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DF and LFD Natsu are underestimated? By me they aren't, I personally put BOTH these forms above any characther in this manga except Hades(patchless) and Acnologia. I'm obviously not counting featless characthers but with hype I could put Zeref, Hades at DF/LFD Natsu or even above.

LDF Natsu was overpowering a Hades that stomped Makarov ...

DF Natsu stomped and made Jellal look like a fodder and with his magical power alone he overpowered Zero's strongest spell and proceded to own him pretty badly. I don't need to mention that Jellal and Zero are both two top tiers in this manga ...

The strongest version of Natsu shown so far has been the one where he hate Etherion and then the one where he ate Jellal's golden flame. Dragon Force is the ultimate form of a Dragon Slayer and the one achieved via Jellal's flame was 3x stronger than Base Natsu. LFD Natsu is just normal Natsu but with the rest of Laxus power and still was able to own patched Hades.

lOl was there anyone saying that Erza Or Laxus Or Mirajane Or Gildarts was the strongest of Fairy Tail ? Those people are just basing that on their fandom. Natsu is clearly the strongest of Fairy Tail IN DF. And I will laugh AND Neg. anyone whom says that Gildarts>Laxus >Mystogan>Erza >MiraJane> Natsu in either DF or LFD. The True Order Even If You Gildarts,Laxus,Erza Fans Want It To Or No It Goes DF Natsu>Gildarts>LFD Natsu>Laxus>Erza>Mirajane>Mystogan ect.

Current DF NATSUVs Current ErzaAnd Current MirajaneAnd Current Gray

-Win By Death

-No Holding Back

-All 4 At 100%

-Random mountain area

-Natsu and Other People Serious

-All Of Them After Timeskip With Second Origin

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