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  Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy as we cover the news on anime vice.   

SaiMoe Finalist- done for now….
how about the strongest of the strong
gundam cards?
Japan thinks NYAF is cool
Seiyu Awards
Astro Boy move… it will be ok
Spice and wolf book. Could be a good read.
Dragon Ball controversy.
Miyazaki not doing next Ghibli
Haruhi move (do we even care anymore)
MyGengo Translation with paypal
Why girls like yaoi. Hey don’t guys like yuri. I’m just saying the cycle complete.
BIG after show fall anime review.
Rally good cosplay

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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy as we cover the news on anime vice. 

Are site can do new things now
A quick SaiMoe Up date, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Scanalations and VIZ (VIZ dose not want to be friends with you). 
Movie in Japan to use IR to stop piracy.
Yoshito RIP.
Shin-chan manga will still be published.
Yaoi press, pres arrested for selling drugs.
Cowboy Bebop movie could cost 500 mill but that just crazy.
Hetalia movie (how do you do that) 
Tatsu VS. Cap meet frank west.
Blazblue number 2
Shunya (hay some like it hot)

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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy as we cover the news on anime vice.
Saimoe update.
Congratulations god-len.
Halo legends shorts on spike.
Gundam guess not going to Atlanta.
This dude looks awesome.  
GhostBusters dude and Pokemon.
There look at some moe pokemon. (WTF?)  
How to be a boncho.  
LittleBigPlanet and Ghibli hay it could work. 
Quiz: So you want to get lucky with an anime chick.
Toys Bible black fig, queens blade with a cool AXE, K-on figs again.
After show (ok not really we just go into it)
Alita may be in the works.
Comics artists vs Manga artists.

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Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, Heero Yuy, and Outlaw Spike(rowhat) as we cover the news on Anime Vice.

Building a giant Robot:
In this case taking down NOOOO.
Korea wants one a big one.
and someone has a giant water dragon robot.
Ponyo is still doing good at the US box office.
Kobe awards some people win some props.
Jason Thompson want you to take some of his manga.
Akira gets its scriptwriters.
Kannagi mangaka wants to take a brake.
SaiMoe FIGHT: 
There a lot to cover one 1, 2, 3.
Strike witches game.
Tatsunoko vs Capcom gets takkaman blade.
fig: there's only one but oh well it Louise.
After show we tell you why it is the Strongest day.
1) We play and talk Touhou, you can play Touhou game to just go to Touhou wikia.

2) Beatles rock bank
Plus a lot of other stuff
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Saimoe update
The shutdown the selling and ugly 1, 2
Gundam the ceremony will be in our hearts
CPM also 
Tokyopop news 
Contest if you can draw 
Gundams are epic even if the creator may hate games
  FMA not so great anymore, I blame time
 mmm shows
K-ON live action yea right
China is a copycat
But K-ON fan art rocks
Full Power to the main cannon
The roses attack we all most likely die
Nyan koi, Lunermoth can make cat sounds
Ponyo well rock on Bluray if you got the cash
Crunchrolls still doing things
Soul eater may eat your Soul
If you Soul black or darker

Gurren Lagann makes everything better
We all don't get boob pads.
Samurai Cafe, that about it
SZS right, japan will lift anything even anime
K-ON loves the heavy stuff
SZS openers rock 
Fire it fire
Ponyo is on a boat, take a real good look 
Creepy EVA dolls eh...
now that what we like, that the good stuff.
and even these figures rock and sing.

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