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The ending of School Days is PERFECT!!!
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I will probably end up writing a review about Shuffle in the near future, but there is a lot about that show that I don't want to put into it because I feel that it would spoil what makes it so great.  Now yes, it is a harem show with it's typical ecchi moments, but about midway the sudden shift from the happy/comical demeanor of the show takes a sudden turn to a very emotional seriousness.  The show gets real strong in it's story as Rin finally starts making his decision about what he wants to do and who he chooses and things just seem to go down hill. 
I don't think that it would have been as dramatic as it was if the characters weren't so great, but even just some of the stuff that happens got to me.  Primula nearly being "reset", the sadness that Kaede had with Rin not choosing her, and the health issues with the reveal of why they were happening just was a lot to take in.  And near the end I knew what Rin was going to do to make Asa do what she needed to do, and it still made me flinch and cover my eyes when he cut his wrist, mainly because I've known people that have done that to themselves and it still gets to me. 
None of what happened was expected to me.  All I knew was what I saw from the first episode and the preview from FUNi (with the god awful dub, which I didn't even listen to).  So, I'm really happy to have given Shuffle a chance as it has found a place in my heart for what it did. 
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