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I going to have blast.   Phoenix Comic-con is going to have the one and only Stan Lee.  I always wanted to meet this man.  I would posted this earlier but I had to Buy my pictures pack to get pictures with Stan Lee.  He made comic books what their are today.   
I'm also going to see Todd Mcfarlane like I did last year.  Anyone else going to this con.  I would be cool to meet some of the faces behind the forum post on Anime Vice.  I hope I see some of you their. 
Here are the anime voice actors/actresses that are going to go Phoenix comic con this year. 
Colleen Clinkenbeard.     
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. 

Mike McFarland. 



Stephanie Sheh.   


Felicia Day is also going to be their.  I don't care for her that much.   
Like I said this is going to be a great con to go to. 



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21.  Rose of Versaille.      Most of us know the French Revolution, but when you see play with from start to finish it truely sad.  This what make this story a masterpiece. 
22.  Black Lagoon.  What can I say.  Hot girls with guns. 
23.  Golgo 13 tv show.      A show about a assssin for hire that dosen't good around acting like an fool.  Like so many main charaters act like in anime nowdays. 

24. Fruits baskets.  

I very heart warming show that very funny and has theme that kind of like X-men.  Kyo Sohma could fit right in has X-men man if he wanted to.  It's how people treat you when your different.

25. Berserk.  It's about this cool guy name Guts during the middle ages who kills who ever just in this way.  Nowdays when you see a medieval times 9 times out of 10 it's going to an hentai. 


26. Sakura diaries.   This one was highter on my list when I started getting into anime and then I saw so many other shows and it keep falling on my list. 

This show is not of kids.  The show about a high school girl named Urara who in love with her first cousin that gose by the name Touma.  It kind of gets awakard watching this show at first but in the end it's work out for everbody.
 27.   Tsukikage Ran (Carried by the Wind.)    Think Rurouni Kenshin if he where a lady and like drinking allot of Sake. 

28. Gunsmith Cats.    What can say about this show.  It takes place in Chicago.  It has two hot girls (one that knows how to used guns Rally and the other a bomb expert May Hopkins)  Rally drives a GT Corba.  What else do you need.  Some people like Riding Bean anime over Gunsmith Cats one.  I like Gunsmith Cats more.  It took what Riding Bean had in some it's charaters.  They spilt Rally and made her two people in Gunsmith Cats  i.e Rally and May.  The only thing I want now is for them to do more ova's to Gunsmith Cats.   
Who up for some  Goldie Musou Vs. Rally action in the next OVA'S.  If they do that It well be in my top ten list! 


   29.  Great Teacher Onizuka.  I'll let Agent J from Anime Vice talk about why he liked Great Teacher Onizuka.  Quote.

2. Great Teacher Onizuka
I have a new idol
I have a new idol

I just watched this one this past week, and It was a ton of fun despite the outdated visuals. The audience for the series is treated to a maturation of a man through teaching his students and helping them solve their various problems. The students and staff dont make it easy for him and his unusual methods, but this former delinquent knows how to reach students who have lost trust in teachers. top notch character development combined with first class humor and the occasional suspenseful scene make this an instant favorite.
If you want to see is top 10 list.  Here it is. Agent J. 
30.  Silent Mobius.    I did a quick review to Silent Mobius.  Here it is.  Silent Mobius. 
I have my 1-20 anime favs on anime vice.  This is the link.  Anime favorites 1-20.I might do 31-40 in the near future.  So see you later.
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I got this idea from Shadowknight 508 on the Anime Vice forums.  The link is here.     Shadowknight 508  
So here is my top 5 list. 
1.  Black Lagoon Third Season.    
I've been wait for this one for along time.  Just look at the trailer get's me pump up.  I just hope their some movement with Rock and Revy in relationship apartment. 
2.  Sasameki Koto . 
This one need to be bought over and get an English dub, but the chances of a yuri title like this one to come over is ever slim and none.   
It's about two hight school girls and they go my the name of Sumika Murasame and   Ushio Kazama.  Sumika Murasame is a tom boy and is in love with Ushio Kazama.  Ushio Kazama love girls just like Sumika Murasame.  The only problem is she liks cute girls and dosen't like Sumika murasame in that way.  It more light hearted than say Aoi Hana.  That yuri anime is allot grounded.  So I hope you give this anime a chance. 
 3.  Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne. 
This one is not of the kids.  Iet just say that this anime is like highlaner mix in with angels.   
4.  Maison Ikkoku.   
I know it's a really old anime, but it's a good one.  I seen ever episode at least five time all ready.  It's about this college student named Godi and her love with the aparment manager by the name of Kyoto.  All the neighbors tease him about it all the time.  Real funny stuff happens in this 96 episode master peice.   
To me this is Rumiko Takahashi best work. 
5.  Revolutionary Girl Utena. 
What can I say about this great show that hasn't been said already.  I can wait in till Funimation start making box set again to this master peice.  
To me this show is like with you are in fairy tale, but this fairy tale comes at a price.  What great stuff.
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1.Patton.  To me this movie is just great way to look at man was prefect man for the job back in WWII. 
2. Saving Private Ryan.  What can I say I love my war movies. 

3. Casino.  I know allot of people would put the Godfather at this spot, but Godfather didn't speak like Casino did.  It my be the fact I live in Las Veags when this was going on.  Of course a was age 8 at the time.  If I could be anyone in the mod it would have been Lefty.  He knew how to gamble and win. 
4. Good Fellows.  Another mod movie that was just prefect. 
5. Donnie Brasco.  I couldn't go though that and not be a chance man. 
6. Star Trek.  I bought back life into Star Trek and that a good thing.  Even though my Star Trek for life. 
7.  Grease.  I hate most musicals but this one had should a good soundtrack to it and love every song the movie and the movie is just pure magic when you watch it. 
8.  Airplane.  This movie stared the hole over top comdies that I love.  Thank you Zucker brothers of making a brand of humor that I love watch. 
9.  Star Wars Empire Strike Back.  To me I don't think the latest Star Wars movies can even match this master work like the latest Star Trek movie did for the Star Trek movie franchise. 
10.  Back to the Future.   This movie is why every kid wanted to buy a Delorean and drive it to 88 miles when they were a kid back in the 1980's.
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Great question of the day ThePsychoGamer. 
Now here is my top 5 list. 
1. Maison Ikkoku. 
Suki Sa is my favorte song in all Maison Ikkoku. 
Cinema is my second favortie song in Maison Ikkoku. 
2. Revolutionary Girl Utena. 
I could put the rest of the Utena songs I like but I have over 15 videos. 
3. Tenchi Muyo. 
When they play this song at the end of Tenchi Universe I start crying. 
4. Bersek 
5. Patlabor 2: The Movie.
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