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Any time I try and write something on animevice the little box in wich I write is all white and I can’t see what I am writing wich makes it difficult to write properly

Is this happening to everybody or just me.

I had to write this on Word and copy paste it.    

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always watched TV shows where the character that is immortal always complains about it saying that they see too many poeple they like die. 
I say that this is something that is a part of life, we all see poeple die some we hate some we love. 
Now although I am suicidal/depressed at times I would not turn it down simply because it would a once in a lifetime opportunity and because one of the reason I am this way about suicide is because  every life seems kind of the same like no matter how much we try we can't break out of the cycle. 
3-Mediocre job 
7-Old age body breaking down 
Plz don't think I am crazy

And if you would what kind of immortality? 
I would personnally pick Schrodingerlucard immortality and/or immortality through absorption so this way    . 
This way humankind would never evolve to point where I would be "outdated" as I could just absorb the newesr human specimens like evil criminals 
Schrodinger immortality would be handy when this planet get destroyed by the sun so I could be out of there by just thinking about it.

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DC and Marvel have introduced the idea of alternate realitys 
Wich led to the creation of several different new characters  
Vampire Batman 
Do you think Anime/manga should do the same I mean we already kind of got a taste of it with FMA and FMAB  and Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. 
I have imagined a few fun scenarios 
Death Note 
What if L succeeded in his plan of defeating Kira in episode 25. 
What if L had gotten the Death Note instead of Light 
What if Al and Ed were homunculis created by Hoenheim 
What if Alchemy could be used in our world 
What if Naruto folowed Sasuke and joine the Akatsuki 
What if Naruto had been like Gaara 
What if Uryu was the one to be given shinigami powers
Dragon Ball 
What if Goku did not always come back when killed and he was replaced by Goten and Gohan. 
 What if the serie continued with adventures of Future Trunks from after he killed the androids
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I made this thread because of the common situation in battle threads where we put a  character up against Batman  but he gets stomped due to Batman having prep and Batman being near invincible with prep because in the comic he has been shown to get out of any situation with it.This argument  can get as silly as Batman vs Goku and poeple siding with Bats due to him having prep.Now some poeple have even called this some sort reality warping cause no matter how strong Batman wins.Now many    poeple will say let us just ban prep for Batman well here is the problem....Bats gets stomped or loses most of the time without prep the other problem is that  Batman's prep is part of his character kind of like Alchemy  is a part of Edward Elric's so I do not recomment it 

The possible solutions

Banning Batman from battles

Banning Batman having prep 
I personnally say we keep Batman's prep but if somebody is going to use it to make a case for him he should explain how he think Batman would use his prep or  only tactics used in the past would be used to make a case for him. 
 However I do nott hink this should be applied to investigations  because I do not think there is a huge overrating of Bat in this area.
example:L vs Batman

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I have a penis and testicles...


Now I know all of you guys willl be saying "Ah! but some of em are good man" and I will reply "Screw you!" lol.But in all seriousness I honestly dislike fillers not the kind of action packed filler arc unless it happens in the middle of a serious arc like in the case of Bleach.But if a TV show is seriously going to be  showing episodes that do not advance the plot at all and are simply a lame and pathetic attempt at comedy or to make the romance between 2 characters progress well it is not worth it.I know that fillers are there so the anime does not cath up on the manga but could they not just do like American TV shows where they simply take a few months break then come back with new episodes.Another thing I just find purely mind-boggling is the shorter the serie the more it has fillers! You would figure that a show with very little time would make the most of it...and you would underestimate the stupidity of some TV poeples.Samurai Champloo is plagued with fillers (althought not all of them are lame attempts at comedy ,they actually manage to be funny) wich leads to the question "If you won't make your show about X pupose why even bring it up?" I really do not see the point of knowing that the point of the whole is to find the Sunflower guy if 90% of the show ignores it.If you really want to show wich does not follow the purpose of the characters why give them a  purpose to begin with?

3-How are my suppose to differenciate between asian characters and caucasian characters?

 Just so you know I am not trying to say japanese poeple secretly want to be white, I am not an egotistical white with a sense of superiority ,I am black.,I even have an asian friend that agrees to that .But this really becomes obvious when in a show one of the main character encounters a caucasian character , the artists go to extreme  lenght to make him look different and it alot of times winds up being a caricature of white poeples wich I personnaly do not agree of.This problem becomes even more obvious when you look at series like FMA,Baccano!,Death Note and Code Geass in all of those series both japanese characters and american characters encounter each other and they are basically drawn the same way.Now some poeples will say anime characters who are said to be japanese have different bone structure I will again point to those TV shows where the white characters appears and show that there bone structure is identical here is an illustration of Lelouch Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi. 
Now to all of you who haven't viewed the serie ,tell me wich of those 2 characters is american and wich is japanese.Another argument that will try to be made is that it is the westerners that are drawing wrong!And that they are drawing japanese poeples in a steriotypical and from the japanese point of view the way the characters are drawn is representative of japanese. 
This argument becomes a problem  when  you look at characters like Ling Yao,Gin,the paranoia agent characters.My theory is that has documented anime inspired itself from western animation. 
Now AGAIN I am not saying asians want to look white or trying to insult anybody but that is my perception. 


2-Secondary characters taking the spot light or surpassing the main character in popularity or just getting too much focus

Now I hate this for various reasons. First the series usually want to  focus on there main character(you know usually ....) so having another character taking the spotlight makes it hard for the viewer to care for the protagonist.Secondly we never get as much of this character as we want. 
example: Kenpachi,Grimmjow,Urahara,Kaiba,Sesshomaru,Ulquiorra ,etc.. 
Now as for the cases where the secondary characters get too much focus my problem would be that it is annoying if you care for the main character.I have watched the first Naruto series and I watched them shove Sasuke down our throats in the first part up to the final exams! 
I for one can say that I hate Bleach but if Ulquiorra was to get a spin-off there is no denying I would watch it.  



1-Movies from shonen titles

   Pointless movie is pointless.They serve no purpose as we know the main character is gonna live and everything is gonna go back to normal.It is always the same there is a gigantic threat attacking the universe of the serie, the hero seeks an answer about  what is going on and then all the main characters reunite  attack the vilain in some super -epic-mega-fabulous-giga-monstruous-hypnotic-magnific-gigantic-awesome attack and the bad guy dies.And of course nothing relevant happens during the movie.I am fien with the movies if they don't happen during the course of a serie  or if they take the same story and modify it.
example: FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa 
                  Death Note Live-action films(I did not see them yet but they seem interesting.)
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