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Top 10 animes and manga
1. Death Note

I love this anime it is my favorite of all time.I love Light's sociopathic nature and how he tricked the investigator that was following him into writing the names of all the other investigators in the Death Note.I love how L tricked Kira into giving him his location.If there is one thing I detest about this TV series is the fact L wasn't the one to defeat Light.Having Near beat Light was completely dumb.I mean if you are gonna get rid of L why replace him by a character that is exactly like him it is ridiculous, all it does is make Near look like a cheap rip-off. Now enough ranting. I love how L holds all the object he has and he sits in his chair.L being my favorite character I was pretty sad when Light killed him especially he had told him he was his friend and that he was smiling at him as he was those are moments like that that make great TV.

2. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Lelouch is a very devilish and charismatic character.Suzaku is an annoying hypocrite but by the end of the serie he actually becomes a bad-ass.It would probably be number 1 if someone hadn't spoiled the ending for me.The show had a very beautiful ending.

3. Baccano!

Love the gangster noir style,the confusing time-lines and Claire Stanfield is frickin' Chuck Norris!

4. Fullmetal Alchemist

This one of the only animes i have watched where I genuinely felt sad at times.Hughes dying,Winry being separated from Ed and Al at the end of the first movie,the daughter of Crocker being turned into a chimera and Greed dying.They were also moments were I felt extremely happy like when Winry and Ed have kids at the end of the Brotherhood series,the future kids ova,Ed and Al being reunited in the movie,Ed sacrificing his alchemy to triumph over the Truth and take back Alphonse.I loved how Edward wasn't just the typical shonen hero,he was actually smart,he actually had other emotions then hunger,determination and envy for fraternity.The openings also have great music. This applies to both series I think I like both somewhat equally. The movie was great by the way and I am looking forward to the brotherhood.It is as show that I recommend watching in English.I REALLY don't like Ed's voice in japanese

5. Berserk

Gore for ages,a dark rape-filled story,great humour ,magnificient and an amazingly developed main character....what more could a boy want?

6. Angel Beats!

Didn't like the first 5 episodes but I have learned to look beyond the fact that it takes place in a High School.Although, some things like them implying Angel could obliterate people in the first episode and the time Otonashi asked for her join the first time when she was never showed to do that and the fact that the SSS continued to exist after "defeating" Angel annoyed me plus the fact that Angel doesn't disappear even know she's a model student.What is good about this series is the heartfelt moments with Otonashi,Yuripee and others in the second part also the music is most likely the best I heard in an anime.

7. Naruto

I like Naruto how he has matured as a character during the time-skip,he used to be this annoying kid that simply wanted to be an Hokage now he is to a point where he has impacted several peoples.Sasuke ,Naruto,Sakura and Sai have all changed and grown as the story progressed.I like the fights too and the usage of strategy in them.Bleach and DBZ don't make the same usage of strategy in battle that Naruto does.Plus I like the character design .

8. Deadman Wonderland

The manga Cool fights nice story development however it kind of gets tacky at times with Shiro being a big kid.And Ganta always feeling weak.

9. Steins;Gate
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