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I was at a best buy a few days ago and when to the anime section.  It wasn't has big has it uesd to be.  I guess it's better  than nothing.   
Their were a couple of animes I would love to get for x-mas but it cost to much money.  50 bucks for just the first 11 episods to Nana.  That just to much.  That should have 20 dollar price tag on it.  Now if it was 50 bucks for the hold show then that a different story.  They had four DVD's to Fruits Baskets at 90 buck's.  Give me a break.    
Don't get wrong some shows were priced really cheap, Claymore box set to all the DVD's were only for 50 buck's.  50 buck's for all show.  That more like it.  but overall when you have sites like show allot anime for free on the up and up or not on the up and up they going to sell less DVD's than before.   
Same problem at Fry's electronics and the priceing of they anime.  It 5 buck cheaper than most places but it has to be 15 buck cheaper to get DVD's bought.   
Fry's electronics is the only place I know where you can still buy hentai at major store chain. ;)  
I can count on one hand were I saw someone else beside myself that bought anime at a store at the same time.


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