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Current mood: Fine. I would be more happy if Ritchie get more loves from fans. I hate Ritchie haters so much -_-.
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Many Ritchie haters hate him because he is a "clone" of Ash and have same pokemon like Ash's. Some Ritchie haters also hate him because he is smart. Tell me what wrong with a Pokemon trainer who have the same pokemon like Ash's? You have some same pokemon like Ash's when you play a pokemon video game. Like you have a Charizard, a Pikachu, a Butterfree and a Pidgeot. I wanted so badly a rival who is kind and friendly to Ash and not acting jerk like Gary was (when I was a kid). I would be disappointed with writers if they make a rival who acting like Gary in Indigo Plateau. I would be like "He is not the rival I want! You make me upset, writers!" I'm so glad he was created! Maybe most Ritchie haters didn't watched Pokemon Chronicles. He appeared in three episodes. They need to watch all three episodes and see how good Ritchie is. See my status and my profile.

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