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I really liked it,the whole idea of  a conspiracy  to trap this 14 yr old boy  seems very fun to say the least    .Plus I like the ver premise of the show being  very adult,I mean not only i s a guy flasely accused of murder but he uses his own blood to create attakcs.This show is definitely one I would recommend to  use if you want to show  a non-anime fan or an anime hater to show them that anime can definitly be very serious at times.



Why does anime always have to be about 14 yr old kids?I mean is Japan full of pedos or something lol.But in all seriousness the show seems like it would function better with an adult.It is pretty hard to believe that a 14 yr old would be put in jail with adult and nobody would seem to doubt it or go against the decision of putting a child in jail.

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