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The ending of School Days is PERFECT!!!
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Fooly Cooly - FLCL is something that when I first saw it on Adult Swim I wondered what the hell I had just seen, and wanted to see more of it.  I was disappointed when I found out it was only 6 episodes, but they are some incredible episodes.  I went to see if I could get on DVD thinking that it would be cheap (I mean it's only 6 episodes, it can't be too much can it?) and was saddened when I couldn't find anything reasonable.  It was either bootleg or cost more the $200, which is insane.  Thankfully, FUNi has answered my prayers and will be releasing it on Blu-ray sometime in the future.  I just hope they don't make me wait too long for it. 
Chu-bra! - Yes, you read that right.  I liked Chu-bra even though most people only see it as a super fanservice show.  Sure there is fanservice, but it uses it for the story and points the finger back at the viewer for just seeing at fanservice in ways.  It has it's fault like it really only hits any significant emotional parts near the end of the series (season?), but in the end it's a show about friendship and acceptance...something that most people will never see and that's a shame.  So I hope someone picks it up and puts it out on DVD in the US as I would like to have a copy of my own. 
Ladies vs Butler - Again, you're eyes aren't deceiving you.  Unlike Chu-bra! I cannot defend what Ladies vs Butler is.  It's fanservice/ecchi to the fullest and holds nothing back.  But, it's hilarious, I enjoyed the characters, and I wanted to keep watching it.  I doubt it'll be released in the states, but I'm hoping someone has the guts to release it. 
Bakemonogatari - I have only seen one episode of it, but I want to see the rest of it and want to see it now.  Sadly, this seems to be the one series that no one wants to release in the states and that is a shame.  It's a big seller in Japan, and it would sell really well here if someone would just take the time and give us a subbed version.  That's all I'd need :) 
To Aru Kagaku No Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun) - Another series that I've only seen the first episode of but enjoyed what I saw.  I'm sure this will be released sometime in the states, I just hope it doesn't take to long for that to happen.
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