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Anime badasses

Character ranked in badassery

1. Alucard

Mutant psychopath Dracula = WIN!

2. Shimazu Toyohisa

He wants your head!

3. Afro Samurai

He is black,he is voiced by Samuel L. Jackson and he's a samurai

4. Travis Touchdown

Everybody's favorie Jedi Otaku

5. Mugen

The breakdancing ronin

6. Suzaku Kururugi

SPINZAKU! He is a prick in R1 but at the end of R2...oh boy.

7. Claire Stanfield

He can solo his own verse and he is arguably God

8. Roberta

Terminator maid

9. BlackWarGreymon

One of the few Digimons that actually has balls.

10. Revy
11. Kohta Hirano
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