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The Instant Classic
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Name: Nathaniel Stephen AmplifierAliases: The Instant Classic, Captain Charisma, The Grad A Flirt, Mr Smooth, The Seven Star Samurai
Assassin Rank: 10th
Nationality: British
Age: 23
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 6"3
Weight: 190lbs
Weapon Of Choice: Laser Sword (Seven Star)
Affiliation: Espada
Relatives: Stephen Amplifier (Father) Tracy Amplifier (Mother) Adam Amplifier (Older brother) Jordan Amplifier (Younger brother) William Thunderstar (Grandfather) Cynthia Thunderstar (Grandmother)


 Stephen: The Six Shot 
 Stephen: The Six Shot 
It is not know at what point in time it happened, but long ago the first order of assassins was created, the organization had many names, and as time went on the larger the organization became. At first they hid in secret only taking on a few selct members of the highest order, but as time passed more and more were taking in, each year the assassins became younger until they began creating assassin schools and subdivisions. The organization had many who were abandoned and with no direction in life, often orphans and those who lived on the streets, but every now and again a family of assassins would be thrown into the mix. Two such families were the Amplifier & Thunderstar families. 

Tracy Thunderstar and Stephen Amplifier where two of the organizations youngest and top assassins, showing incredible skill and powers which made many call them prodigies. They where the two youngest members to join the Espada, the top 10 assasins in the order. Now their are many ways of rising the assassin ranks, the number of kills, the level of the kill and finally killing another assassin for his spot. Tracy was number 9 whilst Stephen was number 10 and he wanted her spot. The two battled, but it was during that battle they fell in love. The two climbed higher up the ranks, and in time had 3 kids, Adam, Jordan and Nathan.

King of Games

 The King Of Cool
 The King Of Cool
Nathan grew up being taught about his parents and the order, and whilst both his brothers were enthralled by the idea of becoming assassins, Nathan was not interested, because you see Nathan was incredibly laid back and lazy. he loved the simple things in life and the idea of becoming an assassin meant way to much work. It was obvious Nathan was a lost cause right away so they just let him do what he wanted to. Nathan grew up playing video games and listening to music, both of which he loved. Nathan would often skip everyday normal school and go to the arcade and play video games. He quickly earned legendary status and got the high score in any and every game he played. Nathan was a fan of high adrenaline fast paced in your face games, a stark contrast to his lazy demeanor. 

 Don't Mess With Me
 Don't Mess With Me
Nathan grew up with a great life, it was not the life his parents wanted but it was his life. Unknown to him however all those video games were having an effect on his latent assassin mind, something which would help him later on in life. The first time Nathan realized he was gifted in the assassin arts, was during a day at the arcade when he was 15. He had just gotten a new high score on a new game, knocking off Charlie Bullox, a 17 year old kid who was known as a bully of large status in more ways than one. Charlie had watched Nathan knock him off the top and was not happy. Their fight was short lived as Nathan took out Charlie almost instantly, showing incredible speed and strength. 

Abigail Wesley

It was at the arcade that Nathan first met Abigail, she was a beautiful goth girl who went to a school on the other side of town. She was a year older than Nathan, and quite the opposite. She was intelligent, a hard worker and spoke her mind, but like Nathan she was a avid gamer but it was her first time at the arcade when they first met. At first Nathan watched her play the games which she was incredibly skilled in, and she almost surpassed Nathan on every one, only losing out by a few points. Nathan instantly took a liking to her, and by the end of the day approached her and complimented her on her awesome gameplay skills. The two hit it off and began playing some more, and went out for milkshakes. As time went on the young couple grew closer, and went on more activities, something Nathan would never have done before.

Unknown to Nathan was that Abigail was actually an assassin and a high ranking member for her age, and unknown to her was that Nathan was apart of a family of assassins, and that her greatest rival was also Nathan's older brother. One day Nathan had invited Abigail to go see a movie, and she agreed but told Nathan she would be busy for a little bit and that he should go on ahead and she would meet him there. Nathan waited for over an hour and wondered where she was. Worrying Nathan tried to call her but got no answer. Nathan decided to walk home and go see her thinking she might have fell ill. On his way back, Nathan noticed Abigail fighting his older brother on a construction site. Nathan knew right away what she was. He watched as she gained the upper hand in her fight, but Nathan shouted out, which was a mistake, as that small distraction cost Abigail her life. Nathan could not believe his eyes, and in his anger charged at his brother, but lack of training meant Nathan was easily taking out. 

 Adam: The Sadistic Punk
 Adam: The Sadistic Punk
It was on that day, that Nathan saw how cruel the life of an assassin was, he could see the coldness in his brothers eyes and how he didn't care about killing the girl Nathan cared very deeply about, he even began to mock his younger brother. Nathan noticed the same coldness in the rest of his family. It was then that he vowed to become an assassin, and joined the order only so he could destroy it within, and like all the anime he watched, he knew the only way to get stronger was to defeat strong opponents, and the assassins in the order only fought others in the order.

The Instant Classic

 William: Old? Check badass? Check
 William: Old? Check badass? Check
Nathan joined the order much to the disliking of many of the assassins including his own family. Nathan was allowed in, and showed great potential in the induction, scoring the highest scores in the physical, but his knowledge of the assassin world was lacking and he failed completely. Nathan was then placed into assassin school, along with the kids, he literally started out at the bottom. Nathan was pissed and it did not take him long to get bored with their teachings and he reverted back to his old ways, skipping classes and lounging out at the arcade, but one day Nathan saw a young kid being bullied and attacked by those who were older and felt because they where they had the right to cause harm. Nathan saw the exact same thing in many of the assassins.

He wanted to learn, but found the orders teachings to be boring and they didn't stimulate his hidden potential. Nathan knew that the other assassins would not help him because of his lazy demeanor and attitude, but he knew of two people who would. His mothers parents, his grandparents where both retired assassins, who Nathan got along great with, even better than his own parents. Nathan asked to train with them which they both agreed too. Nathan was trained in the same way they were both trained, surviving. They instantly threw him into the deep end, attacking Nathan in a special underground obstacle course they built. While one would attack, the other would train Nathan through words. They did not teach him fancy moves, but trained him in the basics and stressed how important the little details were. They also trained him in the order, and that all assassins had a potential power and their own sacred weapon.

 Cynthia: Those aint groceries in that cart
 Cynthia: Those aint groceries in that cart
Nathan was quick to pick up their teachings, and after 7 months no longer required them, but they told Nathan of his incredible potential, that despite lack of training he was already gifted enough to be in the top 50 of the order. Nathan was encouraged by their words, but they also stated he lacked discipline and that his style despite it's amazing speed and seemingly fancy moves was quite basic and lacked any variety. They then gave him a list of 3 individuals who were all retired assassins who could help Nathan develop into a great assassin. 

Triple Threat

Nathaniel_Amplifier Stats
Date Joined: April 17, 2011
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #18711 of 46,623
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