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i am hating this hot summer bleh
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And well at first i didnt think too much of it but i was hooked after the 2nd episode.  
It started out as a fun anime but after i finished i gotta say it turned out to be one of my favourite anime shows.  
I gave it a full score on My Anime List as well. 10 out of 10. Its rare i give shows a full score but almost everything about this anime is so enjoyable and good. 
I dont want to spoil anything tough so im not going to go into detail about what makes it great, the surprises and such are some of the good parts of the game.  
I will mention that its from Gainax studios the same studio that did the anime with mixed reactions: Panty and Stockings with Garterbelt.  
This i havent seen yet but i will eventually, i was a big fan of Powerpuff Girls when i was a kid and this looks like that style wise but for adults.  
I havent really seen too much anime lately since i have been more on gaming lately, me and a friend is writing on a site about games nowadays as well. Il post the more finished page sometime later if anyone is interested in reading it.  
In Conclusion: Abenobashi is a great anime. I can easily recomend it to any anime fan. It has something for everyone. Also on my next to finish list is Toaru Majitsu no Index. 
Out of the 4 episodes i have seen i find it kind of boring so far, very cliche and very cheesy. Well til next time cheerio.
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