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Hey guys, sorry for the hiatus for a while. Christmas does that to people. Anyways, I got my sweet new laptop and it is pretty awesome.
Happy New Year, hopefully I'll be on a little bit more often now.
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Took me long enough to post one of these. Anyways, I'm Neku. I've pretty much been watching anime since I can remember, I mean, I haven't been utterly hardcore but I've watched the anime I need to watch.....besides Akira. I guess you could call me primarily a gamer (I'm Red on Giantbomb) but the games I usually play and love are very anime-esque so I guess when I play half the games I own, I'm kind of playing an anime. 
I haven't watched too many Animes it's really just FMA, Death Note, DBZ, Pokemon, Zoids, Naruto and I remember seeing bits of Escaflowne a while back. Anyways, the only anime that I actually like are DBZ, FMA and Death Note, and DBZ mostly just because of nostalgia (the first anime I really watched.) Anyway, I've been testing out a few different animes since Anime Vice launched because I got some good recommendations. First I watched Gurren Lagan which I wasn't too sure if I'd like it after finish the first episode and got hooked on the second and then I watched the first episode of Code Geass which I'm disappointed by. The show just tries to do too much. It's basically Death Note, but in an INCREDIBLY over the top way with the British.....I've been to Britain and I have to say that everyone is filthy rich and wear clothes that show off their filthy richness....and it has gundams for some reason. Plus, dude, in two years THERE AREN'T GOING TO BE mechs....especially BRITISH mechs.

I'll be checking out more and more anime but I believe it's time for me to go to sleep.
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I'd really have to say the anime that are philosophical. I mean, Princess Mononoke is incredible and it MEANS something: it's an impressive insight at humanity. Death Note is just completely off the wall wicked. It's always trying to make you think ahead or just admire how friggin' smart the creators must be. Finally: Full Metal Alchemist. That show for me was a lot more violent and gruesome than I thought it would be but it used the graphic violence to really show expression. The human characters helped a lot too.
Looking back: the Philosophical animes are the only ones that you can actually remember what happened in and they're the ones that keep you hooked.
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