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Fixing irregularities on the time-space continuum and drink milk
Fixing irregularities on the time-space continuum and drink milk
Kicking butt before curfew
Kicking butt before curfew

Name: Death D. Ray Jr.

Age: 11 months

Mother: Desiree Rose (Oracle)

Father: Death "Mech Puncher" Ray Sr. (Super Robot Pilot)

Gender: Male

Classification: Psychic Choujin * (超人, Supermen)

Aliases: Iron Babe

Alignment: Neutral Good

Affiliation: Secret Spatial-Temporal Super Police

Threat Level: Pushover (those grown ups underestimate me too much!)

Speed Level: Crawling Slow (I have hover cradles you know!)

Special: Hypercompetent, Creative, Curious, Hot Blooded

Hobbies: Reading poems, drawing crayons & listening to soothing music

Sports: Climbing

Favorite Color: Green

Description: Death is a baby prodigy that serves the Spatial-Temporal corps of the Super Police. Known as a very useful aid in combating errors even while in his mother's belly, in his eternal fight to preserve the past, present and future. Besides all that his routine follows the usual changing of diapers by his nanny, which is then followed by an afternoon nap. He has a wet nurse to provide him with extra nutrition.

* People whose abilities far surpass that of normal humans. Most were born with these abilities.


his Father is comparable to Garrod Ran, Tobia Arronax, Cross (Kurogane House) Jin Saotome, D-Boy, Mellowlink, Guy Shishioh, Ryoma Nagare, Axel Almer, Vargas (escaflowne), Superhuman Kelly, Hiroshi Shiba, Jack Smith, Lelouch (Nightmare of Nunnaly) Fighter Roar, Grahf, Shimada Kambei, Captain Falcon, Master Asia, Alberto the Impact and Lordgenome

his Mother is comparable to Nono, Priss (Bubblegum Crisis) & Daicon Girl


He is an average sized infant with an azure aura that can be vaguely seen as a mirage effect with a tint of shifting spectrums of blue. His hair grows at an accelerated rate but Death always shaves it down periodically, but sometimes the fluctuations in his powers alter the natural color of his hair. Because his favorite bath products are fruit based he smells like a fresh orange.


He's looking into a wide range of alternate futures to decide the next course of action or just waiting for his nanny.
He's looking into a wide range of alternate futures to decide the next course of action or just waiting for his nanny.

"He's energetic and prone to outbursts of yelling. He cries when want to cry. Laugh when want to laugh and does not hide his feelings"

Death is a very extroverted baby who likes to speak out his mind, and as a baby he rarely thinks before choosing his words carefully. People think of him as rude but in reality he is just speaking the thoughts out of his brain. Death is mostly happy and has a very optimistic view upon life in general; he sees it as a fun adventure in which there are multiple endings. He does his best to prolong the story, steering it towards what he sees as a structure for a happy ending. Despite being a member of a large organization, he does not plan to stay because of their routine dynamics. Boredom to him is a great enemy so he goes around alternate worlds to simply solve problems. Death feels isolated because all of the other babies of the same age cannot keep up with him, however he stays with them because they are the closest thing he has to friends. Adults constantly ridicule him because of his extremely young age, at certain times he is a hero but even then nobody gives him respect with a straight face. He strives to prove them wrong by wracking achievements, however the closer he gets up the ladder the more he narrows away from others.

From his time in the womb he has a fond affinity for songs and poems. Death is very afraid of clowns (reactions vary from fainting, running or even aggression albeit rarely). He will get offended if called a thumbsucker. He has a habit of calling any older woman a sister, since he has a friend who is three years old that serves as a bodyguard. He is strongly against abortion, and fully supports the pro-life movement whenever he gets the chance. Death also has a short attention span and will frequently get distracted by "ooh shiny!" when not engaging in a serious activity, namely when attending meetings.


Death D. Ray Junior is different from everybody else. Unlike other people his greatness began inside his father's scrotum when his father activated his hidden potential and became a Super Robot pilot, Hot Bloodedness bombarded the sperm cells. During this period some of the cells died while others are exposed and changed by this radiation, what did not sterilize them made them stronger. Also as a sperm cell Death has survived multiple groin attacks made by his father's enemies, he was almost compromise when the sack was ruptured but manages to reconstitute the genitalia by sheer force of will. Through out his life cycle as a zygote, then an embryo, then fetus he has always been accustomed to danger. In fact he protects his own mother from inside the womb when his parent's enemies tried to kidnap her because of her pregnant state. Those wishing malice towards his mother end up feeling the offensive ends of his power. As people knew and feared many have thought him as an unborn devil, many more plot his demise but they all fail spectacularly. Sending serpents to his crib and sending massive war fleets to his nursery ward.

Powers & Abilities

Great for hide and seek
Great for hide and seek

Manipulation of Time, Space & Causation (his experience and responsibility with the power awards him with the virtue of high rank and profession) because of this he is tasked by the SSTSP to deal with issues pertaining chaotic reality warpers which threaten the very fabric of time-space. Extensive usage of powers will render him fatigued immediately after deactivation. From birth he is imbued with a luck that crosses supernatural, this phenomenon is speculated to be the directly inherited from his father who is shown to possess incredible luck and his mother who can change destiny with her fortune telling.

His abilities will activate in optimal performance in reaction to the right amount of threat level, usually when the threat is too low only a minor manifestation will appear .When a right target appear an adequate amount of power will manifest, this gives him a fair circumstance to keep up with the situation's demands. It is speculated that there are limits to this by beings that are beyond Death's experience as he is still an infant, some opponents managed to distort his powers through the instrumentation of fear. However the most amazing aspect of the child's ability is Information perception (interplanetary) and absorbtion/ assimilate of knowledge [universal] , which is described like computer browsing with a memory bank.

Sometimes Death ages himself into adulthood when partaking in other missions given by the SSTSP (Pertaining erasing errors and inconsistencies in history). When this occurs it fully indicates that he is throwing a tantrum. Because he has displayed psychic prowess since the moment of conceptions there has been fluctuations and changes in his abilities, they variate randomly at an uncontrollable pace. But the most common is remote viewing which goes up to universal ranges when he is having odd dreams that is translated by crayon drawings, drawings which alerted the corps of malignant and benevolent beings in space. At which he may or may not shift from physical to astral realm to observe invisibly.

Abilities that has been confirmed are the child's awareness to people's aura's as shown when he can seemingly find his parents when displaced in time by an assassin. The ability to read people's minds but it was only shown once when he dodged the doctor's attempt to spank him while being held (up to coherent thoughts) or maybe precognition from his mother's genes. Once shown commanding another being by virtue of implanting/programming mere ideas and thoughts into people when he stopped a terrorist from committing a suicide bombing on a hospital, when put in trial the terrorist felt in a hypnotic trance as if he is seeing images of peace and paradise that he wants to cry in joy. The range which he is able to do this is astonishing as the Terrorist is on the opposite side of the world at the time, this may indicate that his reach is at least planetary.

The child seems to utilize these powers to cope with everyday life such as teleportation to go to the bathroom at late hours. Phase shifting to exit from his playpen when feeling hungry for snacks. Telekinesis used to open cookie jars and make snowmen. Invisibility to play hide and seek.


Doomsday Mecha
Doomsday Mecha

Being an infant with psychic capabilities can be a great blessing, however being helpless is not. Since Death is physically just a baby he cannot enter close quarters combat as a physical fighter, however he compensates with Rogers. Rogers is a light mecha which is given to him by an alternate version of himself from the future. Rogers is installed with a unique cockpit and is just short of an average human adult. Death can also Remotely control Rogers he can command up to 15 feet by mental control. When he commands the machine, he forces his mind to become one with the robot. When not in use, Roger is stored as a compact cube (dice size), in both the virtual and real world. His armor can move, dash, destroy enemies with its weight by jumping on them, use powerful piston punches on enemies and is able to deliver multiple hard blows with these.

Despite Its size, Rogers is highly maneuverable, it has shown flight capabilities (Jet Hover is used for high-speed position shifting.) as well as being able to move at remarkable speeds with Death Jr. usually riding on top during these moments.It can survive an infinite amount of time in still lava.Rogers also has great strength, able to lift and throw several objects. Smaller objects like trees and street lights are held only with the right hand, while the left arm is used as support to hold bigger ones like cars and telephone booths. Rogers also serve as a means of normal transportation that could travese all kinds of terrain. It moves on two frames, and there are several purposes for Roger such as fighting, transporting materials, and overall improving the life of Junior. Rogers is designed with a vaguely human shape, as the "arms, body, and legs" clearly show. This big, green machine is capable of entering a "rage mode", where it turns red and are additionally equipped with a hemispherical energy shield that provides further protection from most forms of attack.

Rogers has many on-board features to aid the rider and ensure both their safety and its own. The main feature is an advanced self-repair system that allows the machine to restore its armour strength any time it isn't actively sustaining further damage, coupled with an emergency mechanism that ejects the pilot if critical damage is sustained and refuses to allow him back inside until repairs have been made. Rogers features a sophisticated Target Detection and Identification system which is capable of evaluating and highlighting potential hostiles. Normal enemies are highlighted with an orange-bordered box, while a red-bordered box indicates a severe threat such as a reality warper or a rogue SSTSP operative. In addition, the suit is fitted with an forward-looking infra-red system for low-light or night operations, and a telescopic zoom function with a built-in rangefinder for engagement of distant targets.For dropping into hostile areas, Rogers can be configured to generate a protective barrier around its air-drop container that gives it the appearance of a descending meteor, and is able to fight almost instantaneously on landing.

While capable of incredible destructive powers and is equipped with highly destructive weapons for the time, it becomes best friend and hero to Death. Hogarth teaches it to use his strength for both good and destruction. It enjoys playing with and doing arts and crafts with Death. Rogers reacts defensively if it recognizes anything as a weapon, immediately attempting to destroy it, but can stop himself. His robot is both strong and quick. The Stable Cradle keeps the robot from rocking, no matter how far it's tilted.

Main Armaments

  • Grenades: Strapped around Rogers’ waist is a belt of high-explosive grenades that can each be thrown at a foe with explosive, earth shattering force.
  • Paralysis Missiles: In order to keep a target down, Rogers can launch paralysis missiles from its shoulders and thighs in groups of two, which fly forward at a fast rate.
  • Poisonous Darts: In addition to it's already powerful energy blasts, Rogers can fire extremely deadly poisonous darts at enemies.
  • Shock Anchors: Rogers can launch anchor-tipped shock cables from each of its forearms. Once stabbed into a victim’s body, the anchors will channel energy from the cables into the opponent, delivering an extremely painful shock.
  • Death Thunder: Rogers can make the armor on its hand pull away, exposing several cannon like mounted blasters. When fired, an enemy will be struck with dozens of beams of energy before being hit with a powerful explosion. One beam is strong enough to actually vaporize entire tanks.
  • Fusion Cannon: Rogers is capable of combining both of his hands to form the powerful Fusion Cannon. This attack is capable of destroying entire cities with a single shot. hese beams, when striking targets, can control them, forcing them to go where Rogers moves them or self-destruct.
  • Chest Beam: Within its chest, Rogers is equipped with a hidden weapon (heavy energy cannon) that can fire a destructive, highly explosive beam of energy. A large gun will extend from its chest. That gun will then start to charge energy for a few seconds before firing a small nuclear blast strength blast of energy that can annihilate anything in its path. This attack is capable of completely obliterating nearly anything it hits and even reducing the ground it hits to molten lava.
  • Gatling Gun: Located on Roger’s chest, this giant-sized gatling gun can fire numerous rounds of missile-strength cannon-like blasts at rapid succession.
  • Cannons: Rogers is equipped with missile-strength cannons in the tips of its fingers. When needed, Rogers can launch a slew of rockets from the tips of its fingers. Rogers’ fingers can act as self-replenishing missiles and launch from the hand, covering an opponent in explosions.
  • Stomach Cannon: Rogers has a large gun mounted inside its stomach capable of reducing large areas of terrain to nothing more than smoking craters.
  • Absolute Zero Cannon: Kiryu can launch a powerful blast of ultra low temperature light from its chest. This blast smashes the atoms of whatever it hits while also reducing the temperature to absolute zero.
  • Lasers: Rogers can fire explosive, purple lasers from the tips of its arms and charged shots split into three rays that home in on enemies, after traveling a certain distance then splits into dozens of smaller beams which spread out to deal massive damage over a huge area. Which is capable of punching through the tops of several mountains without stopping. Rogers can also fire numerous lasers of unknown strength from its shoulders and legs.
  • Electrical Blades: Rogers is equipped with very sharp built in blades on its arms that is 100,000 times harder then a diamond and can vibrate at high speeds, allowing them to cut through most materials with ease. Also, while they are vibrating, they generate an extremely high-pitched sound that is very painful to the ears.Which can conduct massive amounts of electricity of over a billion volts each ( It can also coat the blade with energy, increasing its cutting potential ) and can also be used to send energy based projectiles back to their source. The sheer amount of electricity used in the Blades is enough to make most opponents explode on contact. Is capable of firing missile-strength blasts of energy from the tip of its blades.By swinging itsblades forward, RogersCrusher can release a powerful energy blade capable of cleaving even a giant mech in half with ease.
  • Frontal Force Shield:Rogers can generate a powerful force shield by touching the tips of its fingers together in front of itself. This shield is capable of blocking nearly any attack, but only covers the front half of Rogers. Both fingers must be intact for this shield to be formed.
  • Hand Drill: Replacing its former arm, Rogers is equipped with a fully mechanical arm in which the hand can transform into a drill. It can launch one of its hands, a drill-like weapon, that will penetrate itself in an opponent’s body and lift them up, spinning them in the air non-stop. . This drill can be used to send energy based attacks back to their source.
  • Beam cannons: Rogers have a small beam gun on each hip.
  • Torpedo: It can fire homing torpedoes underwater, but the homing function does not work well on land.
  • Arm Pistons: Rogers has large pistons on the back of its elbows. When it punches, Death can choose to use these pistons to make its punches extremely powerful, destroying just about anything they hit.
  • Hooks: When needed, Rogers can extend sharp hooks from his hands.
  • Chainsaw & Hammer: When needed, the Rogers can turn its hands into a chainsaw and hammer so that it can virtually dissect and destroy trapped enemies.
  • Explosive Flashes: Rogers is capable of flashing brilliant lights with its chest. Not only can these lights be used to blind an opponent, but can also cover a surface with numerous explosions.
  • Nerve Gas: Rogers is capable of spewing a thick stream of pink-colored nerve gas capable of killing millions of people in just a few short minutes.
  • Hand saw: Rogers can transform his right hand into a buzzsaw.
  • Hand Cannon: Rogers has a pair of powerful cannons built into the palms of his hands. Rogers is able to send invisible, but explosive fiery cannon like blasts from his cannons.
  • Arm Missile: By splitting one of its hands in half, Rogers can launch a highly powerful missile capable of obliterating most opponents in a single hit.
  • Missile Punch: Transforming its right hand into a fist like rocket, Rogers can fire his Missile Punch, complete with radio controlled movement, at incoming enemies. Having not only incredible pushing force, it can also blast a stream of small explosive rockets at a foe.
  • Rocket Grasp: Rogers is able to fire off its left hand and forearm towards its opponent. Strangely enough the hand has a slicing effect and can cut through virtually anything when it makes contact.
  • Double Dynamite Roger Punch: After locking his fists together, Rogers can launch them both out at the same time, delivering a powerful rocket-boosted punch to an opponent before returning to his arms. Rogers is capable of firing out both of its arms as if missiles, but these will not explode when they hit an enemy.

Note: Missiles are constantly manufactured within the robot.

Main Features

  • Skates: Instead of running like most Mechs, Roger’s feet have built in wheels that allow him to skate at very high speeds. Can lower wheels on the sides of its feet, granting it high speed and agility.
  • Rotation: Rogers can rotate the top part of its body to face any direction.
  • Finger Detachment: Should the need arise, Rogers can detach one of its fingers. Once detached, the finger will have a mind of its own and can be used for various missions. The finger itself is also equipped with a stun ray, able to render a human unconscious.
  • Interchangeable Weapons: Rogers Armaments can be switched out with a large number of other weapons.
  • Organic System: Rogers has an Organoid System, which increases its performance in every category. The system allows the Rogers to learn from its experiences in battle, further improving its performance. Rogers A.I. will record data regarding its opponents’ moves and strategies, then come up with an effective countermeasure.
  • Multi-Sensor: Rogers is equipped with a highly advanced sensor system that allows it to detect opponents who are invisible.
  • Speed: Rogers can move at incredible speeds; fast enough to create shockwaves capable of knocking smaller mechs off their feet. Able to even outrun cars, faster than the eye can see at times.
  • Tracker Eye: Located on the back of Rogers back is a third eye, which makes it nearly impossible to sneak up on.
  • Stealth: Rogers is coated with a special paint that renders it completely invisible to radar. Rogers has a special type of armor that allows it to turn invisible to both the naked eye and any kind of sensor ( this armor can warp light around its body, turning itself invisible to not only the naked eye, but to nearly all sensors as well. This, combined with its extreme speed, gives it the illusion of teleportation. ).
  • Hologram: Roger’s prime method of combat is to simply confuse its opponents. If there’s enough fog in an area, it can stand back and release holograms into the mist. These illusions can then confuse an opponent and can be those of itself or other objects, such as a giant snake. Rogers is equipped with a hologram projector which, when combined with their speed, allows them to create a false image of themselves. This allows them to dodge attacks with ease, and even cloak themselves to an extent. If struck by a powerful attack, Rogers can create an illusion that it has been destroyed.
  • Roll: When needed, Rogers is capable of pulling its limbs into its round body, allowing it to roll like a massive ball and crush anything in its path.
  • Body Separation: Roger's body pieces can all come apart and act as seperate flying machines. When needed, Rogers is capable of separating its torso from its legs at extremely fast speeds. Once separated, the legs will remain immobile as the body flies around as if a plane. After separating from its body, the legs are capable of spinning in their air and launching an all-out assault, covering the landscape around it in huge explosions.The head, torso, and legs are all capable of coming apart into different pieces, powered by their own rocket boosters for flight, each equipped with its own set of cannonsAfter separating its body into several flying ships, they can launch a mighty all-out assault, devastating the landscape with huge explosions.
  • Spaceship: roger’s Robot can turn itself into a spaceship.


It makes him great
It makes him great

It seems that Death's cloak is able to deflect energy attacks, and can be used to protect himself. The blanket in question has the powers such as high leveled invincibility, teleportation, cloning, and can shape itself to the owners choosing. So far it has shown to be able to spin at high rates causing the user to fly. After further experimentation , he can control his cloak at will. It also posses the useful ability to reflect projectiles and spin opponents on the opposite direction. He seems to control via telekinesis ( when a mere flick of his cloth could destroy the pillars). Because of exposure to the boy's energies it further allows him to manipulate space, and is a powerful weapon in its own right.

Death commonly wraps it around himself to teleport away. He seems to be able to summon it at will. Death can also use it to ebb out of reality for a short time. In certain moments the cape is used to petrify his enemies and cover the surrounding area in complete darkness, leaving them open to attacks from his sword. The pair of bat-like wings which grant him flight and gliding capabilities are really an extension of the cape.


"Following his father's footsteps"

Within Darby resides "Guardian", a manifestation of Death's thoughts of an imaginary friend. In addition to comic relief, Guardian represents Darby's feelings. The concept of "Guardian" is the manifestation of the individual's psyche. In fact, the corps referred to it as the "playmate". Guardian usually hover behind and above Darby while usually being invisible to everyone else (because of this, no one can prove that he does not exist). Death can access the "senses" of Guardian, seeing and hearing whatever their It can. To everyone else, who normally cannot see them, the activities of the Stands are comparable to a poltergeist activity. For anyone else Darby is invisible, intangible, or undetectable in any way, nor does it leave footprints but visible to those who have faith in him. Sometimes described by Death as breathing heatless fire and lives in Rogers. It is also capable of flight.



The champ is here!
The champ is here!

Not necessarily a prodigy but Death is a great rider when it comes to mechas. His first experience was during his entrance to the egg, during that time as a sperm cell he is faced by an adversary in the form of a hidden nanite toxin that will activate upon entry to the spaceship, Currently the swarm is in its docile mode, however Death rallied the other boosted sperm cells to fight. They hijacked and fused the nanites to create mini machines. In the war that took the span of a second from six hundred million sperm cells only forty survived the onslaught. Their deaths were not in vain as the nanite fleet was destroyed, the rest elected their leader to become one with the egg. To reward his forces for their bravery he reversed time on the dead ones and warped them into hundreds of millions of alternate universes into the wombs of couples with impotent fathers and forsee in the future the birth of a heroic era.


because of his innate gift of selecting the important information for the exact time his knowledge is quite vast, but will only react when necessary. Whenever he is put in a puzzle situation his body will autonomously engage in a time-lapse where he takes the most efficient route to solve the query with a "just enough" answer.



He is skilled with the use of the crayon that he won an arts competition at pre-school.

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