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I mean it seem like a cool Idea but now I'm just doing some thing just for the points. It doesn't feel right. But I'm sure after a while the real easy stuff will be gone and the people who have been around longer and have contributed more will have the highest level.
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So we know for sure that James Cameron is going to do a Battle Angle Alita moive and that it will probably have some motor ball in it. Some of us would like for him to start at the beginning of the manga and while that wound still make an awesome movie I think the 'motor ball' arc will have the strongest appeal for the common movie goers. Why? because the average movie buff will want to see a lot of action. I fear the first early chapter of Alita would start off to slow for a movie. The only sustained fight the first volume of Alita is with Makaku and the second volume with the 'Hugo' arc has hardly any fighting in it. They are both good story arcs however they would make a less great action film. However Motor Ball is like a constant 300kmh adrenalin rush over two full volumes of manga. Which could be made into good 2 to 2 1/2 hr movie. Just add in some flashback for some of the back story and we got ourselves a movie that will appeal to both the fans of Battle Angle Alita and normal movie buffs. 
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This is a tricky question. It is agreed that the abuse of children is wrong. However this is a question of morals and it easy to have an immediate emotional response of "no child porn" and that's it. However can we say that for everything? Medical books may have the anatomy of naked children in them but is this wrong? No, it a tool to learn. But what about entertainment? Is it wrong to watch a child porn snuff film? Yes! But, Is it wrong to read a book where a major plot point is child abuse? No.  
There is no definitive answer to this question. It a big fuzzy gray like that we don't want cross.    I would like to live in a society that dose not see every issue as being all right or all wrong.
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  Vice Squad Ep. 27 Animu in translation  
Join MoonStorm, Lunermoth, and Alice as we cover the news on anime vice. 
First up some Obama in Japan
Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama wants you in Japan.  
Wallflower to be a live action
Macross Train ad. 
Dante's Inferon anime-like trailer
Soul Eater dub, and AMV
Indie anime this one is a rat and his cheese. 
Saber fig. is not that good. 
Google translate. have fun.  
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     Having some problems with embedding I'll try to get it working soon.
 Join MoonStorm and Lunermoth as we cover the news on AnimeVice 

And the Oscar goes to...   

Soul Eater in English   

Also see Soul Eater Ep.1 on the 13 
Girls and Guys like different things, well of corse

The TIMES look at herbivore men,

ICv2 feels a lot like last year.

Picasso like it, just proves that there have always been porn.

I don't know if Halo as a anime is going to work

Then again I could get in to Prince Planet.

Is mahjong hard or dose no one know how to teach it.

and more cool shows like this

We know it photoshoped but it would be so cool if it so real.

time to pic our favorite cosplay  

 Use your Iphone for Cosplay 

I meet you at the gundam bar  

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