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Oh CSS why are you mad at me? I swear I wasnt cheating! QBASIC is just a friend, I swear! He's too old for me anyways.
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Why am I having sucha hard time with these two!!?

  • I like you, but I dont like you. (I have the boy who needs a supply of apples)
  • Monster Mash (I have the emotions and traits leveling up your virtual pets)

I pretty much have all the other anime/manga based ones, I just havent tried to do them yet, but these two BOGGLE MY MIND!!


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If you like one of these, consider us friends.

Fairy Tail~

  • NaLu
  • GaLe
  • Miraxus
  • Gruvia
  • BacCana
  • Chappy


  • IchiRuki
  • IshiHime
  • KyoNan
  • UraYoru
  • KenUno


  • KibaHina
  • NaruSaku
  • TemaShika
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