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Join me, Lunermoth and our new guest Cogito as we cover the news on Anime Vice.


First up Beck gets a live action movie.

ADV gets Darkside Blues.

We get more Darker than Black.

Geneon rescues some CMP stuff.

Shana third season.

Gainax take a brake and goes back to kindergarten.

Yoko is still sexy.

and One piece is leaked and pull taking FMA with it.

WTF Section

rape games banned (again)

N. Korea is crazy

Nagi fans are too.

Striking ins some Lucky Star undies.

Cosplay can get you in trouble.

'Moe' ambassador
Otaku encyclopedia

Hot blond is mahjong pro.

And quit stilling our president.

Figures (kind of)

E3 gives us some good stuff.

Places to be in anime you don't want to go to.

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Join Lunermoth, Red Roses, and Me(MoonStorm) covering the news on Anime Vice.
We start of buy welcoming GodLen and John.
Then we get to talk about Red Roses about her Fanime experience and some Dark Hours.
WTF Those are some cool drawings, an English fan club for Nagi, PS3 Eva app.

Prices go up and you think your job sucks.

Finally new Haruhi, and Spice and Wolf gets licensed.

Otaku around the world.

We had more but I lost it Sorry.

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Lunermoth and me talk a lot about figures.

Good news Jun in the US is till open.

Then we talk about the Taiga fig, Asuka fig, Kagami fig, strike witches fig, and a bug killer fig.

Then one you have those fig place them on “di:stage

Then we talk about AN paid services and is it really worth it.

If Negima was really like this I would read it.

Then there is a pilgrimage for Haruhi.

and a man pleads guilty.

Some people guild a 1 to 1 scale of a gundam.

The Eden of the East cell phone.

Things that should be official swag.

The caption contest winners.

Every one loves maids.

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This time on Vice Squad, Lunermoth, MoonStorm, and Red Roses. Will wonder what Gainax and Gangan working on.
Then One Piece gets Silmulcast.
Danny dose and Ad.
I want an IPhone even more now.
Moribito is back on Adult Swim.
Don't Worry H-Game are not going anywhere.
Chinese hates Ultraman.
Trigun guest will be at and Expo and while your there go to the maid Cafe.
Haruhi book is still not out.
Generic Costumes look bad.
Obscenity case strike anime/manga again.
Also the difference in Girls and boys Otaku.
If you don't like the term industry want do you want to call it?
NSFW or any other place.
Yoko figure done real.
Jun Planning is rememberd.
Get motivated by anime.
Russia Kagami.
Candy and week talk food in the end of the show.

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The week me and lunermoth talk bout Japan's plan to promote anime overseas.
San Francisco is going to get one cool building the summer.
There more trouble in the anime world with BEI and broccoli but ADV make a save and Kodansha is bringing a classic back.
Is this all because some bubble has burst.
Next up will the US Death Note be bad or awesome.
Cruchyroll gives some translators a chance and gives of some Gundam 00 love.
Then how do you manage a 48 member band? Check out some of Takashi Murakami other work.
Also why haven't anyone incensed library wars.
We also admire some vary hot figures.
Give a shout out the HeeroYuy for wining this weeks Userday. A meh to moot and a grate AMV by Aceofclub5.
News on Spice and Wolf II OP and ED
Finally SPJA Finalist.
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