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According to wired japan dose not like the I phone or any other western brand for that matter. Kinda make scene because their phone have always surpassed outs. Now I'm no Mac 'fan boy' in fact I refuse to enter the apple store unless I'm looking at and IPhone. I have to say it's and amazing piace of tecnolgy with cool apps. To bad it's so dam expensive. Oh well heres hopeing the second geration Android will be better.

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After a failed search on the Internet for a scale of moe I decided to make one. I soon found out that using only one variable such as age made it difficult to appropriately graph moe. I decided to use a scatter chart. The X-axis is age and Y-axis is independence, being that an independent person is high on the chart and a helpless person is low on the chart.

It a bad graph but it's the best I could come up with on short notice. That and I made it with 'MS paint' and GIMP. It may look confusing but it is really simple. Take a character or franchise and set it where you think it goes on the chart. Now this is MY chart, if you did this your chart ,and I encorage you to do so, it will look different. But I think the law of averages will set in at some point.

There is some things I notice, first of most characters fell near the middle so I would think of this area as some average/standard moe zone. I also notice that Hatchin form Michiko to Hatchin or Kino form Kino's Journey  though relatively escape the loli zone because they are vary independent. Also take note of the 'Hot-babe Zone' and 'Older women' area.

I hope to make a better chart so if you have any suggestions or Ideas please tell me.

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