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I just finally finnished Baccano!. Ive seen the show twice before but never with the specials as well as the rest of the show. 
To be clear here Baccano! is one of my absolute favourite anime shows that i have seen so far in my life. So its a bit disapointing how the specials ends the story. 
its good that some closure is provided but as the vice chief said at the ending to Carol. There cannot be a real ending. 

Questions i had got sort of answered but some werent answered at all. Like whatever happened to Luck Gandor? 
Thats why i give the specials a lower score then the series, mainly because im left with more unanswered questions. Not that i mind too much but i like closure in my shows and such. 

I finnished 2x2=Shinobuden as well yesterday night. Cant say i was too happy about the whole show. It starts out good and all but by the 5th episode its just following a routine that stopped being funny. I rated it 6 out of 10 on MAL (my anime list) It gave me a few good laughs but that was mostly for the great voice acting. The "plot" was just ridicolus in the sense that there were no real plot to speak of. I liked the chracter animations and design tough, really cute with the girls. 

Started watching  Abenobashi Mahou Soutengai today too. i love it so far, really good humour and the characters are good and funny. Looking forward til seeing more of it. 
I relation to my previous statement about how Shinobuden is too random in way thats not too funny, Abenobashi has the kind of random humour i actually like. 
There is a plot here and they do something different rather then repeat the same jokes most of the time. 

Thats it for now. Peace!    
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