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Name: Naoki Kawanoka

Age: 14

Rank: Chunin

Naoki is the last survivor of his clan, the Kawanoka. He posses the last bloodline trait of his kind, the Ugokigan!  When activated, the Ugokigan takes over, a bright blue color, with a black pupil with eight, small white circles in it, and eight black triangles surrounding each pupil.

Ugokigan Abilities:

Lightning Iris – Movement Sight is a trait that allows the user to see any movement, faint or supersonic, through solid objects, in all directions, and in a small area around themselves. Only something or someone completely still would be invisible to the Ugokigan. The radius where the Ugokigan can sense movement is about fifty feet, under normal conditions.

Speed Dial – The Ugokigan is based on movement, and has another special ability to allow the user always to remain faster than the opponent. Taking in the movements of the opponent, the Ugokigan copies the speed, increases it slightly, thus giving the user an advantage over the opponent. It flares the nerves of the user in such a way, that the chakra is used to enhance the speed, without any damage. A downfall to this is that chakra is constantly being used up, but the amount per time used up depends on how fast the user is moving.

Path Tracking – Movement disturbs the air, and this ability allows the user to see wear it has been disturbed. A trail of disturbed air molecules that is invisible to normal eyes becomes visible to the Ugokigan. This trail appears to the user’s eyes in a humanoid fashion, or whatever creature it has tracked. It is kind of hard to picture, so here is an example. Take a human, and turn him into a human slinky. Take him, and stretch him out all the distance he has walked in one hour. The result will be similar to how the Ugokigan allows the user to see. The user can see where people have been, and it also has the ability to predict where movement will be in the future.

Motion Memory – This is a memory ability that the Ugokigan has. It scans incoming attacks, saves them in memory, and waits for the technique to be used again. If the opponent uses the same technique again, the movement is instantly recognized, and the move is evaded easier than before, but still has the chance of hitting. It is thought that a Kawanoka member perfects this ability, it could give them the ability to dodge any attack without fail that they had already encounter, but this has never been proven.



Ugokigan requires no distractions, and to see normally is a distraction. This is the reason that Naoki wears a blindfold when he prepares to go into combat. Naoki can fight without his Ugokigan, but it is not nearly as potent. Naoki has not yet mastered the skill of normal sight with his Ugokigan, as it blurs both his movement senses and his normal sight if his eyes are open when his Ugokigan are active.


Balance, one of the key points in combat, is one of Naoki’s strong points. Naoki has extremely good balance, due to rigorous training, from a very young age. When the Kawanoka clan still had other members, they trained in two main actions before teaching combat, to use the Ugokigan, and to balance. Naoki’s first started training in these two forms at four years old, and found it fun and easy for the most part to pick up. As time progressed, Naoki found it harder, but eventually mastered both. Naoki is so skilled with his balance that he can balance from almost any point of his body perfectly. Slick surfaces do not bother Naoki. Also, his balance greatly aids him in combat.


A weakness when Naoki blind folds himself is an obvious one, he cannot see with normal vision. To make up for this, he carries around fifty throwing disks, made of tough clay. When unsure of the environment around himself when blindfolded, Naoki grabs a disk or two, and casts them out in a desired direction, watching their movement trails. If one is disrupted, Naoki knows that something or someone has blocked the path.


In low lit or pitch black conditions, it is difficult for normal eyes to see, due to the lack of light. Naoki will be blind as any person in the dark, but when blindfolded, with his Ugokigan, he can see movement just as well as he can in the light of day. Naoki has trained himself to be able to sleep with his Ugokigan open, with a blindfold over them. No one can sneak up on him, or lay an attack on him without his knowing when he does this, but Naoki rarely does it, because it drains chakra, and he does not get as good of sleep.


Breathe Water - (Rare jutsu)

This jutsu allows the user to extract oxygen from the water, allowing the user to breathe underwater. Water Lungs is an interesting jutsu in being that it can not be learned when one is of age. To learn, the ninja must be younger than eight years old, due to the lung development. When older than eight years old, the lungs can not accept water, ever, no matter how skilled a shinobi may be. Most of the Kawanoka clan master this by the age of three or four.

Lifeblood Restore - (Kawanoka Clan)

User takes water, and manipulates it to move towards bleeding wounds. The water will then slip into the wound and change as it enters the bloodstream. This jutsu actually allows the user to change the water into lost blood; however, it does not heal wounds. This jutsu can also be used to remove poison from the bloodstream.

Water Pool - (Kawanoka Clan)

It is a jutsu that utilizes both earth style and water style. First, the user uses the earth style to dig a decent sized hole in the ground, then touches their hand to the ground. Water is pulled up from the water table, and fills the hole.  This technique uses a lot of chakra, but is required when one cannot summon water at will.

Light Density Water - (Kawanoka Clan)

When user touches water, it modifies the state of the water, to make it 50% lighter. This makes it lighter than the density of a person, which will cause them to sink, and be unable to swim in it, no matter how strong of a swimmer they are. Once sunk in the water, it is a very high chance of drowning for anyone unlucky enough to be caught in it.

Water Steel Gloves - (Kawanoka Clan)

Encases the user’s hands in a thin layer of super dense water, which is stronger than steel. It allows the user to move their hands freely, but still retain the strength. With these gloves, one can block swords, shuriken, or whatever is thrown or thrust at them.

Water Prison

This jutsu creates a large sphere of water, which holds the opponent inside it. The prison is difficult to escape, yet, the drawback is that the user must keep contact with the sphere to keep the prison working. The water making the prison is stronger than steel, much like the hardened water in the Water Steel Gloves jutsu.

Water Barrier Wall

This technique creates a blast of water from the mouth, usually used to block fire type attacks.

Hidden Mist

This is a highly effective cover technique. It blankets an area in a thick fog, confusing the senses of the enemy. The user fades away into the fog, and can move around without a sound, reappear silently, then strike.

Water Dragon

This jutsu creates a large dragon shape formed from a large amount of spinning water. The dragon form is sent towards your opponent for a powerful attack. This jutsu can only be performed when near a large body of water.

Water Clone

This technique creates a number of clones, made from water. Each Clone is capable of attacking on its own, yet each is 1/10th the power of the original. A direct hit will cause the clone to revert to water - and it cannot leave a certain radius of the user.


A common jutsu - used to quickly replace a body with a close by object. Creates confusing among the opponent(s) - creating a chance to escape, or return with a larger strike. It is useful for avoiding attacks, and hiding from potential enemies.


It is an advanced technique in which the user gathers chakra in their hand, and spins it into a ball of destruction. It takes much training and focus, and even still, most are not capable of pulling this technique off, with the only known users Naruto, Jiraya, and the 4 Hokage.

However, Naoki secretly was taught it by Jiraya, who saw his potential and showed him the basics. After many years of trial and fail, Naoki had almost given up, until he was able to perform it one day. So, over five years of steady practicing, Naoki is now able to perform the Rasengan!



Transformation is an illusionary jutsu that gives the user the appearance of another person or object. It is a commonly used skill.

Aquatic Influence - (Kawanoka Clan)

Uses a variety of specialized illusions to persuade most any sea life to aid in battle, or accomplish other tasks, such as missions. Also, intelligent beings are not affected by this jutsu.

Dehydrate Fever - (Kawanoka Clan)

This is an illusionary technique that gives the opponent all the feelings of water being drained from their own body. It continues all the way until the opponent would turn to dust, due to lack of water, but then stops, returning the user to reality.


Naoki uses the Iron Fist Style (Tekken-fu).

Infinite Flurry - (Kawanoka Clan)

This jutsu is extremely difficult and near impossible to master if the user is not of the Kawanoka clan. What this does is a series of strikes toward the opponent that is used in unison with the Ugokigan to tell when the opponent’s balance is failing based on their movement. Once their balance has been lost, Naoki continues to use the Ugokigan to keep them off balance, but never to reach the ground. This allows for an infinite combo of strikes.


The Kawanoka clan was, until recently, hidden from the rest of the world, in underwater caves. Now, the clan still resides in the caves, but has built a tunnel that leads to the surface of the . A relatively small clan, it only contains 50 members. Small numbers are due to many different factors. First, underwater is dangerous, teaming with all kinds of dangerous creatures. Young ninja can be too careless, and find themselves caught and killed by one of the many underwater predators. For this reason, the older clan members teach the young ones to always go in at least pairs, and better to go with someone that is at least a Genin. Second, in addition to the danger, the training of one born in the Kawanoka clan is rigorous, and some even die from it. Challenges that are too hard, or too dangerous, can prove fatal if the student is not experienced enough. A particularly dangerous action in the exam to become Genin is the final part. A student is cast into a large pool, with a hungry Great White shark in it, and must kill the shark with only hands, and bring back the jaws of the beast. Many Chonin and Jonin see when a child is in trouble, and can rescue them right before the shark delivers the killing blow. Unfortunately, this is unreliable, and only happens about half the time. Once Genin, dangers still await them, and until they are Chonin rank, the danger can be quite real. Once they have reached Chonin though, they are strong enough to handle themselves in most of the previously dangerous situations.

The Kawanoka clan was skilled in many different areas, including strategic planning, tracking, fishing, water Ninjutsu, balancing and beyond all others, skill at hand to hand combat. Young ones started off by playing with mind challenging games, stretching their minds, as to get them ready for more intuitive situations in the future. Tracking is a pushover for any Kawanoka member. With their Ugokigan, the movement eye, they can follow movement trails, and easily find whatever they are looking for. Fish is almost solely the source of food for the clan, and they enjoy it very much. They can either use water style Ninjutsu, or are also skilled enough to catch fish with their hands. The clan is very skilled in water jutsu, and continually practices, perfects, and makes more when they see fit. Balancing is a big trait that the Kawanoka practice, until one can balance on any part of his/her body. When a shinobi gets this good, nothing will upset their balance. Hand to hand combat will get more detailed later, they are good, really good.

When about their daily lives, one of the Kawanoka clan could appear normal, with nothing distinguishing them from other clans. But, get into combat, and things change. Shinobi will remove any eye wear if they have any, and slip it away, then, they will pull out a blindfold, and tie it around their eyes, allowing them to see nothing. This is when they can open the Ugokigan, the movement eye. The Ugokigan looks in this way: The pupil of the eye is still black, but has eight white circles in it. The iris, which is now shining blue, has eight black triangles that point to each white circle. Few others ever have the chance to see an Ugokigan, because shinobi cover them up. There is a good reason for this. Normal eyes have normal sight, while the Ugokigan has a very interesting sight that detects movement. If Kawanoka try to use the Ugokigan while it is not covered up, which allows them to see normally as well, messes with user to a very large extent, and both normal and movement abilities fail to function well at all. There is an exception to this though. To become a Jonin ranked ninja according to the standards of the Kawanoka, one must be able to use their Ugokigan without being blindfolded. If a shinobi has mastered this, they can be close to unstoppable in a battle.

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