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V.s.The Homunculus - The Seven Deadly Sins 1.Lust 2.Gluttony 3.Envy 4.Sloth 5.Greed 6.Wrath 7.Pride 8.Father CONDITIONS  -Greedling and pre-God father  -Scenario 2: Gluttony has the gate -Knowledge is given to Guts -This is a gauntlet -Everyone is in character -Win by incapacitation or death -Location:  
5 hours, 26 minutes ago
Alucard and Integra V.s.                                                                                            1.Assassin and Kirei Kotomine 2.Lancer and Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald 3.Berserker and Kariya Matou 4.Saber and Emiya Kiritsugu 5.Rider and Waver Violet 6.Caster and Ryuunosuke Uryuu 7.Gilgamesh and Tokiomi Tohsaka 8.Gilgamesh and Kirei Kotomine 9.All of them unite to take him on. CONDITIONS -Pre-Schrodinger  -Speed equalized -Fate/Zero versions of everyone -No knowledge is given -Everyone is in character -9 days of preparation for Fate/Zero characters -LOCATION: ...
6 days, 4 hours ago
The Wretched Egg VS. Alucard CONDITIONS -Pre-Schrodinger -Unsealed Wretched Egg -Both are bloodlusted -No knowledge -Location: An amusement park
1 month ago
 @takashichea Team FMA v.s. Doctor Who and Torchwood villains   This thread was locked under the pretext that apparently a single Dalek could solo in spite of Daleks  never showing the capacity to tank building level attacks and getting blown up by lesser attacks such as an energy beam which has a destructive capacity which is inferior to Roy Mustang's snap and Kimbley 's clap  which could make building level explosions.Destructive ...
1 month, 2 weeks ago
@CerusSerenade: Kimble and Mustang level buildings.Bradley cuts tank shells in half. Have Daleks shown this level of durability ?
1 month, 2 weeks ago
TEAM FMA - Edward Elric,Izumi Curtis,Hoenheim,Alphonse Elric,Roy Mustang and Armstrong - Riza Hawkeye (with twin handguns and sniper rifle) -Olivia Armstrong with the Briggs Forces(say 100) - The 7 Homunculus with Bradley leading a set of troops equivalent to the Briggs Forces -100 zombie Homunculus -Greed has a clique of chimeras with him - Scar and Kimble Vs. TEAM DW -100 Sontarans -100 Weevils -20 Weeping Angels -20 Silence -20 ...
1 month, 2 weeks ago
B.A.U. V.s. 1.Dexter 2.Hannibal 3.Johan Liebert 4.Light Yagami 5.All of them CONDITIONS -They win by bringing them to justice -The killer know they are being hunted and can manipulate third parties from their universe -The B.A.U.'s team names are not available to the media -Order of the gauntlet can be changed if you judge the power hierarchy to be different -Kira is taken out of the number 5 if he ...
1 month, 3 weeks ago
  Characters from different works   That's what I imagined a convo between the Tenth Doctor and Guts from Berserk would be like CONTEXT THE LAST DALEK EXISTANT APPEARED IN THE BERSEK UNIVERSE ,GUTS ATTACKS HIM BELIEVING HE IS AN APOSTLE Ten: putting his fingers on the sides of Guts' head Guts: DON'T TOUCH ME! I don't roll that way. pushes the Doctor aside Ten: I've seen it Guts. puts his hands ...
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Just putting it out there that Scar does not know the composition of Mozgus's armour.
2 months, 2 weeks ago
Mozgus from Berserk V.s. Anderson from Hellsing V.s. Scar from FMA Brotherhood CONDITIONS -Everyone is In character -Speed is equalized -No Helena's nail and Scar can reconstruct -Everybody knows what they are up against -Location
2 months, 2 weeks ago
@Dream: Nui's mind control functions as a  thread that gets into your brain and controls it.Souls are not really relevant in that context . I also don't remember Alucard ever evading mind control in that way.
2 months, 2 weeks ago
Nui has mind control on a higher level then Alucard's ,just putting this out there.
2 months, 2 weeks ago
  Nui Harime V.s.   CONDITIONS -She uses the scissor blade -Alucard is pre-schodringer -Neither has knowledge of the other's abilities -In Character   -Location:  
2 months, 2 weeks ago
MrASSH0LE replied to the topic Voldemort(Harry Potter) vs Guts (Berserk) on the Battles board.
2 months, 3 weeks ago
  Voldemort VS Guts   -Knowledge is provided for Guts -Berserker Armour is allowed  -In character for both -Location: Hogwarts Scenario 1: Voldemort alone Scenario 2: Death Eaters come to back-up Scenario 3: Same as 2 except Guts brings his own team
2 months, 4 weeks ago
@taichokage: I don't understand how Blood Lad  and Zetman are seinen, but not Attack On Titan which is way more gruesome( at least from the anime)
3 months ago
MrASSH0LE started the topic Sloth ( FMAB) Vs. Zodd ( Berserk) on the Battles board.
  CONDITIONS -No knowledge -In character for Zodd,bloodlusted Sloth -Location:
3 months ago
The problem with romance in shounen series is the "will they or won't they" dynamic that just drags on for 200 chapters without ever being resolved.   Seinen manga from what I saw does not have that problem.Guts and Casca get together within first 60 chapters or so and in Zetman ,Jin sleeps with his girlfriend quite fast.
3 months ago
Roberta VS   CONDITIONS -Roberta gets all her equipments ,so does Guts -They know what each other can do -In Character-Scenario 1: Regular Guts -Scenario 2: Berkserker Armour Guts -Location:  In a bar
3 months ago
MrASSH0LE replied to the topic Zabuza ( Naruto) VS Guts (Berserk) on the Battles board.
@Dream: not enchanted
3 months, 1 week ago
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