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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Red Roses, and Schwindelmagier. as we go cover anime vice and AX news.

Vanguard Princess is a good game and it's free so GO PLAY IT.

We get some eroge game coming to the US.

Kaiji is on a boat and on the big screen.

20th Century Boys is a trilogy.

New Gundam Movie.

New anime stuff.

Fist of the North Start licenses.

New Darker Than Black confirmed.
Brake Blades gets anime.
loli vampire anime.
Rumor on SZS and Moyashimon.
Kamen rider on Toonami
Moe tanks.

Japan Still wired and still likes its lolis

Arrested for rapelay.

Don't tase me hello kitty.

Toys Macross and Ranka.

Remember watch Haruhi on the net

Lastly anything AX

There too much to list.

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Join Me, lunermoth, Red Roses, and Psycho Gamer as we cover the new on Anime Vice.


We start off with Miyazaki showing up at Comic Con and Otokon get some people too.

meet soul geek Cripsin freeman

Akira and Oldboy movies are still possible

Kristen Bell like Astro boy.

Ero game developers are blocking everyone.

Right Stufs guess for the count down.


Summer previews what are you watching.

Haruhi is legal now on the tubes.

Eva 2.0 is epic win at theaters.

New Macross movie is a coming.
Ninamori is a cool FLCL character.
Slayers go watch it.
Fariy tale gets an anime.
What the hell are the Harveys.
Guest blog the seven ages part II.


AMV it is cool.

ROBO GEISHA so bad it's good.

Manga man he is cool.

Michael Jackson in anime.

Seras VS Edward Yeah that a no contest.


Mocross X Lucky Start figs

Saber Chibi fig.
DBE figs.
Ranka Lee fig is wired.
Lucky Star Uniforms at real school. Man that going to suck for them.
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Joining MoonStorm, Lunermoth, RedRoses, Cogito in half of the ep. the first half was distroyed by being recored when skype crased and reset the reording.
Let start with Takahashi figs
Life sized gundam is alive and a pink one.
Cool college website.
New vs old OP of haruhi
New tekken char.
Girls on you DSi
Phlosphers guide.
Astro Boy leaked images.
GIGANTOR is also alive.
EVA everyting.
Coffee robot is cute.
Please make better fake vids.
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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, and Cogito on our tour of this weeks news on Anime Vice.


Sengoku Basara second season.

EVA 1.0 in US.

Sword of the Stranger review.

Death It sucks.

Being sick also sucks.

Kodokawa may go under.
Eden of the East movie in the works.
Crazy for dogs live action movie in the works
Plz, no more acid shooting boobz.
Akira movie is dead.
Clamp + vocaloid video.
were required to read but only on kaiba.
Anime expo pulling a John Martone. (lol)
while your there prover your gundamness.

Toys Yoko, Viral, Fate/stay, plus more.

Super flat is awesome.

illegal stuff now more illegal.

Japan ruins spider man.

Sushi restaurant is cool.

Vice looks for the best AMV's

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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Red Roses, Cogito, and Schwindelmagier.
Concerts as awesome
Misato on the PS3
Release dates for Blood the Last Vampire, Spice and Wolf, First Squad, and new Yamato.
Do we recommend ghost hunt.
aBE is working on something.
Naruto live action, We fear it.
Tim is an awesome man.
DBE revenge of the suck.
TV in SoCal gets anime.
CPM sale, Everything must go.

Digging giant robots and giant robot toys.

Plus some naruto figs, Lucky Star Macross figs, and Konata fig.

WTF japan

Terminator in doraemond

Cross dressing singers.

Gernderswaps it fun to do to anime.

green tea in your coca cola.

There a Dragon ball game for every one.

Manga dose it inspire you.

After the show we talk random crap so stay and enjoy.

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