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The first time I was able to see the orignal Mobile Suit Gundam movies was through Zune on Xbox Live. On there they had the three compilation movies of the original series, three compilation movie of Zeta Gundam and Char's Counterattack. Watching these movies on Xbox Live has lead me to buying a large amount of Universal Century Gundam DVDs. I'm starting my up with the first Mobile Suit Gundam series and working my way toward Unicorn. I think I'll get F-91 another time. People say it's bad and I also wanted to hold off on it anyway since buying all these DVDs costed a lot of money. Also I didn't see Victory Gundam or ZZ for sale. I'm not sure about Victory but ZZ picks up with what happens after Zeta and I would like to see that. Even if they decide against making a english dub.

So I went through some of the forums on this site and I saw the people seem to perfer the movies over the series. I can understand the thinking on that. The movies go at a faster pace and you don't need to invest as much time or money to watch the movie as the series. But of course there's things cut out of the movies that you would see in the series. The whole episode of The Battle in Texas in changed in the movie. To be honest I enjoyed the battle in Texas Colony in the series then the movie. The movie takes a more serious tone the the series. There are chractors almost completly taken out of the movies. All this is understandable. They needed to take a whole lot of materal and reduce it to a two hour movie. But it does change the story of Mobile Suit Gundam. Well it's nothing like they change they made for the Zeta Gundam movies but still you're not getting a same story.

A advantage I found for the movies is that they want back to very importaint points in the story and expanded them. I admit before I even began to watch the first episode I wanted to see these senes again. I find them and they are not nearly as long as the movie verson. These were redone and I admit the movie makes a these importaint senes more importaint and entertaining. These movies was their second chance to make something more entertaining and I admit there were improvments.

I can tell you know the first movie was better then the first third of the series. In fact I see some of the early episodes skipable. Not that it wasn't fun to watch some stuff I didn't get in the movie. Maybe the problem is that I know what's going to go down. From what I read on the MSG wiki it seems the series is going to pick up. I'll share my final view after I finished the series and give one for my series review. Until then I'll wait until I'm done with the middle part of the series to write a review of the second movie and once I finish I'll do one for the third movie and the entire series. After that I'll go onto Stardust Memory.

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