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Yaio fangirls
,I literally can't stand them they will go out and see the friendship between two male characters and say they are homosexuals.I am a liberal so I do not care about homosexuality or bisexuality but yaio fangirls will go out and say characters are gay when they aren't and when you point out to them that it isn't the truth they call you a homophobe.I once talked to my cousin who is one and she said that Naruto and Sasuke were a couple.I then pointed out to her that in the first serie it is very much implied that Naruto is interested in Sakura.In the second serie you see Naruto punching Sai because he tought Sai was making a move on him and said "I am not on that side.".Again in the first serie you could see Konohamaru and Naruto looking at girls in a magazine.   




Power-up,now it is not really power-ups themselves I hate but the frequency of them that I hate when a character seems to literally depend on power-ups to defeat a big enemy like Goku(DBZ) or Ichigo Kurosaki(DBZ with swords).Another thing I hate about the power-ups is how the first power-up is always build-up to be the highest you get but the there is another and another one and another etc.I mean with Ichigo it atleast made some sense for him to have more then just one power-up but where did THAT came from. 

I mean I am pretty sure we can all agree on the grand badassery of this form but it made no sense whatsoever and where did all the Goku tranformations came from ,SSJ was one thing but the fusions and the SSJ 4 (I cannot belive the SSJ transformation even went this far).


The typical shonen   ,you know like Bleach or Dragon Ball or Fairy Tail  or Blue Dragon....yea that kind.I honestly cannot bring myself to understand how a character that acts like a goof all the time,eats alot ,is an idiot and has no other strategy then to power-up  is in anyway likeable.I am willing to make an exception for Naruto because he seems to actually be able to vainquish somebody without relying solely on powering-up but on brains also (Negi,Kakuzu,Kakashi,Kiba,Pain,Zabuza,Konohamaru's teacher),he has also mastered techniques using his brains ,the rasengan,the rasenshuriken and the sage mode.I mean I am fine with ridiculously powerful characters but they really have to beat the f*ck out of their opponent and and ,in internet dialect, rape them like Alucard,Lucy or Afro Samurai by example.I also hate how some shows just go on forever I have wanted to get into One Piece but  the series has like 500 EPISODES!I hate characters like Natsu,Zatch Bell or Goku.I like characters that are somewhat intelligent like Lelouch Lamperouge,Ed Elric or Aizen.  
Now I love anime but those are just thing I dislike.

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The unoriginality of the serie

Especially since the arrancar arc Bleach has been turning into Dragon Ball with swords.It becomes obvious when you look at the ceros and energy blasts and the arrancars punching rather the using their sword.Bleach also uses very little strategy and weirdly it always seems to be when a secondary character is fighting never Ichigo.Also what happened to Ichigo's bankai? He used to be super fast yet now he is just average speed ! He gets easily tagged by Gin or Grimmjow.We barely even get to see him fight in base form anymore. Also like DB the fight just drag on too long .


The Bleach vs Naruto debate,I personnally prefer Naruto and here is why

  • There has been alot of talk about who is better Bleach or Naruto and here is what I think of this .
    Naruto Shippuden does not go to a filler arc in the MIDDLE of another more serious one.
    Naruto contrary to Ichigo can actually defeat a vilain in base form by using his intelligence.
    Naruto as reasons to fight the Akatsuki ,Ichigo fights Aizen simply because the Soul Society told him to.I mean yea sure Aizen as kidnapped Orihime and lead Rukia to be executed but he never really threatened the wolrd of the living.  
    The plot-holes
    Tousen being blind yet watching the screen in the Hueco Mundo arc...nuff said 
    Naruto displays way more personnality then Ichigo.Ichigo seems to display 3 personnalitys:whyni b#tch,pussy and tough badass.Sadly the 2 first ones are him atleast 40% of the time.  
    They are so many things unexplained in Bleach .Why is Ichigo's dad a soul reaper?Why does Ishida 's dad know Ichgo's?Why didn't Ichog's dad do anything when the hollow attacked in the first episode. 
    Another plot-hole is Aizen saying that Orihime and Chad's mutations are due to the Hogyoku but niether of them were near it before getting hteir powers.Hell they were not even in the soul society.


  • He is bland ,there is nothing about him that is particularly interresting.They are tons of characters in the serie that are more interesting then he is (Grimmjow,Ulquiora,Ishida,Kenpachi,Urahara,The Vizards,Aizen,Hichigo) yet he is the one Kubo picks to be the protagonist.As I said earlier he does not stop powering -up and it is seriously getting annoying becasue of the predictability of it.It is also hard to belive that Rukia and the other Soul Reapers/Vizards can fight Arrancars in base from but Ichigo can't.They might aswell just make his bankai form his base form since it is as low in his forms Ichigo will go nowadays.


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If you have already seen my "Fairy Tail sucks" thread or My top 5 worst anime thread (wich btw I amde into list ;)) DO NOT READ!

THE comedy and seriousness of the series,and how they seperate them

Fairy Tail , the show is too comedy orientated it litterally can't be taken seriously. Another thing I am not very much a fan of is the fact that they dont seem to seperate seriousness and comedy. 
Example: Lucy and her celestial gardiens, they all look silly except the maid  wich is a problem how are my suppose to take a fight seriously if there is a perv bull in it?How are my to take any situation seriously with Happy in it!
Yes animes do have a lot of comedy hell even Death NOTE  had its share of comedy with Misa but it wouldn't  interferewith serious battle scenes or plots twists.     


The lack of focus of purpose

The other thing I dont stand is the absence of any real purpose . In FMA(B) the plot is to get Al and Ed's bodies back,in Naruto it is to get Sasuke and to become Hokage , Fairy Tail lacks that. I meaN sure there is this whole Igneel thing but they spend very little time dedicated.I have watched the serie up to ep.25 and they only mentionned Igneel once in ep.2 to it is very like the Sunflower Samurai in Samurai champloo ,they spent tons of time on fillers arcs and episodes and then have to rush to finalize the  whole thing about the goal from the beggining but you can understand that due to Champloo being 26 episodes long Fairy Tail as waaay more time then that. 

The lack of blood

There is absolutely no blood nor is there anybody dying in it.   And yes blood not being there is something I can ignore but there so many moments in the show that do not make sense without it. How can Erza cut poeples without them bleeding ? Also the use of fire is verysimilar to the one in Pok√©mon wich means someone will get brutally burned and yet recovers a second after .  There is absolutely no blood nor is there anybody dying in it. Those things really give the show a kid feel to it.        
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