Nekron (Level 3)

1 billions years. Thats how long it will take for me to reach my fathers level. Tis a good thing im a patient man.
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  • Real Name: Nekron
  • Chosen Name: Nathan Hasaiki
  • Codename: Acer
  • Aliases: One Thousand Trauma's, Chaos Child, The Nightmare Shinobi
  • Birthplace: Chaos Realm
  • Age: 525 (Appears 25)
  • Height: 6"4
  • Weight: 188lbs
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Yellow
  • Species: Chaos Being/Human


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Nathan is generally an incredibly distant person, preferring to shut himself off from the rest of the world. Nekron usually prefers to be alone, as he is a man that finds solace and comfort when surrounded by silence. He does not like being around large groups of people, as he finds it uncomfotrbale, never knowing what to say or do. Nekron is an individual who is scared of what people think of him, afraid that they are constantly judging him, a trait which has made him shut himself out from the rest of the world. 
Due to these unique charcteristics, Nekron can best be described as a loner. Despite this most of these traits were alive during his youth. As he got older Nekron began to open himself up more. He does not find it scary being around groups of people, though he still prefers to be alone. Nathan likes to spend time with his wife and daughter more than any other people in the world. Though he rarley shows signs of emotion, around them he is a free spirit, not afraid to express his feelings. Nathan is also sarcastic and cocky especially in battle.
Around Pepper Nekron is highly flirtatious and acts like a love sick puppy. He loves her more than anything else in the world, and will do anything for her. Pepper is the one person to able to control Nekron's anger and keep his chaos in check. With his son Seishiro, Nathan is playful and a typical goof. 


Chaos Control
Nekron being born of the chaos king is able to wield a black spectral energy known as chaos energy. It appears as a photonegative dark maelstrom, a void that can destroy almost anything. Nekron generally uses his powers over chaos to fire destructive blasts of energy with enough force to level entire buildings. He can also form protective bubbles around himself and others. These shields are as powerful as the user wants them to be, but they can waver if the user is weak and low on energy. Nekron can keep these shields up until he runs ou of stamina or takes it down with his own will. Nekron is also capable of shifting his chaos energy into different shapes, such as swords. He can also fire lightning bolts of chaos energy. One of his greatest moves is the power to form a stasis around people, which can hold even the strongest of foes in place.
Nekron is a empath of the highest order. He is a being who is able to feel the emotions of everyone around him. As a youngster he could only feel the emotions of a small group, though even then the emotions overwhelmed him. Slowly the size grew and as he got more distant, the more he could control it. As an adult, Nekron can feel the emotions of the entire world. But it does not stop their, mysteriously Nekron's empathy evolved were he could not just feel the people but also the emotions of plants animals, even rives and earth. He could feel the entire planet. Nekrons powers allow him to absorb peoples emotions and overload them with a particular emotion. 
Nathan as a child had psychic powers. He could read minds but only 3 at  atime and could move small objects. As he got older he rarley used these powers, prefering his chaos control in order to deal with his enemies. Nekron allowed his psychic powers to evolve at their own natural rate. It is only as an adult that he has once again began to delve into his psychic powers. He has found they have grown far stronger than he first believed. Nekron can read minds on a global scale, and can wipe the minds of large groups. He can attack peoples minds with hex bolts, sending them into coma's and even death. He can cast powerful illusions, make people believe anything he wants them too. Nekron can also move heavier objects. His greatest feat is moving an entire island with his mind.
Nekron Stats
Date Joined: June 2, 2010
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #8949 of 44,187
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