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Shunsuke Morita
Shunsuke Morita

Little it is known about the boy that was found nine years ago one morning at the outside of the leaf village.. All that it is known is that the boy was special. A unique weapon not only it seems to be a inhered of the Hyuga clan which was the first believed but the boy came from but he had a mixture, Byakugan and a eye with the power of the sharingan as well! the village didn’t believe it was possible since the Uchiha clan was supose to be wipe out except for Sasuke and Itachi. the only way would be to have had some sorth of slaved Uchiha or some evil scheme. the eye of the boy was torn like if the sharingan eyes would of been placed by human hand the people realize the pain  the boy must have gone through, is as if the eye with the sharingan seem that was rip out of a Uchiha and added to the young boy when he was a new born.
The leaf village only though of one person sick enough to do suck thing to a infant.. Orochimaru.. It was never confirm if this was true but who else would do such thing? The boy had no memory at all only the basic things were the only use of his memory.

Is been nine years already since Shunsuke was found just outside the doors of Konoha. He was a strange boy and like many he just felt alone because the others treated him like a freak for not having a father and mother, almost like if they were blaming him for been born. Why does everyone hates me? What have I’ve done to deserve this? Why no one cares about me.. Mother, father were are you? Who are you? Who am I? what is my purpose?! The boy kept asking himself since to the village he was nothing but a future threat.


But Shunsuke even if he felt alone, there were those who cared about him since he is not the only ninja who was different on Konoha. The first one who showed affection to Shunsuke was Iruka the teacher seen in him the picture of Naruto when Shunsuke was sitting alone on the swings. Iruka took Shunsuke to eat been the first one to actually show any sight of interest other than as a teacher.

Kakashi (They share the same look like Rock Lee and Guy)
Kakashi (They share the same look like Rock Lee and Guy)

After graduation he was not placed in a team he was placed under Kakashi’s hand been like a full time student since the leaf village had plans for him. After all if a Shinobi with the power of the sharingan and byakugan in a single Shinobi the man would be almost unbeatable.

Kakashi was order by Tsunade to trained Shunsuke and to teach him everything he knows and as commanded so did Kakashi Shunsuke became Kakashi's favorite student and biggest rival as well other than Guy who better to train with than a enemy that knows all your tricks?

Lord Hiashi Hyuga
Lord Hiashi Hyuga

But Kakashi’s training could only take Shunsuke to learn sharingan he was still unawere of the full power of the byakugan. When Shunsuke was found his eyes were simply like the other Hyuga members and even if he was a outsider the Hyuga clan accepted him in the clan but then the Sharingan emerged on one of his eyes and he was no longer welcome in the Hyuga house hold.

Lady Hinata
Lady Hinata

Long after that lady Hinata bumps into the one stranger that once roam her home, and then she out the sudden never saw again. Catching up on what happen, why he suddenly disappeared. Shunsuke revealed to Hinata that her father had vanished him from the clan because of his Sharingan/ byakugan eyes. Shunsuke explained to her that everyone see him as a future enemy and judge him without even getting to know him fist. Hinata understands how Shunsuke feels since she knows others like him, Naruto for example, he was always a outsider and judge because of what he had inside him. Hinata then had to go, but before doing so with her redden cheeks she ask Shunsuke if he liked to trained with her sometime. Shunsuke with a big smile he accepts. This is when he is taught some of the secrets behind the byakugan since Hinata didn’t think it was fair to be discriminated for been different.

After long training Shunsuke was sent ion  mission by the fifth hokage by himself. Kakashi and Shunsuke did not like this one bit and went in a mission to find out what is going on.

More soon

Powers and ability:

Like all leaf village shinobi Shunsuke's powers are drawn from chakra, Ki, or spiritual force. Shunsuke's past is a mystery it is unknown if he is really a off spring of a Hyuga and a Uchiha or just a experiment, but he owns both Sharingan and Byacugan. The boy was trained by Kakashi in the use of his sharingan but unfortunatly the Hyuga clan forbid him from learning the secrets of the byacugan yet he still lean a few things on his own, also with the help of Hinata Hyuga.


The Byakugan is a blood-line trait that appears in the Hyuuga clan. The user can see in a near 360 degree area except for a blind-spot located behind the neck along the spinal cord. The Byakugan eyes give their user a power similar to X-ray vision, allows them to see the flow of Chakra in another being's body, gives them telescopic vision, and the gift of insight; however they cannot use the insight on themselves.

An experienced Byakugan user can temporarily close off an opponent's various flows of chakra with carefully placed chakra blows, rendering the opponent unable to move the part of their body that was struck.



An Uchiha will first gain their Sharingan with usually one tomoe when their life is in danger and their Sharingan will continue to get more powerful as they gain more tomoes (maximum of 3 in each eye).

Sharingan abilities

Copying ability
The ability for which the Sharingan is famed. The eyes allow for anyone with them to duplicate almost any technique performed against them as long as they see the hand seals in motion with their Sharingan activated, however it cannot copy summonings or other bloodline techniques (which would require you to have been born with special characteristics).
But as the Sharingan allows the user to copy the opponent's handseals, it also allows the ability to copy other body movements aswell, but this is a two-edged sword, for example: it allowed Sasuke to copy the martial arts of Lee, it did not however give his body the enhanced stamina, so he tired quickly.
Prediction Ability
The Sharingan is much more sensitive to movement than a normal eye, giving the user the ability to detect even the slightest movement in view. With good judgment, this allows the user to predict movement. This is a very deadly ability in hand to hand combat, though the Sharingan user must be able to physically keep up with the speed of their opponent for it to be effective.
Genjutsu Ability
The Sharingan is able to cast genjutsu through eye contact with an opponent, this genjutsu only requires skill, not handseals. It is an advanced ability that requires much practice to use effectively. A more adept Sharingan user is also able to instantly realize when they are placed in a genjutsu, although they are still effected by it.
Chakra Sight
The Sharingan is able to see chakra which is naturally invisible to a normal eye like the Byakugan, from which it was born. This is also related to the user's ability to predict movement as they can see the flow of chakra through the opponent's body.

The rest of abilities are pretty much Kakashi's own jutsus and most basic jutsus.

Final attack combo jutsus:

These are use before Shunsuke uses his most powerful attack.. he builds the field starting by tiring the opponent then begins by confusing him after that he send the dog pack after him and if the enemy is inmobilize prepare for the worse!

Ninja art, hidden mist jutsu! 
(Mist appears making visibility as thick as it can get.)

Ninja art summoning, earth stile fan pursuit jutsu! (Dogs go from scroll straight into the ground and attack the opponent biting him then ripping him to pieces, but Shunsuke mostly uses them to hold the opponent)

after that he uses gentle fist eight trigrams 124 palms blocking the opponent's arteries and chacra points.. making the opponent useless and even killing him if he wish or for a messy death he might use chidori or rasengan.

Ultimate defense: Hinata Hyuga's jutsu

Ultimate defense
Ultimate defense

This jutsu is a combination of the Eight trigrams heavenly spin (Rotation) and the eight trigrams sixty four palms . In this jutsu, Shunsuke emits a constant stream of chakra from his palms, creating extremely sharp chakra blades. With his natural flexibility, Shunsuke can reach any point around him, allowing him to hit any target within his field of vision. While using this jutsu, Shunsuke moves extremely fast (his movements become a blur), allowing him to hit hundreds of targets with extreme precision, much like the original Sixty-Four Palms jutsu. Additionally, Shunjsuke can control the size of the chakra beams in his palms, allowing him to create larger, arc-shaped chakra beams that spread out across his entire attack range. With this and his natural flexibility, the technique creates an "absolute defense" effect similar to that of the Heavenly Spin, though the cutting nature of the chakra prevents any outside force from restricting it. In this way, the technique can be used as both an offensive and defensive maneuver. When he uses the first form of the jutsu, the one with the straight chakra blades, he can spin to increase the effectiveness to such a level that he can deflect sand-sized particles.

This was taught to Shunsuke by Hinata Hyuga believing it was unfair to reject him for been different.

own jutsu:

this jutsu was created by me it does not appear in the Naruto series.

These jutsus were develop by shunsuke himself after watching Kunkuro playing around with his puppets. combining that with summoning jutsu and the chakra strings and control.

(takes some good amount of chakra)
Summoning, chain binding jutsu!
Summoning, chain binding jutsu!

Sumoning, chain binding jutsu: Chains appear from any location. they could come out the walls, floors, ceiling, water, even trees. the chains are alive they are like snakes under Shunsuke's control they even chase after the victims to hold them. the chains are stronger than common chain since they are infuse with chakra they are almost unbreakable. they are control by chakra ropes (like Kunkuro's strings puppets) only that these are attached to his arms while they are searching for the enemy.

Chain binding reaping:
after the chain binding Shunsuke can order the chain to rip out the limbs of his pray. or even torture them by pulling the limbs.

these jutsu is specially to finish off a opponent or to hold him if the dog pack don't work. these two steps are actually some things that Shunsuke can do but really he can do anything at all with them, like use them as whips, squeeze a opponent to death etc.

Jutsus in developments:
Symbols on his back
Symbols on his back

Tear drop seal: Inspired in the story of the fight between the three Sanins and how Tsunade stored chakra in the dot on her forehead Shunsuke grabbed on to the idea and created a seal of his own. using his chackra he scared his skin with two symbols. the symbols are a seal of chakra stored like a batery backup.

The underworld hound: Shunsuke has a contract with dogs and he knows how to summon them but to a limit which Kakashi warned him never to cross. just like Jiraiya summons Gamabunta Shunsuke could summon the bigguest furius of the hounds.

since Shunsuke is a lone ninja he must be extra careful and knows healing arts.

Ninja Tools:

10 Kunais
15 shurikens
60 feet of wire
10 smoke bombs
5 explosive kunais
5 flash bombs
5 scrolls.

first aid:
poison antidotes: cures from poisoning
healing leafs: it helps healing wounds and disinfect them
plasma pills: restore blood cells

Entire list of Justu: Kakashi

Performing the lightning blade
Performing the lightning blade

  • Chidori
  • Demon Fox Chakra Seal
  • Demonic Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
  • Earth Release: Earth Style Wall
  • Earth Release: Inner Decapitation Technique
  • Earth Release: Underground Projection Fish Technique
  • Earth Release: Winding Fissure (Movie only)
  • Eight Gates
  • Evil Sealing Method
  • Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique (Anime only)
  • Front Lotus (Anime only)
  • Hidden Mist Technique (Anime only)
  • Ice Release: One Horned Whale (Movie only)
  • Kamui
  • Lightning Blade
  • Lightning Blade Double Charge
  • Lightning Current (Unnamed)
  • Lightning Hound (Unnamed)
  • Lightning Release: Shadow Clone Technique
  • Multiple Shadow Clone Technique
  • One Thousand Years of Death
  • Rasengan
  • Shadow of the Dancing Leaf (Anime only)
  • Silent Homicide Technique
  • Sly Mind Affect Technique (Anime only)
  • Strong Fist
  • Summoning Technique ( Dogs)
  • Summoning Technique: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique
  • Water Clone Technique
  • Water Release: Grand Waterfall Technique
  • Water Release: Water Dragon Projectile Technique
  • Water Release: Water Encampment Wall
  • Water Release: Water Shark Missile Technique
  • White Light Chakra Sabre

ninja dog pack:

Shunsuken's dog pack
Shunsuken's dog pack

Moi moi        (Favorite) talks
Bull                          (Scariest huge dark bulldog)
Itchi                        talks
Pakkun        (Kakashi's favorite) talks

Known Weakness:

He is believe to be a Uchiha since he has impressive stamina like the Uchihas.

Human weakness
sometimes over confident
might over use too much of his chakra without realizing it.

For fan-boys that might not agree with my powers..

The creator of naruto responded that if a Uchiha and a Hyuga were to have a child this would be the outcome.. it is in this link :)


Shunsuke in Vice world:

Vice world RPG

9 and 10. Florenzia

The three land masses of Florenzia are home to the most renowned martial artist known to ViceWorld. It resembles our Southwestern Asian counties. They are warriors of the sword and fist. They're masters of discipline and wise in Sharingan. Deep in the bamboo are many feuding clans which want to gain control of the others and spread their fighting style across the world. The islands borders are manly controlled and ran by sea-pirates. The Pirates infest the waters off the coast of Florenzia and will hijack any unfamiliar ship.

this is Shunsuke can be found.

Vice world RPG
Vice world RPG
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