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Current mood: Fine. I would be more happy if Ritchie get more loves from fans. I hate Ritchie haters so much -_-.
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This is only for Ritchie fans or lovers not for haters.
Would you be happy if Ritchie returns in BW series or in a new special? 
Here is my speculation for BW (I'm very disappointed with writers): 
1.  I want Ritchie to be the same (I don't want writers to change his personality and make him stupid).
2. I want Ash to recognise him. 
And here is my speculation for a new special: 
1. I want to see him with new pokemon (Sinnoh or Unova if he is in Unova region)  
2. I want see another legendary pokemon episode with him or a non legendary pokemon episode like Oaknapped (Pokemon Chronicles). 
3. I want to see him happy. I have no problem with him being sad but I will be more sad if he shed tears and sobs.  
Add more Speculations:
Ritchie's pokemon: Sparky, Zippo (Evolve into Charizard or it get went to Oak or his mother care for it), Rose (Same as Zippo/ Evolve into Swellow), Cruise (Same as Zippo and Rose/Evolve into Tyranitar), Happy (Maybe it went to Oak or it went to his mother), Turtwig/Chimchar/Starly (Unknown nickname).
Ritchie's mood: Happy (see above), Sad (see above), Angry.
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