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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, and Heero Yuy as we cover the new on Anime Vice.

News stuff
Gundam 00 movie
X-box indie game banned.
Eureka seven movie.
Book of Bantorra.
Levitz talk  
Peach-Pit + Ryukishi07 = awesome
Volleyball manga gets OVA.
Preview Seiken No Blacksmith. 
Tegami Bachi has a cool gun.
Games are older than you think.
Level 5 gives us more. 
AMV Bond, James Bond.
Tatsunoko VS Capcom who will be the new char.
DBZ online.
Taiga Fig, Bad Gundam figs, Mikuru figs

WTF Japan
Bleach guitar fail.
expensive cosplay Eh
Anime evolution charts.
Gundam girls.
Two robots kiss, start the fall of humanity.
Hetalia vending machine.

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Join Moon Storm and Lunermoth as we cover the news on Anime Vice. 
RIP Takahiro yamato .
Maid-sama anime.
White Album second seasion
More Code gayass woops I mean Geass.
Hollywood keeps on talking.
Monster on a syfy
Soul Eater Casting
Haruhi and Newtype have bad ideas  
Saimoe cont.
Jesus in Japan
Unicorn Gundam Trailer.
UN wants legal ban on rape games.
Manga cafe closes
Robot save and eats you at the same time
Canaan fig is sexy
nendoroid yui
haruhi figs.
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Join Moonstorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy, and OutlawSpike as we cover the News on Anime Vice.


Endless eight is ending.

Ponyo screening.

King for a day.

Zatch Bell creator is coming up with something else.

4Kids is 4Sale


Ivy Vs. Squenix.

Akira is back.

Saimoe is cool, fight to the death.

Don't know what it is but it should be cool.

I'm a Hitman the movie (hopefully better than that other Hitman movie).

Government funded anime.

Manga on the phone is working.

Crunchyroll get Hanasakeru Seishounen.

Japan game are now cheaper so go get some.

Fairy Tail, Voice cast list.

Maids don't leave us in despair.

How not to be an Asshole in the exhibit hall.

Eden of the East via movie.

Miyazaki tales of earthsea.

Fate/stay night movie.

Blu-ray (what do you want.)

Times are hard for animation studios. (and everywhere else too.)

anime gets it's own Wonderland

New series, Betrayal knows my name.

Miyazaki at CC.

Halo anime trailer.

What to watch on anime network.

Works of Tezuka Osamu.

House vs. Blackjack.

Princess Sara gets princess drama.

Junichiro Koizumi, Dubya, Putin go Anime.

Cencoroll made by one guy.

Nariko Sakai goes missing.

Crime never pays. (DON'T STEAL POSTERS)

Cat ear headphones not that cool.

WTF Japan

Boob pudding.

Wife robots (stop it japan)

Moe melons (get you head out of the gutter I really mean of melons)

K-On porn. (and that not a left handed bass)

Gigantor it BIG.

Eating dinner with your fake wife.

Samurai maids.

Figures & Cosplay

Danny Choo mascot, Mio, and Gothic fairy figs. Nano fig

figs at CC.

Wonder Festival.

Cosplay at CC link I, II, and III

Chun li and Cammy figs

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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Red Roses, and Schwindelmagier as we cover the news. (feel free to leave comments)


Key animator Yoshinori Kanada passes away.

Miyazakyi essays is delayed.

Spice and Wolf and Nabari No Ou is picked up by funimation.

Endless Eight killing you well at least there a haruhi CD to make up for it.

Eden of the East is licensed.

Inuyasha on your iPod.

Voltron movie.

Comic con Request thread.

Last Airbender movie pics.

Japanese fan girls are cute but crazy.

More Animondays.


Persona 5 might be on the PS 3

Card Saga looks good.

other stuff

Kamina is the only thing that makes segways awesome.

Live action lazy.

Girls love mecha too expectantly the one with big drills.

AMV you know my name.

Denim face mask. (really creepy)

Censorship hits japan his is bad.

Moe girls convert you to buddhism.

Old school calculator.


Old Sailor moon toys.

Attendance were you one of them.

Otokon Pics Day 1 & 2.

After the show we talk some about games.

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Blog writhen by lunermoth, don't ask questons we got our ways.
NEW Guess Outlaw Spike has a Band, you should check out his MySpace.
Joint the IRC

Don't be an Ass.

OMG it Miyazaki glamp.

Something else

and BOA

My Crunchyroll getting soggy.

Manga on the PSP.

4kids is trying to make someone happy, still fails.

Ellen might like anime, but I could care less.

itunes has more anime.

So dose Xbox

Bandai is playing with your feelings.

Anime Games, the good, the bad, and not so good.

The 6th child of Eva, I think I got a shot.

Yen we own you soul but still severs you tea.

Take to the Skies, Aniplex

Will someone shut up Brazil about Michael.

Is 2ed season of Haruhi getting license? I got 5 bucks on yes.

Japan need to get a life.

Hey this show looks cool.

AMV hit me to hard. I think I see blood. Is that blood, Ya that blood.

Project Gundam File 1, 2, 3, & 4

Haruhi is real! Real I say!

Backhand your catgirl every now and then. Show them who boss.

Can We have your money Japan if you just trowing it out

The People vs. Yakuza, I would use a horse head for imitations.

Twilight manhwa, BURN IT, Burn it in the fires of your rage!

FMA figures, we guess their ok.
Hey cool kicks.
I speaka engrish, (I also bet you can find misspellings above, But lets ingnore that)
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