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Gonna discontinued my wiki habits. It's been a fun ride, but things change over the time. For that, this might be my last visiting on animevice. So, cya all.
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So some of you see that the pass mouth that I wasn't doing anything on AnimeVice. Well here's some reason, I started my Grade 12 year of High School and it been...busy. Another reason is that this chair that I'm sitting on got broken. Due to how must years this chair lasted, the back part where you lay your back broke right off. How it broke off? The bolt that was holding the back part breaks apart in the middle. Wish I can show you a picture what it looks like but I don't have a camera. With this chair broken, my back is always sore because I was leaning all the time and it's hard to focus. Even when I'm typing, its hard to think when I'm thinking about my back being sore.

So there's the reason that I'm not doing anything on AnimeVice (and Giantbomb). I have to wait until I get a new one.

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That's right, today, today is the best day of my life XD. That I, MrXD, finally own myself a desktop computer (with internet connection of course). No more "want to check some things", no more getting off computer ever second, no more interrupting, no more everything! I can finally do whatever that I always do on AnimeVice (Giantbomb included), editing article without interrupting my work! Also, I can watch videos or read a manga in peace, yes! There's a lot of things that I always wanna do on this computer, for example: Editing, Gaming, Reading, Watching, Listening, and everything that I love on the internet or on this computer.
So, before I start something good, I'll be editing more article on AnimeVice (including Giantbomb too) and try to collaborate more with my fellows Vicers. Hopefully I can reach the same wiki points that I have on Giantbomb.
As always, this is Awesome! :D
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Here where I test new things on this blog, for example:

  • HTML codes
  • Gif picture
  • Table layout
  • and etc.

Testing Area

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My day was good, I hope the day was awesome but I will make it through. School is a pain in the ass, pretty much the same thing like the others day but I doing good for school. In the online gaming, I'm different from others, I played good, I feel the best I ever have and this will be my time to shine! (not really xP) My family is good, I'm doing good and I hope the future will be good as well. I'm started to think that my mind is going crazy up there, thinking that "This will happen!" or "Someting is going to appear!" or maybe "This girl is your hope!"  but I will flush them out soon or later by gaming or listening to music. 
As always diary, I'm going the best I could ever do and I hope this will end soon. So diary, "I will see you in the Future!" 
Later XD 


*This blog was first posted on GiantBomb vist the blog here*
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