him, but the good kind of venison. Kiryu has this unique attribute due to his Kaiju physiology and Choujin heritage that allows him to eat everything. He prefers humans though and regularly changes diets to supplement his colossal appetite, whether eating energy or pastries.He discovered this latent ability when he was about to commit suicide via gun-to-mouth, when he pulled the trigger he was still alive and a fact which he questioned next by eating poison. Miraculously he survived without any signs of damage.

Anxious to learn human exorcism to devour human souls
  •  Food Focus: Nerx visualizes his goal as food, pushing his body to its limits [deadliest tech]

 for example items such as:  Even sleeps in food

  1. "butter sauteed cannon" (with the help of pills due to lactose intolerance and phobia)
  2. "cannon extra rare",
  3.  "cannon and gunpowder salad"
  4.  "grilled house"
  5. "soul salad with mayo"
  6. A baked Multiverse with hot celestial fudge and dark matter sprinkles
  7. Steamed super massive Black Hole with a White hole topping
  8. Butter cooked dimension with half roasted elder God
  9. Seraph cocktail with special 8th hell sauce and a side of Fried Skyfathers
  10. Fourth wall fingers
  11. Big Bang salad
  12. Big Rip fries
  13. Big Crunch soup

Unique Anatomy:

  • possessed special mouths in the palm of each hand which are able to bite through and consume all forms of matter
  • He has powerful jaws (indestructible teeth), a stretchable tongue and acidic saliva He particularly likes eating people, and the only way he can find enjoyment in a battle is if he can eat his opponent afterward.
  • Kiryu fully engulfs and takes an opponent into his body to cause an increase in physical or mental prowess.
  • Also able to eat them and gain their powers.Apparently absorb people's memories by consuming their flesh and absorbs people within himself, thus making their bodies his, as well as gaining whatever abilities they have.
  • Can combine two or more different things he has swallowed to create something else.
  • Is able to create missiles from materials it digests able to absorb food from the surface of his body and absorb a person's soul through their blood and consequently gain their knowledge and memories.
  • He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin.
  •  the ability to eat anything and then later recreate it (even fixing the item ingested) from any part of his body. The item usually comes out from his arms and hands, but sometimes can be created in other body areas, like his head, chest, or legs.
  •  it was revealed that inside Kiryu's body was actually a void of space. Objects that he has consumed float around in a seemingly endless space, much like the inside of Doraemon's fourth-dimensional pocket. Kiryu traps his victims in it. He then sucks their energy out of their body and into his 'void' up into his head, while growing stronger with each second.   The Shade at 'sealed' state

    Gaining all of the strength of the person he has absorbed.The person will be held unconscious in Kiryu's body.
  •  Kiryu's main attack is inhaling enemies (both his mouth and body expand to allow him to inhale things much larger than himself) and swallowing them. He can also attack others by spitting enemies out as stars.
  • Kiryu could sacrifice an ability to create a 'Minion', an allied version of the enemy he had devoured. The new Minion would be controlled by Kiryu or given sentience.
  • Kiryu also uses his powers to attain food or other special items like lollipops that grant him beneficial effects such as healing or temporary invincibility.  Kiryu can share his food with the second player in a motion that resembles kissing.
  •  Bows of Oblivion: A hole in his abdominal-area appears which pulls/absorbs his opponent(s) into a universe inside his body - trapping them. His power can increase with whoever he absorbs.
  •  When activating this 'Curse', Nerx's stomach opens up, revealing a large wormhole at its center. His ribs-tentacles spread out to act as a border for the wormhole, and then double as large extensible teeth that can consume everything in his eye's field of vision in an instant. Anything Kiryu consumes is transported to a realm within himself.Once released , its asteroid "jaw" and "checkbone" will cleave, opening the "Void". Its gaze will then take in the sights of foes and jail them in a glass ball, devouring from within.
  • Has a big mouth  'shade'  on his shadow (with a giant mouth full of razor-sharp teeth, and a dense razor-sharp tongue of indeterminate length that is infused with a type of bio-energy able to pierce and damage stone, steel, and even beings in gaseous or liquid form) that chomps the opponent,It can jump out of the ground towards the opponent. Can be used to defend against attacks, Kiryu an make his 'shade' travel along the ground, and make the opponent drawn to or pushed away from the 'shade' and having a hundred hands and fifty heads plus using powerful enzymes to chew and digest any object in their path, transmitting food energy back to their host to supercharge his physical strength, stamina, and sturdiness makes the 'shade' a scary last-resort technique. Also it can sprout multiple body parts on any surface including the user's own body, even extension of numerous thorny, vine-like tentacles from  its body, allowing him to rip apart entire armies by himself. The method is to stab his target with the sharp end of its tentacles. The tentacle will then extract all of the organic matter of the victim (The process appears quite agonizing for the victim).

 The 'Shade' - King of Fangs

+Favorite application of his power output is for making bombs

 The grand bomber

 note:  specializes in transmuting matter into bombs. The bombs in which he transmutes them to can vary in range; biologically and mechanically  

  •   focuses his energy into his hands, essentially creating a bomb that destroys anything it touches. 
  •  ability allows him to perform a type of spontaneous combustion on objects that he touches with his hands. The explosions can occur remotely as he often prepares handprints before activating his ability. 
  •  Meltdown: Which converts electrons into an unstable destructive matter. This ability has two output levels, low in which he has control of it, and can use it to make people into mini atomic bombs, a white ray of electrons which dissolves matter on contact, and a barrier which nullifies particles, dissolving them with a touch. 
  • Bomb Creation : Kiriyama has the ability to create bombs using his powers, these bombs aren't visible to the human eye. 
  • Deleterious Bomb: Resembling three sticks of dynamite bound together, with a timer attached to it.
  • Trace-Eye Bombs: Floating balls of explosives outfitted with traditional string fuses, bat wings, and a single orange eye. These act much like seeker missiles.  
  • Mad Bomb : Acting much like a bear trap, it latches onto the leg of an opponent before exploding.  
  • Nose  Cannon : Gross, but effective, Kiryu digs a snot out of his nose and flicks it at the opponent. The snot explodes on contact with the opponent and creates a surprisingly large blast. 
  • Nose Double Cannon :  only he flicks snots with both hands at the same time. 
  •  Bomb Kick: Nerx kicks his opponent, detonating his leg on impact, can do the same with his arm. 
  • Breeze Breath Bomb : Kiryu blows fires his breath as invisible exploding bullets. 
  • Bomb Creation: Nerx's abilities mostly involve explosions. Its primary bombs are actually booby traps, it touches a cohesive object (doorknobs, coins, even living bodies) and charges it. When someone touches it, the energy will be conducted into it, creating an internal explosion. On occasion, he will charge an object not to conduct explosive energy, but simply to explode when he finds the time to be right.
  • Sheer Heart Attack:  It is a completely autonomous bomb with unlimited range, looking like a tank-treaded ball with a fox-skull face. Its method is to seek out whatever the warmest thing in the vicinity is, then induce an explosion there.
  • Countdown  : "Countdown" is a destructive curse type bomb, where Kiyu places an invisible "time bomb" onto an opponent through saying a secret word (which is "Bomber"). The bombs' timer starts at 6000 and goes down with each time the heart beats, meaning that the bombs countdown rate will differ depending on the circumstances.
  • Little Flower  : "Little Flower" is a smaller explosive type skill that he uses in close combat by grabbing targets with his hands. Kiryu focuses the aura to his hands in order to create an explosion where he touches his opponent.
  • Release: "Release" is Kiryu ability to instantly detonate all t time bombs he has planted and activated using Countdown, no matter the time remaining.
  • Dragon : One of Kiryu's specialties; a large dragon, capable of flight. While kiryuis safely on its back, the dragon spits out smaller bomb figures that attack the opponent like guided missiles. The dragon also produces mines, which are used to force opponents to fight in a limited space.
  • Garuda : A giant doll, shaped like a Teddy Bear. When it ruptures, a cloud of microscopic bombs is released. Impossible to be seen by normal people, the victims breathe in the bombs, which then enter the bloodstream. Once there, the countless micro-bombs explode, causing the victims' bodies to disintegrate at the cellular level, literally turning them into dust.   Magnet Bomb - These bombs will magnetically attract to targets if he lines up with them.
  • Gravity Sphere -  creates a bomb which creates a black hole upon detonation. The black hole which moves towards foes. 
  • Pretty Bomb - Heart shaped bombs that hover about randomly, causing chaos.  
  • Bomb Sentry Summon - Nerx can summon several Bomb Sentry monsters, who will spread out and explode, causing trouble for his opponent(s).  These are sometimes small animated dolls that often resemble small birds or insects, though he has once made snakes, fish and some misshapen-like creatures controlled , which could regenerate themselves, while multiplying. They have little explosive power, making them excellent for covert operations. He can release them at high speeds.   
  •  Snake Bomb: Places a snake from his body into someone else; it will only detonate when he gives the signal.

+Base Attributes

 Pretty much a monster

  • also an incredibly gifted acrobat who is capable of incredibly complex series of gymnastics and belief defying acrobatic feats with complete ease.  
  • His agility and sense of balance are incredibly acute. 
  • can leap over buildings without breaking stride (more than 30 meters) & could literally propel himself hundreds of feet into the air able to fly / glide for short distances.
  • Infinite stamina
  • apparently adapted to burrowing underground and could traverse through the Earth’s strata with considerable speed, his passage marked with earthquakes and tremors of extremely powerful intensity
  • He can run on sand without leaving a trace, and even run on semi-liquid surfaces (e.g. wet cement) without sinking in.
  • able to see in the dark, this ability effectively gives him natural night-vision that renders some forms of cloaking useless.
  • Reinforced skeleton, shrugs off head shots with relative ease.
  • Kiryu has no major organs in his bodies, making most projectiles useless.  People = Food

  • possesses super human senses, durability, strength, agility, stamina, precision and speed

  1. super speed: moves several times faster than the speed of sound (usually ranging from Mach 3 to Transluminal), he can leaves after images of himself behind, confusing his target (after-images can also fight) and can apparently outrun most cars and automobiles easily (250 mph) .He has proven that he can move so fast as to defy gravity and run up or down walls or other vertical surfaces and can even hit opponents hundreds of times per split second. Can go allegedly up to massively  FTL ,also capable of incredible bursts of speed.
  2. super durability:Kiryu has displayed an uncanny ability to sustain damage with a steel hard body which can withstood tremendous physical shocks and impacts, and even falls from several thousands of feet in the air without the slightest impairment. His body has proven itself invulnerable to conventional and unconventional military armaments from bullets, rockets, artillery fire, and even high explosives. He has also demonstrated a high resilience to electricity and electrical shocks  and deadly gases.His body also absorbs and disperses energies which strikes it, whether they be lasers, particle weapons or the kinetic energy from punches or bullets ( Small arms fire cannot penetrate him) and other attacks have a much reduced affect on the body. This provides a full range of protection from NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) attacks - it keeps out chemical and biological weapons, as well as radioactive fallout, and  protects the him from heat and pressure changes. He has demonstrated the ability to survive complete submersion in magma for an extended period of time. He has even survived being in ground zero of asteroid impacts and even survive orbital re-entry. [up to omniversal]
  3. super strength: capable of lifting several tons with relative ease, also can knock down buildings with items he casually flicks away and he was capable of crushing steel and shattering concrete-reinforced structures with comparative ease, plus each step which strikes the road shatters the concrete and causes miniature earthquakes, also capable of giving himself bursts of strength which amplifies his strength to about 10 times of his normal level (albeit temporary) and  at the least possesses  the physical strength equivalent of 10,000 men. 
  4. super senses: possesses extraordinary developed senses including both hearing and smell. He can apparently hear things from considerable distances and even identify individuals whom he is familiar with by scent from certain distances.
  • he also regenerates from wounds very quickly

he will regenerate from any wound, no matter how severe. He has been shot, dropped from great heights and disemboweled and nonetheless remained alive. Even dismembered limbs can grow back,and by being able to replace complex structures like limbs or vital organs nigh instantaneously.Miscellaneous  :

  • Ambidextrous: Kiryu is well versed in the use of both hands. In a way that he can even cross co-ordinate them according to his whim and can even switch the motor functions, Kiryu can inverse these function as well giving him a full mastery of both appendages. Super-human throwing accuracy: Although he is not the best marksman around his skills can only be defined by the word "Phenomenal" ,as he can instinctively aim and coordinate all variables involved within the pitch. If a shot were to miss upon the first and second throw then the third throw is an inevitable 100% hit accuracy. his 1:3 perfect hit ratio is honed through a unique training regiment that involves rigorous, critical and subliminal mending of the Ki
  • Super-human hand-eye coordination: his hands can subconsciously react to threats in lightning speed reflexes and strike at an impulse. The nigh-flawless skill is perfected with meditation at a special realm, where potential boundaries are nonexistent. Kiryu can, with this skill perform intricate movements as easy as raising a finger. Executing hit combos and attack reversals are no harder than blinking an eye, in fact he can instantaneously intercept attacks but due to his curious nature he does not.
  • Combat Sense, a tactical hunch or a gift if people may say. Either as a wrestler or a killer Kiryu has display a knack for combat, this improv skill makes it very dangerous to tread in his body-perimeter. The slightest breath curve or a sweat drip may indicate weaknesses or fear, something you do not want Kiryu to know.


 Her name was Lady Nightmare


Loups Garou

Recently on his visit to the bar he was bitten by an alluring vampire, her scent draw him closer as she held him and sank two on his throat. It hurts but it was an ecstasy of pleasure rather than pain. The addiction drew compelled him to slit his wrists, vampire venom affected Kiryu's body differently than normal people. The uncanny mix of evil and venom mutated the vampire curse and created a variation within Nerx's bloodstream and affected him in a huge magnitude. he then looked at the fireplace and jumped there, strangely the flames did not hurt him at all.However he acquired a strange taste in elements. Then the sly lady vanished in the blink of an eye, as subtle as a fish's breath and as memorable as a birthday.his mind has been clouded with her visions ever since.  Kiryu now knows the joy of being a vampire and thanked LN for her blessing, however after consuming a ridiculous amount of flame (which tasted like chicken) he decided that it lacked the proper spice to fill in his appetite so he decided on human flesh

After all, nothing fills him up more than a person or maybe in this case a dozen (tastes like pork). Humans to Kiryu are nothing more than food supplies or slaves, he prefers to commune with inhuman beings.
 Death in disguise
 Death in disguise

Kiryu Transformed into an Elemental Vampire

Elemental Vampires are individuals that feed off the energies found in nature. Generally these are Earth, Air ,Fire and Water, and Life/Spirit Some Vampires feed off of storms (fire,water), Wind (air), Plants/Animals (life), The Sun (fire), Ocean, Earth, also anything else they can sense energy in and convert it into sustenance or physical strength.Ether/Sound,Light/Dark,Thought/Space,Void, Aether,Metal and wood also included. 

 Deadlier than ever

  Elemental Vampires feed off energy from the natural earth elements such as air, earth, fire, and water.These are the basic elemental energies. There are other energies that these basic elemental energies reside in such as the natural energy sources of urban/city environments and moon cycles (earth), streams, rain and even a "desktop waterfall" (water), solar energy, heat, candles (fire), sound, smells and air pressure (air).Even Natural Phenomena ie: lightning storms, thunder storms, Hurricanes, Ocean tides, ley lines, waterfalls and Natural events . Whereas psychic vampires "feed" primarily from other human beings' energy, Elemental Vampires feed from non-human living things and other sources. 

Plus other Vampiric traits.

  • Vampires often possess the ability to transform into a variety of creatures or effects such as bats, wolves, rats or even mist. While their physical attributes may fluctuate during such states, a vampire's mental acuity is the same as that when they are in their human shape. A vampire who transforms into an animal may also benefit from that particular animal's attributes including razor-sharp claws, fangs or the ability to fly.

He modified the ability to turn into  gaseous form into liquid form to supplement his dietary needs.

 +Weird Powers


   His powers and how he creatively applies them makes him deadly


His powers could be summed up by the mastery of anomalous forces

The Works 
  • MEoDP :  the "Mystic Eyes of Death Perception" that allow him to see "the concept of existence" on everything. Cutting the "lines" or "points" of death allow him to instantly bring their lifespan to its end - a handy weapon against things that shouldn't be able to be destroyed. Requires line of sight. He can understand concepts and non-physical things. At some point, he uses them to "kill" invisible psychic attacks. Of course, he also uses it against physical objects
  •  Nerx has the power to destroying anything by crushing their "core" apparently this can work on anything with the exception of things outside reality.
 Quite the ass kicker

  • Answer-Talker :  The Answer Talker grants the user the ability to know the answer to any question. It is easily identified by the concentric circles in the user's pupils. Not obtained by any ordinary means, the Answer Talker is obtained when a human "dies then returns to life". The Answer Talker can be used for a variety of actions, including, but not limited to, research, training, and combat. Kiryu mainly utilize his abilities in combat, where they can instantly learn weaknesses, strengths, special abilities and other useful combat information.  
  •  All Eater :  capable of eating anything, up to elephants and whales (and people) with a single bite. In one occasion he even ate such metaphysical things as another person's dream of himself. He is fully capable of spitting out anything he's eaten completely unharmed  
  • Schrodinger Cat :  due to the "Schrödinger's Cat" references, they could be quantum-reality based. This is indirectly confirmed by  - he states that Kiryu only exists for as long as he is aware of himself. He was a ble to appear in Gekido's conference room without difficulty, and also appeared within the mind, indicating that he can appear in mental realms as well. Kiryu himself mysteriously states that he is "everywhere and nowhere", possibly meaning that, if he believes that he exists somewhere, then he will.This also explains his apparent regeneration/immortality. If he believes that he is unscathed, then he is.
  •  Intuition: The ability to negate all damage done to his inner body. Only the outside of his body will be damaged, but no internal and serious external damage will happen to him. His body wasn't even covered with scars, and all of his vitals points and etc were protected. Also, he is able to fight without the uses of his 5 senses, but with intuition alone. With this, he is able to grasp where his opponent is going to attack and how. He is able to see through his opponent and be able to fully grasp all of their strategies, weaknesses and skills. 
  • Curse Counter: Nerx developed an ability that is specifically designed for nullifying any spell or curse that is used against him. The spell or curse will automatically and instantly be used against his opponent.
 The typical projectiles


  • Magic Canceling: A natural ability Nerx has had since she was born. He is able to cancel almost any type of magic or ki. This ability blocks all spells from simple love potions to the most powerful magic and ki based attacks. His artifact sword also can create a nullifying barrier around herself or cancel attacks at a distance from her when she swings it (could erase multiple building sized attacks with a single swing) 
  •  Power Mimicry Immunity: Nerx possessed an ability to nullify the effects of others trying to duplicate his powers.
  •  Imagine Breaker: a right hand that can completely cancel any power it touches, (forming a barrier around the wielder) and un-summon anything that can be summoned. It has also shown to cancel ki.   
  • Data Drain: Allows him to reduce anything to its simplest form, it can also be used to alter his data allowing him to manipulate his own statistics, this has been used to make him faster, stronger, and immune to a God's reality warping.
  • Temporal Whiplash
  • Eating history: In his human form he can consume history, erasing the history of something erases it's existence since it never existed.
  • Creating history: In his Daimajin X form on the night of the full moon he can create and rewrite existing history, altering the reality of the events. 
  • Atomic Son : ability to control and manipulate atomic energy [fusion, fission and all]
  •   Atomic Structure: he can analyzes his opponent's atomic structure, and develops a new power for himself to cancel it out. Doing so Nerx can kill his opponent, with a single hit.
  • Micro-Vision: Nerx is able to analyze and remove the atomic structure and of his opponents with his vision.
  • Force Vision: A form of telekinesis projected optically, it was capable of temporarily slowing the movement of an entire galaxy and containing the power of a Supermassive white hole
  • Environmental Blending: Nerx can instantly and literally become anything in his surroundings.

Secondary Skills

  • Viral Replication: This is the ability Nerx gained as a rogue anomaly. It allows Nerx to stab his hand into an enemy, and within a few seconds overwrite himself over them.   
  • Propagation: Creates a back-up file of him so after he is destroyed you could come back, this protection can span to everything within an entire city. 
  • Shrink Ray:  causes anything shot by it to shrink.   Super-Sizer : Which inflates humans into a balloon, float them upward and then explode them.
  • Transmogrify : An energy beam shot from his antenna that turns his opponent into inanimate matter, usually food
  • Stop: Allows him to stop time. 
  • Stat Twink:  powers are linked to his stat sheet. By altering it in real time, he can change his stats and even ignore damage.
  • Null Matter : Anything that touches him is instantly vaporized.
  •  Nerx is the luckiest person in the whole entire universe. All of his attacks end up doing a lot of harm because something always happen.
  • Shockwave Barrier: He creates a barrier around him that emits strong shockwaves (which can destroy the surrounding landscapes with ease).     
  •  Psionic Storm: Sends out psychic "ripples" that are disruptive to other lifeforms. Such storms can also damage vehicles and the landscape itself.


  •  ability to convert aura into raw strength
  •  He deals greater damage to enemies of higher level than he is. 
  •  If enemy's level is higher, damage taken is decreased 
  •  Increases his Attack times the number of Enemies there are on the field.  
  •  Damage taken is added to the damage of the counter attack. 
  •  Damage taken from a special attack decreased 
  •  Automatically defend when receiving an attack from the front
  •  Increases his stats by  for every ally unit
  •  Heal amount increased when receiving Healing magic 


  •  Reflega: A spell that will reflect any attack regardless of it's strength 
  •  The Turning Circle: This is a spell which allows the user's speed, and power to match his/her opponents. If Kiryu Kiriyama's speed was lower than anyone else's, than the turning spell would allow his speed and strength to match his opponent's. However, any attacks used upon the user will only affect the person using the attack giving no chance of escape.   
  •  Obliterro Non Nihil:  this spell creates an impenetrable barrier around an area that prevents anything outside the barrier from being affected by anything inside the barrier. The barrier is centered on the caster.
  •  Endless Nine Barrier - A barrier that grants immunity to magic attacks. To put into perspective, magic resistance is scaled from 1-9, 1 being the weakest and 9 being God level immunity. Nerx has God level immunity multiplied by infinity.
  •  Spirit Particle Defense: Sort of like a spiritual EMP. Causes all those who use spiritual powers for their targeting to get overloaded and stop functioning momentarily. 
  •  Defensive Barrier - An aura / barrier surrounds him. Any attack that misses him is added to his own power. This is cumulative. 
  •  Retroactive Barrier - An aura/shield surrounds her and amps her all her physical stats as time goes by. These effects are cumulative. 
  •  Last Physics - the invulnerability  prevents the wielder from being harmed by any physical attack, even if it pierces the body. Fists, bullets, & swords are all useless against this enchantment. It is, however, useless against non-physical attacks such as magic.
  •  Anastasis - The main powers of this spell is resurrection, allowing the user to heal himself from seemingly grievous wounds or to call up living or non-living things that has been destroyed. He can also use it to control plants by filling them with life, recalling enemies' past wounds, and also to rebuild buildings and ruins that have been destroyed.
  •  Rent Gain - The user sends an outward shock wave that burns the enemies' very bones. 
  •  Ring of Saturn - Strength-boosting ward, translates willpower and determination directly into physical power. 
  •  Type-56 - this spell, allows the user to unlock his true potentials and powers, in other words eliminating the barriers to become stronger. Grants enormous power to the user by breaking the limits of the human body.
  • Type-61 -  this buff was the secret to the infinite magical powers, though he was a great sorcerer without it.
  •  Black Zenith - releases a black orb that erases anything it touches. 
  •  Gate - capable of opening doors to other worlds.  
  •  Runesave - A spell which cannot touch anything physical but can affect things without a tangible form like lightning, fire, water or smoke. It can also be used to seal magic. can be used to seal his own mind so it could not be read. 
  •   Dread Cannon -  The spell that uses spirits of fallen enemies (or comrades, Magensha doesn't care) and fires them at foes. A shot from this gun is invariably lethal, if it connects.
  •  Spirit of Words- He can create illusions with it just by stating what he wants. He can still injure opponents with his illusions. 
  •  Real Moment - turns illusions into real objects for an instant. In combination with 'Spirit of Words', which creates illusions when stating, it can allow the illusions to inflict physical damage. 
  •  Rhythm Counter - allows the user to counter an enemy's attacks but with twice the force.
  • Warp Road - . Capable of transporting people to and from the user.
  • Double Vista-  it grants the user to see through anything, along with their strengths and weaknesses and even magical power, and be able to project whatever they see in a sort of hologram form.
  • Stone Roses -  it turns whatever it hits into stone. After petrifying the enemy, he can then be broken apart if hit with enough force. The effects of Stone Roses can be reversed by magic.
  •  All Crush -  when fully mastered it has the power to entirely shatter anything the user touches or whatever touches the user into rubble, making any attack a one-hit kill.
  • Death Poison - it sprays deadly poison gas from the snake's mouths that kill the enemy instantly upon breathing it in.
  • Used Sound - increases the user's voice to a point where it can kill anyone who hears it. The longer the user holds their breath, the louder the sound. 10 seconds is enough to kill a normal person.
  • Sound Canceler - allows the user to temporarily block all sound between them and the source of the sound, as well as being able to cancel others' voice. This is useful against  some sorcerers since many can't cast spells if they can't chant.
  • Sky High - allows the user to control anything in air, such as weapons and those who can't resist the control.
  •  Dux Dormir - allows the user to create a gas surrounded by leaves that can put anything to sleep. The sleep spell lasts for a minimum of 7 hours.
  • Hard Breath -  allows the user to control their breath to the point that it can deflect bullets and propel grown men far into the air. It can also tear the clothes off of another person. It is used by Six Guard Member Reevil.
  • Machinery - allows user to control any machine in battle as well as to repair and upgrade them to difference versions.
  •  Dress Up - allows user to wear anything that being shoot or throw to the user including bullets, electric, and fire. It also allow user to wear anything surrounding such as wind to be more faster. 
  • Twister - It allows him to twist any object, no matter how hard, as long as he's touching it for even a moment.
  •  Acid Rain - allows him to dissolve anything that touches his skin, and change into acid, granting him immunity to physical attacks.
  • Light Flash - allows him to travel in a bright flash of light, giving her instantaneous travel to anywhere. She can also dart through the air like a dense light missile, piercing anything she hits on contact with laser sharp precision.
  •  Fabricator -  can wrap people in an unknown fabric, trapping a person within the fabric. It is unknown whether one "sheet" can trap multiple people.
  •  Magichange
  • Magicards
  •  Star feeding: it is capable of feeding on stars to increase its own power, which will cause the star to die off much earlier than it normally would.


 When you see this you are dead

  Something that he acquired upon ingesting an anomaly , the lost proemial life form and its unique aptitude for metamorphosis. This is used as a last ditch desperation move against strong opponents however he does not really like to go all out as he prefers to toy around, his mood is the very thing limiting his excess of power.

  •   The ability to change bodies with his forms to confuse the enemy and heal injuries(even if he is reduced to nothing he can regenerate fully by switching bodies)
note:  Daimajin - giant demon god

+Battle Techniques

 Nerx toying with his powers, he made the monster

Avatar [1.5 increase from previous - accumulate]

 The Avatar state prior to the Hybrid


  •  Orbital Piledriver : Grabs his opponent, flies them into space, and then smashes them back into the earth. This causes damage from freezing in space, suffocation from lack of atmosphere, friction burning from atmospheric re-entry, and physical impact damage from the landing 
  •  Paradise Lost : This attack can vary, he can do many combinations with this attack.  It starts with a flurry of punches. Next, he turns around and kicks his opponent straight up into the air. He flies up to meet his opponent and piledrivers/slams them into the ground with enough force to destroy a moon with ease 
  •  Cluster Shots: A single projectile packed with 48 homing projectiles.
  •   Tyrant's Wrath: Kiryu summons hundreds of energy balls around his targets and makes them crash down on top of them. 
  •  Eruption: An opening to the fiery mantle is created, and blooms of lava sear the enemy.
  •   Flare Tornado: A cyclone of flame burns all caught in it.
  •  Explosion: A falling spike slams into the ground and explodes
  •  Gravity Well: An enclosed dome traps all inside, whilst extreme pressure crushes.
  •  Sonic Boom Cannon: Launches a sonic blast that is very powerful and can level buildings.
  •  Blast Finger: Envelops his fist in magical fire, impales enemy with it, lifts him over his head and makes them explode.
  •  Oxygen Destroyer Beam: This beam can cause deadly, chemical-based effects on its targets and can liquefy entire beings if used in the water and kill just about anything by injecting them with the beam.
  •  Dark Matter: Opens up a pseudo-black hole and throws it onto the opponent 
  •   Judgement:  gathers energy above his head and fires it into the sky raining it down on his foes.
  •  Wind Breath:inhales deeply and then exhales creating a huge gust of wind similar to a hurricane that can level a city.
  •  Meteor Storm: The sky rains with huge balls of rock, annihilating enemies across the entire battlefield.
  •  Death Beam: Can fire a small, very fast, bullet-like beam from his index finger.which barrels down and pierces an opponent.
  •  Finger Bullets: Nerx can fire hundreds of bullets from his fingers.
  •  Supreme Cannon: An Immensely powerful Cannon that can shot energy blasts powerful enough to destroy entire mountains and Armies of lesser beings. It can also be used to fire an absolute zero blast of icy energy . 
  •  Nova Sphere:  He grabs his opponent, then encases both himself and the opponent in a fireball. The fireball will explode if any volatile attacks are made
  •  Master Spark: A beam of pure energy with the output to level a mountain.

Hybrid state [2.5 increase from previous - accumulate]

 His 'Hybrid' the state prior to Daimajin X


  • Sun dumping: Hybrid grabs and throws his enemy into the Sun   
  • Ki Blade: Capable of slashing thousands of meters of area with his finger  
  • Mystic Cage : binds the entire battlefield in a sphere of energy, then at his command it explodes in a flash of light.    
  • Extinction Attack: A attack that creates a vast amount of energy from his left palm that disperses to seek out and kill all human beings in one attack.  
  • Self Destruction: Once Nerx is destroyed then it will make a universe sized explosion which will destroy everything in the Universe. 
  • Micro Black Hole: Creates a micro-black to destroy his opponent without damaging the world around him.
  •  Floating Dash: Kiryu can dash quickly in an invulnerable state. 
  • Shine Beam: Thousands of minuscule energy beams tear enemies to shreds.    
  • Absolute: The target is snapped frozen then blown up.    
  • Invitation to Despair: Kiryu ensnares his opponent in a sphere of dark energy that slowly drains their life force.
  •  Dead or Alive : Kiriyama uses an orb of light to hold the target in place and mixes it with an orb of darkness, which traps the target within a separate pocket in 'space' within the two rotating spheres. The spheres explode, deleting whoever is trapped inside.   
  • Calm Death: A power beam attack shot from his torso which has enough power to annihilate entire nations in a flash  
  • Flash Bomb:  places both hands forward with his fingers stretching out, concentrating energy into his fingertips. He then fires several thousands small yellow shots of energy that act as a machine gun blast. 
  •  Lightning Shower Rain:  shapes a line of bright-white, sharp glass or so me material by running his finger through the air and fires the attack at his enemies like a machine gun with potent bladed bullets.  
  • Hyperressonance: A hyperressonance is literally the destruction of all particles and fonons in the affected zone. Nerx can generate a field around his body or a select area to use this.    
  • Mega Beam: Eyebeams that cause nuclear explosions on impact.  Darkness Blaster: A devastating mouth blast, that can wipe out surface area on the planet  
  • Hellfire: Nerx summons magical fire underneath his opponent. The fire burns his victim badly, unless they can escape. 
  •  Roar: Daimajin roars and emits a large explosion, can destroy several buildings   
  • Dimension Breaking Beam: Scarecrow can fire an energy attack powerful enough to break through dimensions and distort space.   
  • Reincarnation: Allows Nerx to reincarnate perfectly to the extent that killing him is only a temporary solution since he will reincarnate exactly how he was before his death. While in the process of reincarnation he may change minor details about him self such as Gender and Name other than that he will retain all his powers and levels.    
  • Soul crush: crushes a yellow marble which represents his opponent’s soul this attack by passes all physical durability and kills with in a few seconds coursing agonizing pain for the victim  
  • Crystallization: Traps his opponent in a coffin like crystal it can also be used to keep the essence of his soul crushed victims intact allowing them to be revived at a later date
  •  Ripple Vision: Fires a ring-shaped eye beam. The beam expands over time, so avoiding at a distance is difficult.
  •  Life Drain:  sucks out the life force of enemies in a very large radius, causing them to disintegrate. 
  •  Planetary Judgement: If a planet needs to be punished, Nerx sometimes destroys it outright, but sometimes just wipes out all life on the surface and slices it apart.

Daimajin X [3.5 increase from previous accumulate]

 Another realm to devour, another deity to slay

  •  Death Cloud : The skill which generates the cloud of darkness, which corrodes everything.
  •  Darkness Zone: Generates a dark dimension that extends between both his hands infinitely, and erases everything in his path.  Grand Death Big Bang: Suicide attack that produces an explosion strong enough to wipe out two parallel dimensions. Used as a final resort   
  • Rapid Energy Cannon:  spins around to rapidly fire powerful, golden-yellow spheres. spun so much that most of the  blasts he shot  formed into a huge nuke-like explosion, inflicting extreme damage.  
  • NeoGenesis : Nerx separates space and time from each other and manipulates both with his will  Dark Warp- An attack where inhales and sucks in everything into another dimension.  
  • Time Warp: Sends his enemies into a parallel dimension slowing him/her down and restarting everything or sending them to the past, present or future.  
  • Time Destroyer: Sends his enemies to the other side of space-time.   
  • Time Unlimited: Forms a black orb in its mouth that, when fired, creates a dimension around the enemy (he basically seals his enemies in the dimension(s), and he can warp the dimension(s), or just destroy it/them).  
  • The Demonic Mirror Effect: can create a dimension where everything used against him is reflected against his opponent Temporal Acceleration:  the capability to increase the speed of time around an enemy to age him to death in a matter of seconds 
  • Gridfire: It opens up a portal to the "Grid", a region of infinite energy past hyperspace, effectively submerging entire areas of space in a sea of energy that has been compared to the energy density of the Big Bang.
  •  CAM: Short for Collapsed AntiMatter, these are small bombs which explode with a force of 50 petatons  
  • Nanoholes: Black hole bombs. A single nanohole can destroy a planet.   
  • Incinerating Holograms: Daimajin can create holograms of himself that can burn anything that touches them.   
  • Destructive hypersonic voice - He can level a city with a single whisper, and has enough power within himself to rip a hole in spacetime parsecs across.
     Heat Vision: Fires beams of heat from his eyes capable of drilling through planets, igniting stars, sealing holes in reality, etc. Ice Breath: Capable of freezing planets and stars. Super Breath: Capable of moving stars at FTL speeds, or destroying star systems.
  •  Starlight Extinction: generates many streams of light controlled by him that can absorb a target to teleport it elsewhere or extinguish it altogether after he vanishes the light (which also can show destructive properties on its own). This technique was used to destroy a dimension.
  • Stardust Revolution: Creates and shoots a powerful meteorite rain at high speeds   
  • Shockwave Attack: Creates a shockwave in space that can destroy planets and fleets and remove matter from existence
  •  Energy Draining Bite: Daimajin X can drain an enemy with a special type of bite. He will continue to drain the enemy until they are either dead or knocked out.
  •  Energy Draining Tail: its tail ends in a pincer-like tip. When gripping an opponent with the tail, he is capable of siphoning their energy to restore some of its own.   
  • Soul Slush: Dissolves the barriers of the soul that maintain ones individuality a turns the person in question in to primordial soup.
  • Galaxian Explosion:  he creates an explosion or blast that at best has a power equal to the destruction of an entire galaxy.
  • Time Mind Sync Warp: A psychic attack which plunges the victim's mind into insanity, causing death or incapacitation.
  • Soul Suck: Daimajin X can instantly suck out the souls of anyone in the physical world, regardless of their spiritual power. He is also immortal and can resurrect instantly, meaning the only way to fight him is in the spiritual world.
  •  Dimensional Rift: Instantly teleports and strikes at the enemy.
  •  Universe Absorption: He consumed thousands of positive-matter universes to increase his power, and was able to personally battle scores of the multiverse's strongest heroes simultaneously as he grows stronger for all the universes that he destroys. 
  •  Antimatter Waves: Ability to create waves that have the power to unmake matter at its most basic level which can destroy a whole planet with ease. 
  •  Warp Storm: By disrupting the Warp dimension, he can create devastating Warp Storms capable of turning space itself into chaotic turbulence and destroying star systems and more
  • Marvelous Room: Daimajin X creates a vortex which makes a crack in time and space, capable of dissolving his enemy into quantum particles sucking him in the end as well.
  • Death blasts: he can torture or kill living beings with invisible energy blasts that reach them shortly even if they are billions of galaxies away or in another dimension.
  •  Universal Recreation: Fused two universes together and reshaped them according to his will.
  • Gravitational Shell: Fires a blue blast of energy from its fists that crushes its opponents on contact.
  • Dunamis Demiurgos: The Power of Creation he holds within himself, capable of creating multiverses.
  • Sparkle Rapier: Creates many intangible dark lightning hands that converge and coil through one point in the enemy's body, damaging the insides
  •  Voodoo: Nerx can create voodoo dolls of entire planets, and anything he does to them will happen to the actual planet. Presumably this works on living beings and other things as well
  •  Energy Absorption: One of his greatest powers, he can absorb energy from nearly anything, from primitive humanoid beings to cosmic level entities such as the ONE. Although this is usually explained as draining magic, he can drain other types of energy as well.
  • Khora Temnein: Cuts space. It can be used as a direct attack by cutting spacetime through an expanding rift, to absorb enemies into another dimension, to dodge attacks by moving through dimensions or to redirect his other techniques through dimensional portals to make them harder to anticipate
  •  Devourer Creation: By merely expelling thoughts from his subconscious, Nerx created an army of hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of Devourers. Each one of these beings is a planetbuster, with massive telepathic skills, teleportation, matter manipulation, regeneration, FTL speed, and a vast array of other powers. He is also psychically linked to them at all times
  • Dimension Dump: After tracking down Heino, Charon Nerx him in a battle that transcended time, space, and multiple dimensions, and was too great for a mortal mind to comprehend. Nerx won, and confined Appolyon to a hell - like dimension [his stomach] , sealing it so he couldn't escape
  • Black Holes: Before he could even control his powers, he inadvertently created a black hole large enough to destroy the entire universe and then subconsciously recreated it. He has also destroyed/sealed a universe - threatening black hole.
  • Incarnations: Nerx can create copies of himself with weaker powers, such as the Destroyer. Even these copies are powerful enough to absorb stars and destroy planets easily, and they have their own minds and can operate independently.
  • Universe creation: Nerx can create entire universes as a side - effect of moving through dimensions, and also control the process, making him essentially a god



 Special Shooters

Nerx decided to have his battles easier, he hated swords so he decides to use firearms instead. Unlike traditional guns it does not fire bullets but instead it shoots out the contents of his stomach and the things within his quarters. They seem like flintlocks but in fact they have the capability to fire more than once, deception is yet another trick up his sleeve.  
Right: Synesius
Left : Zozimus
Functions:  Once he starts shooting opponents tremble

  1. Shoots elemental & magical bolts
  2. Casts spells
  3. Summons Creatures
  4. Drain Souls
  5. Can slay divine and infernal beings
  6. Can be fired without the trigger
Note: he converts his deadly bombs to ammunition XD
   Guns used on street levelers

1) Cavalier Scout - semiautomatic hold-out pistol
 A memento from a fool

2) Walther Palm Pistol - double barreled hold-out
3) Derringer - double barreled hold-out
4) Reacor Sting - "lemon-squeezer" type hold-out
5/6) Glock 38C/Contura Series - "fashionable" light pistols
7) Ares Light Fire 70 - super-light semi-auto
8) Beretta 101-T - light semi-auto
9) Colt Manhunter - heavy semi-auto pistol w/ laser sight
10) Savalette Guardian - heavy select-fire pistol
11) Ares Predator - heavy semi-auto pistol
12) Ares Predator II - heavy semi-auto pistol w/ smartlink
13) Ruger Super Warhawk - heavy single action revolver
14) Ceska Black Scorpion - machine pistol
15) Ares Crusader - machine pistol
16) Ingram Smartgun - smartlinked SMG
17) HK 225 TX - compact SMG w/ laser sight
18) Winchester Widow Maker - sawn-off shotgun
19) Remington Roomsweeper - compact autoloading shotgun pistol
20) Savalette Penetrator - large-caliber armor-piercing weapon for close range combat
21) HK 227-S - silenced SMG w/ laser sight
22) HK 227 - recoil-compensated SMG w/ laser sight

For melee he uses an indestructible man as his weapon


+Miscellaneous Abilities


He mastered some dangerous skills like
  • He can take away or replace facial features, fingerprints or even the Identity of a person, and transfer the identity of a person to a different person.Changes made by Kiryu can be undone, but remains death.
  • He can run on sand without leaving a trace, and even run on semi-liquid surfaces (e.g. wet cement) without sinking in.
  • Super-human weight-guessing accuracy, for analysis.
  • Able to see in the dark, this ability effectively gives him narural night-vision that renders some forms of cloaking useless.
  • x-ray vision,  this ability effectively allows him to see flawlessly  through matter, which renders hiding pointless .
  • Omnidirectional sight, 360 degree vision (rarely used) which significantly reduces sneak-attacks.
  • Reinforced skeleton, shrugs off headshots with relative ease.
  • Incredible balance, cannot be unbalanced without consent.
  • Kiryu has no major organs in his bodies, making most projectiles useless.

*Armed Combat
  • Seemingly has an infinite number of knives/blades/daggers/shivs/scalpels under his clothes.
  • Can throw objects with marksman's accuracy and missile like force.Even a drop of water can be propelled like a sniper bullet.
  • Has learned to make any object a weapon.This ranges from wet tissue to wakizashi's.

  • Ambidextrous: Kiryu is well versed in the use of both hands. In a way that he can even cross co-ordinate them according to his whim and can even switch the motor functions, Kiryu can inverse these function as well giving him a full mastery of both appendages.
  • Super-human throwing accuracy: Although he is not the best marksman around his skills can only be defined by the word "Phenomenal" ,as he can instinctively aim and coordinate all variables involved within the pitch. If a shot were to miss upon the first and second throw then the third throw is an inevitable 100% hit accuracy. his 1:3 perfect hit ratio is honed through a unique training regiment that involves rigorous, critical and subliminal mending. Of the Ki
  • Super-human hand-eye coordination: his hands can subconsciously react to threats in lightning speed reflexes and strike at an impulse. The nigh-flawless skill is perfected with meditation at a special realm, where potential boundaries are nonexistent. Kiryu can, with this skill perform intricate movements as easy as raising a finger. Executing hit combos and attack reversals are no harder than blinking an eye, in fact he can instantaneously intercept attacks but due to his curious nature he does not.
  • When trained and exercised properly, Kiryu can gain supreme strength and ability. They can throw incredibly powerful punches and cause immense earthquakes. He does though and he packs a mean punch that can send a skyscraper toppling like a house of cards. Agility-wise he can even change/switch or even improvise attacks in mid-way, thus allowing an easy scenario.
  • Extremely fit, and very acrobatic.Due to intense training
  • Combat Sense, a tactical hunch or a gift if people may say. Either as a wrestler or a killer Kiryu has display a knack for combat, this improv skill makes it very dangerous to tread in his body-perimeter. The slightest breath curve or a sweat drip may indicate weaknesses or fear, something you do not want Kiryu to know.
  • Combat Luck, he takes a beating and keeps on repeating.
  • Seventh sense, has one but usually blocked off by the interest to fight.


 The Daimajin opening a singularity

None: All you have to do is hit him normally until he submits, no special method needed

  • Soybean based foods [similar to lactose intolerance]



Little Sisters

 Each soldier trained to kill from birth

An ultimate army in its own right. Little girls that are scooped from various places and trained to serve their masters, each one of them possessing sufficient destructive capacity to outgun an entire military force alone.  These girls are quite precious to him and he even taught them how to cook , even several of his special combat arts are passed on to them. Personalities are divided between Tsundere and Yandere for his enjoyment.
 He sheltered them like his own

 Heavily armed

 He found them when he was in his ventures in a weird dimension where little girls are used as war machines, somehow it feels wrong for the multiversal eater because they can be utilized as something more useful. Friendship is the ultimate weapon to conquer targets...
 Warship breakers

 at base level

They are a worthy asset and they know how to cook...

note: also the countless creatures within his quarters  

+His Quarters In Gekido

 He runs his environment well

His Personal Area is an own dimension in its own right. Monsters and various strange phenomena are native to this unusual place,  the things seen would squick a normal person completely. Here Nerx conducts human experimentation on the maruta [logs] for food testing. 
It includes
  • Human Slaughterhouses and Food processing [to be shipped for profit]
  • Soma Milkfarms [for personal use]
  • Monster Haven and Breeding Grounds
  • Military Compound Facilities
  • Bomb Factory
  • >TBA...


Energized Liquid X


The mysterious substance that he has
His body secretes an unknown fluid that can convert subjects into Kaiju or Kaijin, how or why this is is unexplainable but it is linked with his anomalous body. A single drop is enough to mutate a recipient into a huge or humanoid resembling monster with weird abilities, and it is his specialty.


Omniversal Chackpoints

He goes to places that others have never imagined
  • Nasu-verse
  • Touhou-verse [went there to train Little sisters]
  • Bastard-verse 
  • Vertigo [kicked the crap out of the SOK]
  • JJBA-verse
  • Bionicle-verse [had a firendly sparring with Teridax while Nerx was in human form]
  • Transformers-verse [re-educated Unicron in how to properly eat a planet]
  • Marvel-verse[beat Galactus in an eating contest]


Fated eater of creation
 Burn it

  his fate as the grand devourer...

+Characters for RPG's [others]

   A man of many faces

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