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Top worst manga/anime

1. Spider Riders

They don't give us any reason why Hunter goes to this world or how he got there. We just know that it is related toh is grandfather and that is grandfather was a spider rider and that somehow him being from another world make him qualified to be one.And the weirdest is that the peoples who live in the centre of the Earth seem to have knowledge of the peoples living on the surface but don't try to establish any contact. The pacing of the show is just too fast one minute Hunter arrives in this new world ,the next he is a spider rider and the next he is vainquishing the ultimate vilain.

2. InuYasha, a Feudal Fairy Tale


3. Yu-Gi-Oh!

THE SHOW IS A GIANT ADVERTISEMENT FOR the card game and why does Yugi get the credit in all when the Pharaoh is doing all the bloody work. This is even worse then Pokemon!Also I hate this shows about a certain game , they always drive it too far. In an episode you have Seto Kaiba kidnapping Yugi's grandpa for a simple card.And they also talk about it being a legendary Egyptian game...okay but how come they have robot cards... and how come all the characters on the cards are Caucasian.The final episode is Yugi vs The Pharaoh if Yugi wins then the Pharaoh gets to rest in peace....well why doesn't the Pharaon just let himself lose?

4. Fairy Tail

The show is too comedy orientated it literally can't be taken seriously.There is absolutely no blood nor is there anybody dying in it. And yes blood not being there is something I can ignore but there so many moments in the show that do not make sense without it. How can Erza cut peoples without them bleeding ? Also the use of fire is very to the one in Pokemon which means someone will get brutally burned and yet recovers a second after . The other thing I don't stand is the absence of any real purpose . In FMA(B) the plot is to get Al and Ed's bodies back,in Naruto it is to get Sasuke and to become Hokage , Fairy Tail lacks that. Another thing I am not very much a fan of is the fact that they don't seem to separate seriousness and comedy. Example: Lucy and her celestial gardiens, they all look silly except the maid and how come the cow is a male?So basically Lucy has a lesbian cow always hitting on her lol Yes animes do have a lot of comedy hell even Death NOTE had its share of comedy with Misa but it wouldn't interferewith serious battle scenes or plots twists.

5. Pokémon

It has been going on for way too long and it is the only place I know where you can be electrocuted,burned and shot by a lazer and have absolutely no damage. The reason it is not higher is because it is a kids show.Also why does Ash get the credit for his fights all he does his stand there yelling :"Go Pikachu!"

6. Bleach
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