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To me It just not the same has it was in the 1990's.  Back then they was more money in Japan economy so they took more chances on anime shows and you can see it in allot more OVA back then as well.  They don't make OVA that much any more.  Even when they do make OVA now days they make a show like Strait Jacket and not GunSmith Cats.
Those OVA's can take more chances because they not on network TV over in Japan.  Just watch something like Tenchi Muyo OVA and Tenchi Universe and you see what I meen.  look at list of anime from 10 anime's form the1990's that allot people would have on their top 10 list and 10 animes for this decade top 10 list of sort's from anime fan's.
Cowboy Bebop.
Vision Of Escaflowne.
Outlaw Star.
Tenchi Muyo. 
Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Neon Genesis Evangelion.   (I don't care of Evangelion myself but you have to give to Hideaki ANNO he made something different.)
GunSmith Cats.
Ova's of Record Of Lodoss War.  (Wow a middle ages type of show that's not Hentai!)
Death Note.  (I like Death Note but it would be aveage anime by 1990's standards.  
Gurren Lagann.
Full Metal Alchemist.
Lucky Star.  (I think Lucky Star is funny by the way.)
Gundam Seed.
Big O.   (This would have be good one if it didn't have the stupid ending.)
Maria-Sama.  (I show I like, but these type of show's are few and far between in anime nowdays.)
Black Lagoon.
Azumanga Daioh.

It's not all doom and gloom, but anime better start getting back to what they did 10 years ago or anime is in big trouble.  
Another thing I think hurt anime is the way anime looks nowdays.  You tell me what look's better.





lIke Tood Mcfarlane said "Black is a color to."  I don't meen skin color either.  I'm talking about how anyting is bright now days in anime.  I give you another example. 

Here's another one that hit's the nail on the head.
early 2000's
early 2000's
I know some of you well say that Blood the last Vampire was movie and Blood+ was a TV show.  TV show was made in 2005.  Almost five years later than the movie.
 Another thing that's hurting anime (This is more about Stateside anime sence than Japan I think.)  The aveage age of anime viewer is 12 to 15 years old.  Which wouldn't be a bad thing if they stay into anime, but most fan's don't in the long run.  Also this hurt's when it come's to anime coming over here in the United States.  It's just going to be more Bleach type of shows.  This is really not good for me being a middle age Otaku like myself.  Their was time in the 1990's that the aveage age of anime fans were allot older than 12 years old.  Video game back in the day had the same problem, but the differents is that most of video game people stand into video games and not the aveage age of video game fans is older then it was back then.
Also people that own anime compines bring anime they like, but it dosen't meen that it going to be any good or anyone else it going to like it.  I like sport anime, but it just not going to sell at all over here.  
All in all I hope anime can turn it around.  What do you think. 
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