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Just when to reddit for the first time. It looks like a OK site.
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Things I want and don't have a chance in hell of getting them. 
Street Fighter IV the arcade game.   20,000 dollars plus tax and shiping. 
Mame arcade machine.  2,000 dollars plus tax. 
X-Men Arcade: 6-player machine.  1,200 dollars plus tax. 
High end Alienware computer.   $3,999 plus tax.

Things I going to have to buy for myself. 
Old PSP.  My other PSP has a crack in it.  
Old DS.  My other DS top half broke off. 
Maria-Sama seasons 1-3. 
Nana seaon 1. 
MGS 4. 
Claymore box set. 
Things I might get for christmas. 
1600 points MS card. 
2000 points Wii card. 
A T-shirt. 
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So I'll be off-line for a few days this week.  I hope it all gose well.  Bye for now.
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I look at it like this.  When anime was first being Dub in the United States 99% of it was crap.  Years later it started getting better and now it to the point that some eng dubs are even better (Ghost In the Shell , Cowboy Bebop, Hellsing and Monster.) than their Japanese counter parts. 
I feel the same way with live action verison of anime in Hollywood.  We are going to go though some bad live action anime at first, but over I think they are going to get better.  The only thing is that if Hollywood welling to stay with it long enough get to that point. 
Another problem is what anime can do things over live action and  it also dosen't look good when they try to do in live action realm.    Here some examples. 

Of course these problem also happen when Hollywood try to live action a cartoon movie or show.  I just hope it works out.  With 1212 Entertainment being made their might be a chance.
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It's 27 minutes in footage they show the video one after another so you have to wait to see the next video.


 It's funny how the all the Dub voice actors sound like they did over 10 years ago when they didn't eng dub on the old show.  



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I guess you are talking ending theme songs.  Heres my list. 
What Can I say I love old school anime songs!
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