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I do not understand why verse battles are banned. I have talked to one of my friends on the site and he told that it is to avoid “shitstorms”. This is illogical in my opinion , any thread with very powerful characters especially DBZ vs. Comics threads are likely to create shitstorms.

I also think allowing verse battles would be good for the site. Since verse battles tend to create big discussions it would give people a bigger envy to post and create threads seeing that on the vice battles can generate long discussion.

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FMA: Brotherhood doesn’t have a lot of fights but when they do, they do it right. I loved moments like King Bradley vs. Greed (2 and 3 fights), Ed and the others vs. Father, Bradley vs. Scar, Ed vs. Pride, Armstrong vs. Sloth and Pride vs. Alphonse. Also the anime manages to be gory at times without overdoing it. Also the show manages to be very good at this


I like Ed and Al, they are    very likeable characters, you find yourself sympathizing with Ed, struggle to help his brother. I like how they can make you care so deeply sad about the death of characters like Bradley, Hughes or Hoenheim and even Crockers’ daughter. When Al sacrificed himself to restore Ed’s arm and Ed snapped I was stunned same thing for when Ed yelled at Al that he would be coming for him when he was inside the gate. I like how Envy was envious of humans and how he killed himself when he realized Ed figured it out, how Pride and Wrath simply wanted humans lives and how father simply wanted to have the world.I also liked the kids at end of the show.


The plot is really good. I liked the whole coup-d’état and how the serie was so calm up until those last 10 episodes ,it was like the whole show had been a big preparation for this promised day .Edward is also a very good character as I said you can sympathize with him and he is a very smart character and very well designed.


Ed and Al should have beaten more peoples on their own (maybe it is the Naruto / shounen fan in me who is speaking now,but for God sake Edward woops some ass!)

Greed vs Ed fight wasn’t as good as the first anime.

Too many peoples were left to live at the end of the serie.    

If you overlook the title ,the show feels like there is no clear protagonist as the focus is taken away from the Elrics alot and sometimes they even feel irrelevant to the action.(Both a good and bad thing)



I count on redoing this for other shows when I have time.

Some shows I plan on doing:Naruto,Death Note,Code Geass,Hellsing Ultimate

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If you haven't seen it





I really liked it,the whole idea of  a conspiracy  to trap this 14 yr old boy  seems very fun to say the least    .Plus I like the ver premise of the show being  very adult,I mean not only i s a guy flasely accused of murder but he uses his own blood to create attakcs.This show is definitely one I would recommend to  use if you want to show  a non-anime fan or an anime hater to show them that anime can definitly be very serious at times.



Why does anime always have to be about 14 yr old kids?I mean is Japan full of pedos or something lol.But in all seriousness the show seems like it would function better with an adult.It is pretty hard to believe that a 14 yr old would be put in jail with adult and nobody would seem to doubt it or go against the decision of putting a child in jail.

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My picks.

One Piece 
Eureka Seven 
FMA:Brotherhood movie 
BloodThe Last Vampire 
Black Lagoon 
Casshern sins(finishing it)    
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My personnal picks 
   Kenpachi Zaraki 

Natsu Dragneel




 I think both of them are very violent characters and should be in shows with more violence or blood.I would see Kenpachi fit into Violence Jack or  Hellsing pretty well and I would think Natsu being the least violent could fit into Naruto or FMA,but I would like to see him actually burn poeple to death or punching someone with fire and instead of having them fly very far  like in Fairy Tail   (whatever sense that makes if I hit you with a baseball bat the mass of the bat actually decreases so why would you be hit harder). 
Another reason why I am bringing that up is my dislike for Fairy Tail and Bleach ,I think they are good characters but there potential could be exploited in another show. 
So wich character do you want to see in another show?
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