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Welcome To The Jungle

The 08th MS Team has the most interesting battles in The Universal Century Timeline. While what we mostly get from the other shows is space battles or lard land battles The 08 is different in that what we get is jungle warfare. The battles are quite different. The 08 is ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on Aug. 29, 2012
Where it all started

This is the show that it all! I wanted to go through the entire Universal Century timeline. I bought the movies but they do not give you the entire story. One good thing about the movies is that they were able to skip episodes that didn't add very much to ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on Aug. 29, 2012
This gets better then the series

Unlike the second movie I think the third added at lot instead of taking away from the story of The Universal Century. They added length to importaint segments like when Sayla told Bright that Char was her brother or when Lady Kycilia revels to Char that she knows his true ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on July 6, 2012
M'Quve, Where Out Though M'Quve?

The second movie of the three has to cover more of the series then the other two so we get a whole lot more taken out and more of the story changed. I liked a lot of the things that were taken out and almost makes me with they did ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on July 6, 2012
Could of Had More Cammy

What can I say? Cammy is my favorite Street Fighter! lol. Okay seriously. I didn't expect much from this series. It's alright but it would be better if you can find this on free TV before you dish out any money for it. Maybe it would have been better if ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on June 13, 2012
A nice little movie

I was sad when I found out this movie was not going to be a sequal to the series. I think the movie is worth a watch, if only it has Reton and Eureka in a different universe. Let me tell you though this movie is not nearly as good ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on June 13, 2012
Warning: Awesomeness

Eureka Seven is a series filled with drama, love and conflict. We follow Renton as he grows from a boy who hates his hometown to a man who tries his best to protect the one he loves, Eureka. And boy is it one hell of a ride. This is my ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on June 13, 2012
Why Couldn't I Get This In English?

The first MSG movie did well to cover the first third of the first MSG series. It even made some of the early episodes look very skipable after I went back to watch the full series. I feel this movie made for a better story then the first third of ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on June 13, 2012
I was not expecting this

Well like everyone else I assumed Sekirei was going to be more about fan service then story. Something like Queen's Blade. Well I can say that I like many others were plesently surprised when there was more then meets the eye. Things began to pick up after the first few ...

Reviewed by MooseNugget on June 13, 2012
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