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So we know for sure that James Cameron is going to do a Battle Angle Alita moive and that it will probably have some motor ball in it. Some of us would like for him to start at the beginning of the manga and while that wound still make an awesome movie I think the 'motor ball' arc will have the strongest appeal for the common movie goers. Why? because the average movie buff will want to see a lot of action. I fear the first early chapter of Alita would start off to slow for a movie. The only sustained fight the first volume of Alita is with Makaku and the second volume with the 'Hugo' arc has hardly any fighting in it. They are both good story arcs however they would make a less great action film. However Motor Ball is like a constant 300kmh adrenalin rush over two full volumes of manga. Which could be made into good 2 to 2 1/2 hr movie. Just add in some flashback for some of the back story and we got ourselves a movie that will appeal to both the fans of Battle Angle Alita and normal movie buffs. 
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