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The Zangyaku Kaijin
The Zangyaku Kaijin

"My very presence here is defiance to all humanity"

Inspiration : Super Eating, Mons, Baron Munchausen, Mr.Punch and Semar of the Punakawan


Kiryu  Kiriyama
 The type of violence he can dish out
 The type of violence he can dish out
Occupation: Famous Hollywood Cannibal Celebrity, Human Exorcist & Exterminator, Adamant Chef

Classification: Multi-Hybrid [Choujin {Demigod}, Kaijin, Majin,Vampire] : cosmic anomaly is the best one
Age:Toddler [chronologically]
Powers and Abilities: All-Eater, Elemental Vampirism, Living Shadow, Loups Garoups Template
Weaknesses:Phobia of large swords, dairy products [except for soma]
Destructive Capacity:  Classified - but has casually eaten megaverses on some occasions
Speed:is able to casually pass above massively faster than tachyon speeds
Strength: up to Immeasurable+ [ at least multi-yottaton]
Stamina: Infinite
Standard Equipment: Guns, Bombs and Cooking Tools


Specialized in Combat

 While he does not show it nerx is actually decent with his iai
 While he does not show it nerx is actually decent with his iai

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Basic moves 
-Grind house: Mutilation at contact
-Hair Needles: Can utilize his hair to create homing cluster pin projectiles that bloom inside their target 
-Splatterport: teleporting directly into the enemy creating a confetti of gore upon his exit
-Gran Jaws : can literally tear off the target with his teeth [this ignores defense]
 A hint on the basic capabilities
 A hint on the basic capabilities
-Food Fight : guess what an all eater with super strength will throw at you? 
-Nail Guns : shoots his in rapid fire at hypersonic speeds
-Speed Suplex : a quick grapple from the blind side 
-Machine gun kick: a swift barrage of kicks that is fired like a laser beam  
-Bodyslam  : Jumps really high then falls like an anvil on the target [may cause mushroom cloud] 
-Blitz Roundhouse : at teleport speed 
-Portal spit: spits a liquid projectile that acts like a sphere of destruction  

Special Moves

-Freezing: With some sort of psychic ability, he can render someone mute and immobile just by screaming at them.
-Gravity manipulation: Freezes an opponent in their tracks by motioning his hand at them and pinning their feet to the ground.
-Void blast: Reduces everything in a certain area to its constituent parts
-Shatter: Nerx can shatter targets that are frozen without touching them, this can be done with a simple movement of the hand.  
 -Deflection Field : Nerx can create a deflection field that can repel or deflect incoming attacks.  
- Temporal Freeze: Nerx can freeze time for short durations in battle. In Safety Mode, He can freeze entire rooms in time for years.  
- Disassemble: Nerx can disassemble incoming mater-based attacks based on the density of the projectile by touching the projectile in question.   
- Bullet Light Shower : Shooting from the back, Nerx is able to fire a stream of intense light bullets into the air, that will soon rain downward and set nearby areas or targets on fire.   
 - Missile Punch: Transforming its right hand into a fist like rocket, Nerx can fire his Missile Punch, complete with radio controlled movement, at incoming enemies. Having not only incredible pushing force, it can also blast a stream of small explosive rockets at a foe. 
-Balloon Bombs : Red balloon bombs can be expelled from the mouth. Each balloon is filled with deadly gas when they explode. Nerx can control when these bombs will explode.  
he can also make mouths appear on any part of his body and he may increase size in battle and emit loud noised [also has perspective magic]


-He is only bad because he eats people and the fact that he enjoys it [exocannibalism, homicidal cannibalism, necro cannibalism, human sactifice]
-H'e eats literally anything except soybeans [can give him horns]  
-He removed his phobia of the heroic sword by desensitization
-He shoots haters with specialized 'BK' bullets 
-He limits his powers by portioning his powers to his 'shade' which he can Magichange  
-Deimos is actually pseudo darkness , the true identity is evil itself which will always exist in accordance with evil
More details on power scope. 
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 The Bloody Mad Moon
 The Bloody Mad Moon
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