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When i first heard the plot of this anime i was like no way that too tepid, but when my friend Mushuka gave me some of the episodes i completely fell in love with the anime. being a reader i went straight to the manga and now am hooked. i love the fact that i can understand almost half of the things the writer talks about like the truth about the Phoenix being a demon, i read some where that King Solomon of the bible used to summon demons and use them has his military weapons and the phoenix was one of them, after he had no use for them he sealed them in a container and threw them in the sea but a bung of no gooders dived in thinking it was gold and when they open the container they released the demons to the world. my fascination with mythological and demonology has me hooked to this anime and manga thou i wish they could release the chapters of the manga in intervals of a week or two because the new chapter just come out after a month that enough time to kill someones interest.

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I just read the all series of Naruto and i have a lot of question. first its about the Senju and the Uchiha in this chapter of the manga 510 Tobi now known has Obito talks about the Senju and the Uchiha Once being one then how come they became such bitter enemies? and in the all series the Uchiha has been the most talked about i mean where did the Senju clan die out to? The second thing that has me thinking is the fourth hokage? there are some traits that he possesses that the second had like his teleportting Jutsu and his sensing jutsu where he lays his hand on the ground and he can sense enemies is it that his the progeny of the Senju hence making Naruto a Senju how great can it be, because i think if Naruto was from the Senju clan that would pique peoples interest a lot i am sure it would main. The third question is Nagato from the Uzumaki clan how did he awaken the RINNEGAN? i don't believe what Tobi said that he was the one that gave Nagato those eyes i believe he awake them on his own because the Uzumaki are the distant relatives of the Senju some how?

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word around the blogisphere is suseke will die after facing naruto in the fight, in the the episode after suseke kills on of the elders of the leaf village Danzo, and he tries to kill his friend Sakura but naruto comes to her rescue, naruto tell suseke that if he attacks the leaf village he will end up fighting in, but naruto tells his best friend suseke that i will shoulder your hate and die with you. This is not cool to a lot of naruto fans because Naruto can't die his the main character of the Anime and suseke can die because of a lot of us fans, thou after seeing the new chapter 626 when the first hokage kills madara am thinking it will end the same with suseke or will naruto really die with him i really don't get it but the blogisphere is getting to excited and the speculation is killing us all

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