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copy cat in the anime can become any monster magic trap so bakura vs anyone all bakura has to do is use magic an he becomes pharoh of the universe i mean why dont you think copycat does not have the same effect as the anime because copycat whould be banned another card destiny board f.i.n.a.l whould kill anyone not to mention dark hole change of heart which possesses anyone bakura wins against anyone an he can even with those cards win anyone..... man eater bug magic cylinder all destroy oponent instantly realy an there are trap cards that reduce atk to 0 bakura can erase minds controll people an merge with monsters its safe to say bakura wins any match an to those of you who dont know trap cards are not magic
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1 bakura can use any magic trap an monster card an summon them using shadow relm powers hec he can probly defeat anyone from marvel dc anime 2 wiccked avatar copy cat wicked avatar copys atk can not be targeted by powers copy cat becomes anyone anything an magic in anime of course also there is cards that block psychic powers come on i think anyone of you can think of a deck to destroy any superhero
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Piccolo to Goku, preparing to use the Special Beam Cannon against Raditz, ... as Piccolo responded that Raditz had to be "faster than the speed of light
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goku can move faster than light it even says it in the anime 2 cell destroyed a galexy so gohan is a galexy buster 3 majin buu should be able to destroy a universe withhis abilitys 3 omegashinron should be able to destroy a multiverse but anime likes to show their characters with limits thats why people like them their not like american comics where they show them strong one ...
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