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I really do find manga to be the most amazing thing ever.  
You may think to yourself why, or why? isn't anime superior to manga? Is it not much cooler to see the stories you like animated?  
Well allow me to rant about why i find manga so amazing for a little bit.  
The short version would be this: Because manga has this magical ability to make absolutely anything, and i mean  anything interesting enough to actually care about.  
I was never a big fan of sports, especially not american football. That is until i started reading Eyeshield 21. Seeing the main character evolve from a scared servant to those stronger then him type of character into one of the worlds best athletes was really something. And the manga even thought me the rules of american football in the progress, made me understand why people enjoy the sport in real life.  
Recently i have been getting into this manga about climbing. Yes climbing, of all things. Sadly i lost its name and i cannot find it again but from what i read i was really motivated to see the main character climb a new challenge and see how much he enjoyed it, see how it changed the character as a person in a good way and how the others around him reacted to it.  
You can take almost any topic, hobby, sport or any such thing and there will probably be a manga about it. In manga the hardworking people that draws and creates the story put real passion into showing their characters. You can feel the passion for what they wish for in the manga you read, you can relate to characters trough events or how they react trough different situations making you become closer to that character. Trough hard determination and will power you see your favorite characters overcome obstacles and grow trough their experiences.  
Of course there are drama manga that can be really sad as well. I have found that some of these taught me a bit about myself as a person, who i sided with in the story and who i cared for in them refined myself as a person in a way. I will mention Saikano as one of thees. It is the saddest manga i have ever read, it made me cry several times, especially the ending.  
Even though i would never find myself in a similar situation i felt for the characters as things got worse and worse in it. Another perhaps more well known manga like this would be Elfen Lied. Who is the real monster kind of story through and through, i still find the ending to be dumb but still.  
As for why i prefer manga is because the mind, your mind makes the scenes that play out in front of you just like you want yourself. But then comes the anime and you are disappointed in one way or another. It could be anything from animation style, hair color to voice actor. It is rare i am 100% happy about an anime version of something i have read as a manga but it happens. One Piece is fairly true to its source material however there are some changes that are annoying and some voice actor choices did disappoint but most of it was spot on from what i imagined. However the fights were animated way better then the way i had imagined they would be so that is also a plus.  
But overall i do still prefer the manga version of things, its paced the way you like it yourself, and well the manga usually have more attention to detail where anime has more attention to animation. I am by no means saying my opinion is the only one which matters, this is all just my opinion and i know people will disagree with me but this is just a little about why i like manga so much.  
One thing i do love about anime though is how a character you have grown to like in a manga may be even further developed as the result of anime episodes that deals with things not in the manga, some people hate fillers like these but i enjoy them, seeing something that is not mentioned in the manga and such. Again there are exceptions, i dont feel Bleach handles fillers very well for example but i did enjoy the Zanpakuto arc where the swords all had personalities and all that. One of the biggest offenders of this is Katekyo Hitman Reborn, removing entire arcs and characters and pretend they dont exist.  
Well that about wraps it up for now, just felt like writing about why i like manga so much. If anyone reads this feel free to comment or mention why you dont like manga, prefer anime, agree or disagree with me. Til next time good people :)  
EDIT: As Tubutas was nice enough to tell me the manga about the climbing is named Kokou no Hito .
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