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1. Clannad

When I started watching this series, I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit hesitant at first, but from the opening monologue in the first episode, I was completely enraptured in this emotional tale. This anime is done in such an artful manner-- the animation is top notch, sporting vivid colors and sharply drawn surroundings. However, all that is secondary in my opinion. What matters is the characters, and this series has some of the deepest characters around. They are all characterized and developed so well that it's impossible to withhold emotional investment. With so many fully fleshed out characters, this series is a true marvel.

2. Fullmetal Alchemist

This series has everything- mystery, great villains/anti-heroes(depends on how you view them), action, and most importantly great characters. Watching the Elric brothers journey the world as they try to obtain the philosophers stone and recover their bodies is truly amazing to behold. Ed and Al have unbreakable rapport and the physical and emotional manifestations of that connection are what really make this series great.

3. Fruits Basket

While it could at least somewhat hold my attention, I found the series to be so cloying and down right nauseating. I watched this shortly after having seen Clannad, and I must say, it's deficiencies became very apparent. Besides the fact that I don't like comedies, I just couldn't stand the first person narration. What ever happened to letting actions speak for themselves? Do we really need everything spelled out for us during one of Tohru's conversations with her ethereal mother? Everything in this anime seems so contrived and in some cases, melodramatic. The characters weren't that appealing either; in fact, most of them are insufferable. In short, this was a pretty mediocre anime and I feel that somewhat wasted my time by watching it.

4. Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa

Sadly, this movie was a real disappointed. After the ambiguous ending to the original series, I was really eager to see what events would transpire. While it has an interesting premise, the coexistent world isn't really fleshed out. Additionally, we hardly see much of Al or the regular supporting cast. In order for this to have worked, it would have needed to be much longer so appropriate time could be given to underscore the emotions and changes that occurred with each character while Ed was gone. Also, perhaps the biggest drawback of the film is just how unmemorable the villains are.

5. Kaze no Stigma

While the whole magic-wielding families premise is one you've heard before, this series, sporting a great protagonist and an interesting supporting cast, is able to create a memorable experience that really sticks with you. While the fight scenes are superb and the story line solid, it's the characters that make this one a standout. Throughout the series we get to see the evolution of Kazuma's relationships between Ren and Ayano as they help assuage his tortued soul and give him solace as he recovers from a rather tragic past. I'd strongly recommend this series.

6. Ninja Scroll
7. Samurai 7
8. Speed Grapher
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