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The ending of School Days is PERFECT!!!
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I've watched some pretty dumb series in the time that I've watched anime, but I've also skipped or started and then dropped a series for something "better". Recently I've undone some of those past mistakes by watching both Soul Eater and Eureka Seven. Both were shows that I had started but for some reason got distracted with something else and just couldn't get back into them.

The first correction was with Soul Eater. I bought the blu-rays when they were cheap during the RightStuf Black Friday sales because of a friends recommendations. I watched the first episode and then never got around to watching anymore. A couple months ago after an anime convention I got around to finally watching it, and boy did I get addicted to it. The look, the story, the dialogue, the characters were all just so fantastic. Even for how long it was it was interesting through the entire show, even with some stupid filler here and there, "FOOL!". The thing that I noticed while watching the special features of the show was a lot of talk about Eureka Seven, which I didn't know the same studio made at first.

So, once I got done with Soul Eater and re-watching some of my favorite anime series I got around to resuming Eureka Seven (I actually just got done watching it less than an hour ago). I had gotten to episode 8 before I stopped watching it and this was back in 2010, so it was awhile ago. One thing that I knew was hard for me to get into the show was that it was a mecha. I've never been a fan of mecha's so it was kind of a put off, but after starting up again I quickly realized that it's SO much more then a mecha. I won't say I liked everything about it, too much whiny people especially the kids, but everything else was perfect. I'd be writing a essay if I went into the things I liked about it, but the few things I will point out is the love story of Renton and Eureka, the story of Holland, and how strong it ended just stand out so much. I wish all anime could end as well as Eureka Seven does, then I'd be a happy viewer all the time.

Now I go back and try and watch School Rumble in hopes that I have the same luck with it as I did with Soul Eater and Eureka Seven. I remember not liking it too much, which is something that wasn't true about the other two, but maybe it'll grow on me. With money being tight, hopefully the few things that I still haven't watched that I own prove to be gems like Soul Eater and Eureka Seven were.

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